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Nice to meet you

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I woke up (in the dream) to a pale environment. Hard brightness everywhere. I felt like I had been in a coma or something...everything was blurry and bright. I looked for my family but couldn't find them. I went outside and on the way through the door I heard and saw a large brown Wasp/ was buzzing so loud it scared me I ducked and ran past it into the driveway were I smelled gas leaking looked under my truck and there was gas pouring out. I looked around and there were only a few houses standing left in my neighbor hood. no trees, no clouds just bright. across the street and down some there was a black child, he was watching a TV in his driveway...I ran over to him and asked him what was going on. He just pointed to the TV and said nothing. From looking at the TV I could see it was a weather radar with a huge, huge storm (literally the eye of the hurricane was almost the size of the USA. It was sweeping over the eastern coast. I could tell that I was not in danger yet but could feel the fear creeping up on me. *Around this time my dream kind of changed...something about a A-26 (B-26 equipped to fight at night) crashing into a military installation, I was there seeing everywhere... explosions people running and screaming. * my dream changed again I was then like 3rd person viewing my wifes grandfather watching old home movies...he was laughing and talking about specific things in the house in the house and about my wife when she was a baby. I cried continuously during this part of the dream...I was overcome with sadness and a total sense of futility. Then I woke up. This dream seems significant as I have very rarely (maybe 1 time when I was @ 11) been able to remember my dreams after being awake for a few min. this AM the dream just played over and over in the shower, eating breakfast, driving to work. Other than that one time when I was 11 (now 31) this is the only other time I've documented what I dreamt. It feels that significant. *oh there was also a time when I was outside my house and the storm was coming, black with fire in the sky I felt the hot wind ripping the house apart I ran outside and climbed into 2 large trashcans that were laying down horizontally on the ground opening to opening. I climbed in and pulled them together from the inside I could feel the heat roll over me. I woke up and began another part of the dream described above.

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I walk into the library one day and see her and a big smile comes across my face. I walk towards my table and she walks b y and says "alright" i say "hey good morning". I thought to myself wow she is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. Am I falling in love? I sit down at my desk get my laptop out and get ready to work. She comes near me to put a book on the shelf. She comes to my table and caresses my left hand. I look into her amazing little eyes and smile and think "wow" She then says "are you ok you seem very lost today is everything ok". I look to her give her a faint smile and put my right hand on top of hers and say "yes" She says "you know you can talk to me you dont have to be scared" I look to her with affection and say " thank you but everything is fine i just have so of work to do" She takes her hand of my hand and brings it up to my left cheek and caresses it and says " im here if you need to talk and you can call me anytime" I wanted to tell her how i really feel but i know if i did my world and hers would just come crashing down. I look to her and say "thank you but i am really ok everything is fine" She gives me a smile and leaves to go to her desk. As she was about to go to her desk i say "hey can i ask you something? she says "sure " "Um have you ever fallen in love with someone you know you cant have? I say this with teary eyes. She just stares at me... Someone comes to ask her for help with the computer and she goes but says "I will talk to you later" gives me a light kiss on my forehead as i close my eyes and she leaves. I smile and sigh and start to do my work... Dream ends

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I dreamt of being an omnipotent being.Traveling through space time to save reality and fiction.Friend sand fictional Characters helping me fight. It was a very nice dream with colors galore like acidtrip. I was questioning my existence by the time i woke up. I even started cutting cardboatrd and making armor,drawing my friends anfd various poupular fictional characters that were going to "help me". And at the end i was with my friends in costume parading everywhere

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I had a weird nightmare last night ......... it goes like this : I was sitting on a couch thing next to this boy i used to hate from my primary school (i didn't like him cause i found him really rude and mean - his name was josh). (also the dream was meant to be set now, so we were both 13) Around us were other kids, watching the movie like we were. Im not really sure where we were. We (me and josh) were sitting like a metre away from the tv and it was playing some random movie. Even though we were blocking the view from the tv from the ppl behind us, they didn't seem to mind. Me and josh were about a metre away from each other I was trying to concentrate on the movie but josh was staring at me. I ignored him. Suddenly, he got his hand and he shoved his hand down the top of my shirt at the front and starting "touching" my breasts. Me, since i hated him and i found it extremely creepy i slapped him hard on the face. He stopped. I moved over, away from him. I think i remember "hearing" wolf whistles from the guys. In the dream i looked a lot prettier too. Then i began concentrating on the movie, again. He then did the thing where he suddenly came and shoved his hand down my shirt and "touched" again. I slapped him on the face again, and then i woke up. I checked the time on my iPod and it read 4:50am. God dreams r weird.....

