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Can you hear me OK? Free Porn Xnxx Senator Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, introduced theSenate version of the bill in May, and CaliforniaRepresentatives Darrell Issa, a Republican, and Judy Chu, aDemocrat, launched a similar measure in the House this month.

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I'm only getting an answering machine

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On another call

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This is me just waking up from an intense dream. Just about 15 minutes ago, I woke up from a dream that was the perfect combination of sadness and happiness. Here's the story: I was in the amazon with my dad, brother, some lady, and both the lady's daughters. I don't know why but one of the daughters just landed in the water and she was getting pulled by the river's current at an alarming rate. I saw a waterfall closely emerging. I jumped inside the water to try to save the girl but it turns out that I put myself in trouble too. We both experience the immense drop from the waterfall and I try to hold the girl and put my back against the water to lessen the impact. I didn't care if I died at that time, I just wanted the little girl saved. Anyways, I don't Know why, all of a sudden, I land in a room giving CPR to a phone...... I was relieved to have found out that I saved that little girl and I was talking to her through this phone. It was amazing that I saved her life.

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I'm not interested in football

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I'd like to open a business account

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Will I get paid for overtime?

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One of the funniest dreams I ever had involved dinosaurs. Ever since watching Jurassic Park at the age of ten, my dreams had often been invaded by blood-thirsty carnivores who somehow thought it wise to expend their energy chasing after tiny, tiny humans instead of OTHER dinosaurs. (That's like paying $15 for a box of fancy cereal just because it looks exotic, but in fact has little nutritional value, when there's about 50 boxes of good old-fashioned Raisin Bran sitting on the shelf for $2 apiece.) Anywho, I abstain. Clearly my mind was unwilling to recognize the fallacy inherent in it's plot, although I do remember wondering why a 9 ton T-Rex was busy chasing bit-sized snacks when he could have just gone for a triceratops. So, I'm running around summer camp (in my dream, I was at my summer camp) along with all the other campers, madly scrambling around in an anarchic fumble to get away from this gigantic lizard-monster. At some point, I ended up "teaming up" with this other girl, and we started to stick together while we were trying to get away. No idea who she was, I didn't recognize her from real life, so I guess my mind just fashioned her out a desire for companionship while managing this maelstrom of terror. Suddenly, as we were running away from the pool and across this field - all of the other kids had somehow disappeared at this point, and the T-Rex had decided to just start chasing me and this other girl - I realized I was starting to wake up. So here I am, running across a seemingly endless field with a stranger-friend next to me, a T-Rex slowly gaining from behind, and I turn to the girl next to me, and just said "Sorry." And then I woke up. Hopefully she got away from the T-Rex.

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I'd like to send this parcel to

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I just got the weirdest dream last night. I went to a foreign country, i think it was Singapore because the races were mixed. I went to a grocery store with my friends and there I saw Chinese, American, and people with different races but what caught my attention is these 3 Indian men, but these men weren’t ordinary, they were very tall, literally, I mean I remembered my height was just the same as the height of their butt. But then, later on, my friends and I were trapped, like we were kidnapped or something and the only way we can get out or be free is to do the mastermind a favor. And at the same moment we found out the mastermind was one of the Indian guys. And I was like, “I volunteer!” lol because I was being heroic at that time. The favor he wanted was sex and I was shocked yet weirdly exited. I found out I was “Aladdin” in the movie were this princess called Jasmine is in. And then, it was really weird because . . . 2 guys? I mean that’s gay right? but I thought, the gay one was the giant indian guy because Aladdin was my favorite character. I remembered the tall guy was as tall as the giant cobra in the movie “Aladdin” and his butthole was soo big Aladdin’s stuff couldn’t fit in it, so they were making out, and I watched the whole scene out of my likeness. And I remembered the giant indian guy violently thrust his stuff to Aladdin’s butthole and I could see in Aladdin’s eyes the agonizing pain he endure. And he endured it because he wanted to save the people who were also being seized. I woke up and was really shocked because Aladdin was my favorite character in my childhood and I don’t want to ruin the childhood of anyone who’s reading this . . . but no can do, I have to post this because this dream of mine doesn’t come out of thin air for me.

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How many are there in a book?

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Stolen credit card

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Go travelling Zawahiri assumed Al-Qaeda leadership when Osama bin Laden was killed in a US special forces raid in Pakistan in 2011 and the 62-year-old Egyptian is believed to be hiding in the border region with Afghanistan.

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I'm sorry, I'm not interested

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I have my own business

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How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?

