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last night, I found myself in one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen in my entire life? I saw billions of souls and angels facing an amazing ray of light that almost blinded me, the entire billions of people were singing praises in one voice all together worshipping this big and mighty light. The entire place and the people are all looking like gold, dressed in gold with the exception of the magnificent light which shines on them gloriously. They are all bright and so beautiful. I had wanted to stay longer course the sound of their voices were so beautiful and the big shiny light was something else. But the moment I began to enjoy the place, somehow it's like something warped me and back on my bed I found myself. . May God help us all. IMD

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Last Night I had dream about violence.. Thats all I remember so first I saw rwo people rush in the small room ( I dont remember colors but I think that room was grey), I saw child with knife around neck and one adult person that have I think he had machete, I was someone who was looking at it no one noticed me, So between child and adult there was little fight "adult said to take that knife away, Child said No!" then adult push child to table and cut his neck with machete, It was shock for me it happend so fast I was scared IMD. Then I wake up, What that means?

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I saw chaos everywhere, there were a lot of dark, black colored, red eyed werewolves or may be giant wolves; hunting, killing, eating a lot of people. Though some men and women were trying to survive and fighting back and I was among the survivors. I was killing those werewolves by a trident accompanied by three anonymous men. I asked an old man, who was looking like a farmer, where do these beasts come from and what's their origin. He replied 'The Balkan Region'.

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Last night i had sex with pamela anderson and her pussy was real, i mean i felt it and the warmth and everything, i kissed her and caressed her breasts while toe fucking a franceska jaimes on the floor and finger fucking kim kardashian on the bed, i woke up with cum all over my chest and realized my cat was licking my cock all night wtf, IMD

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Last night I was traveling with my mom back home from a trip. For some reason, my dad was travelling back in another vehicle with my sister. I remember the whole time there, planes just kept crashing around us. Big planes. Somehow we were unscathed and my mom was being super hush hush about it, sort of how parents are with younger children but I'm 23. When we arrived "home" it noticeably was not our house and people were crying and freaking out everywhere, I was scared too. When my dad arrived shortly after us, I begged him for answers but he was no different from my mom with being secretive. I faintly remember my sister saying goodbye to a friend of hers and being surprised when I stumbled upon her because she didn't anticipate saying goodbye to me or my parents, but was glad she could say her goodbyes to me as she set off on an adventure to "find somewhere safe." I remember trying to Google why the planes were crashing. Mind you, this whole time they are continuing to crash throughout my dream. There was no phone service. This dream lasted the duration of my sleep and it wasn't until the end that everything became quiet my dad showed me a news story about this guy who built certain size drones that didn't show up on radars and had an explosive material inside. He would fly it into what I suppose would be the turbine engine..? As the drones we're destroyed, the explosive contents inside activated and blew up the engine on whichever side of the plane making it impossible to land. He'd made over 5,000 drones in his life and had crashed hundreds of these planes, all American. He was American, too. His operation was found, but he himself was on the run with thousands of deaths on his hands IMD.

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What do you study? yuvutu While this investigation continued, officials also put in place contingency plans in case the attack materialised. Time was not on their side. "The clock was absolutely ticking," recalled Mr Hoare, who worked first for the Olympic Delivery Authority and then the Government Olympic Executive.

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I had a dream that I was in court or something and i was Peridot from Steven Universe. All my friends were other gems? I walked into the room in the middle of the session and apparently we were guilty so they lead us down this giant ramp that lead to a lower floor and while I was walking I kinda saw Amethyst munching some popcorn in amusement and I don't know what exactly Lapis was thinking about in that moment?? so once we got down there i lost track of my friends and there were two doors leading into theaters and two old men in tuxedos next to said doors. i walked into one of them and there were just a bunch of little kids on the floor watching a film. i was about to back out when the old man said "well? go right ahead. that's your designated room." and i lost it because i was peridot and said "i aM NOT A 10 YEAR OLD!" and ran to the other theater screaming "JUST BECAUSE I'M TINY DOESN'T MEAN I'M A 10 YEAR OLD WTF MAN" so when i ran into the other theater i looked around and sat down next to Garnet even though i was petrified and she was fine with it but the seat jerk upwards and it was like an elevating chair?? but i was so small and the seats were giant and i didn't know how to stop it so i kept screaming and i could see Amethyst walk in eating that popcorn and she looked at me with a smug look and here I am, a little green alien screaming because I doesn't know how to get down from this weird chair and i say "aMETHYST HELP PLS" because the only other people in the room were Garnet, Jasper, Yellow Diamond and a few other Homeworld gems who weren't going to help me and then Amethyst just chuckled and walked out, still eating popcorn