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I'd like to pay this cheque in, please

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Okay here I go this is my first dream post I looked up a site to see if anyone would be able to decipher this strange dream. So in my dream it is the first day back from school, and we go to our classes, my friends are sitting at the 1st floor stairs and they say leave your bag here we will take care of it so I leave it there and go on up the stairs to what I think is my accounting class. When I get up there there is a swarm of people and I have to push through to get inside. When I get inside I panic and think that I need to change subjects IMMEDIATELY as I'm thinking this a teacher yells out from the first floor and through a window "(myname), are you doing cert 3 or not?" I run out of the class room and think to myself that I don't want to do accounting or cert 3, so I run to find a class to change into. I run around the school and find my friends (the same ones from the first floor stairs) who are in a massive group of people from my grade sitting down on the basketball courts being talked to about maths b I can't join them so I run of to find another classroom. I woke up then and felt really depressed and wanted to post this thank you for reading this.

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I had experienced a dream wgere there are some figures talking to me and ordering me something, I saw large stone figures and they talk to me occasionally in my dream. I saw dreams about a girl and the terrifying part is that i am currently living with this girl, who is my beloved girlfriend. I have seen snakes in my dream too and all these dreams comes in a specific series of talking and listening except for snakes ofcourse. Did talked to a snake once though, that polite snake gave me a burger. Can anyone help me what i am going through. Its ruining my life

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Dream 1- 26/06/15 I was in my mums house in my bedroom and there was a clothes auction in my room run by an old widowed man. This auction didn't seem open to the public and only for me and mum, so we looked around trying to find only one piece of clothing as that is all we were allowed. As I began to get closer to the bottom right corner of my room my guitar (red acoustic) started strumming by itself and the lights went on and off. Because of this I went to sit on a sofa (brown faux leather) to calm. however I couldn't control myself and my neck snapped backwards and I started walking very strangely. I began to speak a different language. However this language wasn't any I've learned and pretty sure that it doesn't exist to me. I stumbled over to my door and began to chew on it vigorously. Mum tried to turn the light on to see if it would make a difference. It did. I returned back to normal and started browsing through the clothes again. When I got to the corner again the guitar started strumming violently again. But this time I managed to fight through the loud strumming and light flickering. The only thing I can think to cause this devil-like attitude and paranormal incidents to happen was that the widowed man was talking to his dead wife through a Ouija board. This is where the dream stopped. Theories: The widowed man had a very over protective wife who knew he was in a room with two other females. The man killed his wife because of the over-protection but still loved her very much. The woman's sprit took her anger out on my guitar.