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I was my cat,my cat which ran off one week ago. I (or my cat) was by a field,and there was a road behind me. I was walking foward,thinking about how this was a good place to live. I layed down on my side. Which is when I saw the giant black rectangle in the night sky. It reminded me of the monolith from 2001:space odyssey. That's when I got really tired,and started rolling over,like I was going down a hill. I then saw the edge of the field was going down like a cloud. Now this is where it's foggy,but I remember looking up at the "sky" also known as space. There are tons of bright lights,moons and at least two suns. I remember one moon,or rock. It was dark blue,and had craters all over it. There were tons of stars in the sky. Then the dream went from that,too myself being in a shop that sold cat stuff,like cat food and toys. It was all pink That's when I woke up.

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My battery's about to run out

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Last night I saw a bear cub, then someone said "Oh, Oh, where is the mother? Then I saw A large white bear standing on a ledge and someone pushed it over and it fell terribly injured. At Then I saw a large black bear standing on it's hind legs gnarling with two small baby bears in front of it IMD.

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This is a nightmare, and a long one. It was so vivid, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it wasn't real. I was in an apartment, and all the kids were there plus cousin Hannah for some reason... and I was in the room and then opened the front door, and there was a strange man in a black cloak completely covering his face there. He offered me his hand and it felt off, like I shouldn't take it, but I grabbed his hand anyways, and he dragged me past the doorframe, like a barrier was being crossed. And there was the moon very close and he was holding models of all the planets including Earth, and it was pitch black on his side of the door, like outside but not really. And he dragged me with him, he said some weird things in this terrifying voice, but I don't remember what he said. I could never see his face. He jumped off a ledge out of nowhere and we were in a dark canyon, and like we were skydiving. Then I was almost pierced by a sharp rock but he pulled me out of the way, laughing. This continued for what seems like forever, messing with my head and me almost dying, still in that dark canyon. Then he lets go of my hand, and says to me, "You win. You're the winner." but I couldn't understand what he meant. I was getting spooked out, and started panicking when he gave a wide, Cheshire-cat smile, and one short laugh as he said, "I'm going to kill you now." And then I screamed and ran away, for the door to my apartment, but he was right behind me. The door was open and I tried to run through, but it was as if there was a forcefield there, and I could see all my siblings watching television, but they couldn't see or hear me. Then his hand, like a skeleton, grabbed my arm and he whispered a laugh. He grabbed the model of the moon, and carved a symbol in it, then he pointed at the real moon, and that same symbol was on it. He turned around, tinkering with the moon, and then I cried and prayed, prayed like I never have before to God, and then I blacked out. I woke up again, but it was daylight then, and the light shone onto the forcefield. I felt something in me crack, and I pushed the forcefield, and forced my way through to the other side. He turned around and hissed, like a rabid cat or a snake, but a hundred times worse. I screamed at my siblings to run and get away, but he was no longer at the doorway. I ran into the hallway, and he was there, and revealed his face from under the cloak, but it was blown up to grotesque proportions. It was horrifying, and looked kind of like Freddie Cougar's face, but even more evil, it was terrifying beyond comprehension. We all screamed then, and panicked, running around blindly around the apartment, and he chased us and we couldn't hide anywhere because he was always behind us the moment we turned around. I was truly scared for my life, my heart was pounding and I could barely breath. I felt like I was going to die. I tried to pray again, and again, but nothing was working, it seemed as if the apartment was enveloped by darkness and evil and nothing could penetrate it. I ran to my older sister, and shook her shoulders insanely, screaming again and again, "Do you know any prayers? Tell me!" over and over. But she wouldn't answer, as if she was in shock, but then she smiled demonically, and her skin peeled away to reveal the man with the black cloak. I pushed him away and shrieked like a banshee, but then his skeletal fingers gripped my throat and all I could see was his sadistic smile as everything faded away. Then I woke up, panting, and completely shocked, because it felt so, so, absolutely real. And I just couldn't grasp that it was all just a dream...

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I'd like to open a personal account

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Last night , I was in a theater of a bunch of people I didn't know, and some I did. We were watching a movie made of my videos and images, about my life and art and weird things about me. But I accidently messed it up a little.. Then I think we were watching something else, and some boy next to me, I kept holding him and laying on him. o.0 Then I wanted to show my girlfriend how I was once levitated by psychic people. And then my best friend Nathan showed up, and we had to escape for some reason? So he looked at me, and as we were in a rush to get out un noticed, he said "You look really hot right now, just saying." I remembered I felt half naked, in jeans and a black T shirt and a jacket. I just said Ok, and he took my hand and we rushed out IMD

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so in this dream, i was having sex with my wife's sister who is seventeen. but instead of condom's she had a barrier of seran wrap put inside of her. My wife is deployed, but i think in the dream i didnt want my wife to find out. I dont remember too much about it. Other than the fact that i was having sex with her.

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International directory enquiries