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Last night and many nights before, ive had dreams about a girl named Devon. Ive never met her before, but she seemed so familiar. the dreams are sequential, and the latest was my proposal to her. I woke up before her answer. Shes brunette with red tints, about 5'4" in height, and has the perfect amount of meat on her bones. She sings and has a dancer's posture, however she doesn't dance because her hip has a tendency to dislocate. She is white and a southern belle even though I prefer asian and underground ravers. Ive never been this detailed IMD

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This hapenned when i was 7,8,9 and 10 years old. IT WAS THE SCARIEST THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE NIGHTMARE EVER!!! It was the episode "Thomas goes to breakfast", how he crashed in that house and stuff. Anyway whenever I looked at Him the green stuff around his face would not go away. Like for example i shut my eyes and he was still there. This nightmare happened for a WEEK! Never watched that episode again...

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I had dream in which me and my brother were standing near the door in the yard(we live in a house) which leads to the street outside.I was holding the handle and my brother was a few steps back. it was night and everything was quiet and I decided to open the door...after I opened it I saw a bunch of people infront of it which I didn't know in real life and in the center was a woman (unknown too) which said to me something like ''it won't be that easy...'' and suddenly all of the people with her grabbed my right arm and started pulling me towards them.I tried to push them away, I even tried hitting them but to no avail... and i woke up sweaty and shaking..

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Last night I had a short dream. I was staring at myself in a mirror. The reflection was not of me presently but of a future me. I was older, wrinkles had begun to line my face, I was dressed casually. The reflection of myself said "Don't Worry" I tried to say something but woke up. I wonder what that meant IMD.

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I've dreamed about this before. Last night I dreamed about the same subject but it was advanced forward. It played out like a story. I'm going to write both of them in two different sections. First time dreaming: It's a prison on the water. There are giant black air crafts and cameras watching your every move. There are tons and tons of prisoners there; mostly teenagers. I was one of them. We are all divided up and have our own barracks or cells that we share with other prisoners. Mine was over filled. The outside of it was a dull red color. I remember I was going to escape. I told the cell leader I had to go to the bathroom and she gave me permission to go. The bathroom was on the dock in the middle of the prison, but I had no intention of going there anyway. I walked outside hid behind a barrel where the camera and the guard couldn't see me. There was a slight downhill then a concrete wall and a adder that leads into the ocean. That's where I wanted to go. I was sneaking past the barrel and made sure the camera wasn't looking. But I didn't see the other guard and he shouted "PRISONER NATYRAH IS OUT OF HER BARRACKS! CODE 42! CODE 42!" I was dragged to a secluded area and was whipped. But I was terrified and woke up. Second time dreaming: I was in my barracks and we are all sitting on our beds. A new girl comes in and the barrack leader has to get her a name tag with her first and last name on it and a number. Two guys and I volunteered to write it. I made the whole room laugh when I told them, "No let me do it, i'm smarter than both of you." In my dream I couldn't write though so eventually I gave up. But I heard a noise that told me something very important. Good news for all of us. So I went to the bathrooom. I was walking down the hill out of the barracks and the guard came up to me holding his gun. I told him, "Dude chill I'm just going to the bathroom." I walk forward and there's a bridge that connects the barracks to the dock. I'm walking across the bridge and there's two more guards and one says to the other, "Watch her, shes an attempted." I get across and I walk to the bathroom. My friend (I don't know who she is) is standing by there waiting for me. I tell her, "Bro I have some important info." She pushes me into the bathroom and says, "You have to hurry, you know we cant be here." Side note: We cannot be in the bathroom with another person. The bathroom also doesn't have a door just a curtain. I hear footsteps so I block her out of view with my body. I'm at a sink and I'm pretending to wash my hands. There are shadows passing the curtain and then one stops. I'm terrified and I look at her face and she was terrified. I turn around and it was a guard, but luckily it was our friend. A guard on our side. I gave her a handshake, "What up! You scared the hell out of us!" We laughed quietly. Then I said, "Guys I have to tell you something important. I just received info that there has been riots and rebellion in the US, Canada, Russia, and Africa. Do you know what this means? The uprising is happening! And I bet we could use it to our advantage to escape from here. But don't tell anyone. We cant have people getting hope then have it getting them killed." We agreed to not say anything. Outside we hear an announcement come on. I didn't hear anything he said. I asked my friends and they didn't know either so we stepped outside. All the prisoners were walking towards the end of the dock so we did too. Side note: At the end of the dock there's the ocean and about 50 feet in front of that there's a wall of rock that's probably a couple hundred feet high. Then everyone started jogging. I looked back and me and my friends laughed like, "Well if they're jogging we will too. Hahaha!" Then I turned back around and everyone was running. My friend Selena from school was way up there and she turned around, looked at something behind me and started yelling, "ITS A TRAP! EVERYONE ITS A TRAP!" So I start running too. I hear a humming noise. I realize it's an aircraft. I'm running slightly behind the crowd. I ran and ditched to the side into this hallway. I turn around and I see the aircraft zoom past the hallway and I hear screams coming from all my friends and other prisoners. Then I hear a crash and an explosion and more screams. I can guess what happened. Then everything goes black and I have flashes of me falling, then I'm in the water. I survived. Then I woke up in a sweat and my heart racing... I should totally write a book. -Dreamed by me, NaTyrah Massey, 17.

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I never had the same dream over and over. But ever since I returned from the war in Syria there is something in my bedroom in my dreams. Last night I feel there is a presence and I wake up and turn on the light off course I see nothing. I go back to sleep and I have the same dream / feeling again. This is very strange and has been going on for months. I wonder if its some of the Daesh we killed.

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I was resting with my group of friends in the house of my tallest friend there one of our friend group who was not at that place knocked the door he was injured so much he said that a grp of dogs chased him and did this we friends decided to revenge or atleast see that group suddenly i turned into a big wolf as i was a warewolf always in my dreams all my friends had some kind of problem we rushed towards the place told by our friend on tha gate there was a dog lying we entered there was a group of white wolves they were so huge that we decided to run back but soon we realised that we were thier prey so we rushed back . Where that dog was lying now there were 100 dogs (approx) were lying i was slow cuz i was thinking smthing And i saw my friends crossing the dogs so that they could pass the gate but when they stepped to a dog it stood up so my friends fell there those wolf were also chasing us i made my lower body changed as human and uppar body as wolf and jumped so high that i crossed the road . Crossing the road wasnt the only matter there was a laarge group of buffalo rushing with such speed that it can easily crush smone i was as fast as buffalos so i survived there too next the buffalo changed thier way after a while i took some breath wolves were following me and in front of me an army of vampires sitting on an horse handling a weapon which can kill m rushed towards me i saw on the left side it was a hill area i jumped to it and ran as fast as i could and finally escaped from there but i lost all my friends i was capable enough to save them butif i did so i would have lost my life so i saved mine beong selfish and let my friends die........that was somthing meloncholic....

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I dreamt last night that in October 2016 the Queen had given up the throne and it was now sometime in 2017; Prince Charles had stepped down struggling to cope with it being some anniversary of Princess Diana's death and Harry was holding a vote with people gathered around members of the Royal family as opposed to who should be King/Queen. William won and so William and Kate became King and Queen.