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I'm unemployed

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A `dream’ from a long time ago. A long time ago, in the mid-sixties. I do not remember exactly what year but I must have been about six or seven years old. I had a very strange and real dream. I was awakened to find a being next to my bed. I couldn’t see the face but he gave me his hand and I took it. Right away I felt a sense of calm come over me and I could hear his voice telling me not to be afraid. He wanted to take me someplace that is very important to us. He said. It seemed like I blinked and found myself in the sky and I look down and I see the ground moving then blink and I am in Egypt. I know this because I see the pyramids. . I was taught in Sunday school at the time that it was the Hebrew slaves that built the pyramids. When I saw the pyramids a thought popped into my mind about the chosen people. The being told me that the chosen people are not what we think. I didn’t understand and sort of questioned in my mind. His reply was something the effect of I don’t chose to pay attention to an arm that isn’t sore. I didn’t think much of it and left it at that. He preceded to fill my mind with a lot of information most of which I have now forgotten, but at the time and for the first time in my life everything made sense. I see how everything works and why. He told me that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and many other people have been educated to help the human race move in the correct direction but something always goes wrong and they fail to move things far enough. (Just an FYI in case any moron reading this may think that I consider myself in the same league as the people I mentioned above. YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG! I consider myself a misanthrope.) The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Father is the being that artificially impregnated Mary with the Son. Alien human hybrid Jesus is the son. The Holy Ghost is the authority that sent these beings to this planet that we never see because they are on their home planet. Although the sign of the cross is supposed to symbolize the actual cross, it actually is supposed to show the way things are. The Father up high, the son, low on earth and the Holy Ghost that encompasses all. I remember as a child trying to explain these things to my school mates. Some thought I was being sacrilegious. I remember thinking why don’t these people understand. I never pursued or pressed the issue. For days even weeks after that dream everything seemed clear as to what needs to be done. I had to let people know before it is too late. I tried talking to different people about it, but was dismissed. Slowly I started to forget. All the clarity faded away. But sometime certain thing trigger certain memories like a bright light shining on a piece of information. The first time I watched the TV show Stargate SG1 over 30 years after this dream, it was like a super bright searchlight shone on my brain. As though I was back in Egypt with that being. Stargate SG1, is the ‘Sci-Fi’ show that comes the closest to the true human history. I am thinking that the person that came up with that show must have had the same visitor. Some things that I remember since then are…. (Not necessarily in the order related to me.) - There is no missing link. We were an experiment. - As far as our power sources is concerned, we are going in the opposite direction. We think we need a high power to achieve what we need to achieve, but the fact is we need a minute amount. Apparently we use the movement of the electron of to produce electricity which is extremely wasteful. Somehow the real power is in the nucleus of the atom not on the electron. Every time the nucleus (proton and neutron) moves it produces exponentially more useable energy than the spinning electron. That very same energy, source of power is all around us and we just need to collect it. 1+1+1=1 - Everything has to do with the frequency of the power rather than the amplitude of the power itself. - The pyramids and sphinx are of notable importance. - The number 3 is also of importance. - The chosen people are not what we think. - The propulsion of saucer type UFOs works like different coloured lights shining across the surface. Different colours equals different frequency. - The skin of UFOs is made of an extremely dense and thin material that attracts and repels the ether at the atomic level. The propulsion is produced by the difference in frequency potentials on each side of the craft. When the frequency is in attract mode, the ether presses on the surface of the craft. When the frequency is in repel mode, the ether is pushed away from the surface of the craft and thus creating a hole through which the craft is pushed from the opposite edge. These actions are taken in steps and repeated. When the frequency is the same all over the surface of the craft, it will hover indefinitely as though the craft is sitting in a solid environment. The material is so dense that electrons have to be shared w

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Last night I dreamed that I was the kid in FNAF 4 and all that was taking place in my house, so Foxy could have jumped out of my closet and the other animatronics were in front of my window in the garden or the hallway. It all felt very real and I could even hear Chica in the kitchen one time and saw Nightmare Freddy and Bonnie when I was flashing the hallway and my window, they disappeared when I turned on my flashlight. It felt as long as like two or three nights in the game usually last and after the third night I woke up with my face full of tears and couldn't sleep anymore because I didn't know if I was still dreaming ;-;

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Have you seen any good films recently?

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Last night I had a dream I was floating with other people over water and we could see a city ahead with the full moon to the right of it then rainbow light circles started floating towards us and when one reached me the person on my right grabbed my hand and it went over our hands the other person next to me didn't want to hold my hand then a bright golden light circle came towards me and consumed me IMD

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I have tob explain to you how my dreams work You see whenever I have a good dream im always in like a sunnier happier surreal version of my town Every time i dream a more heavenly vesion of my town is added to like almost a map of where I can travel in a good dream This time.... a school a lovely private school with beautiful buildings and kids with uniforms were there Just right down the street from my house As it turned out Alot of my friends werent gonna go to nyack high school \ instead they wanted to go to this new school And there was an open house there for children from nyack high school interested in switching schools It was sunny and I went there And the person who was supposed to take me around was this beautiful asian girl my age pretty dark hair perfect skin She led me through the campus telling me about its history introducing me to her friiends..... To all the amazing clubs it was like a dream school Then I decided to join and told her I was interested So I was taken to the dean She was a nice middle aged whit woman graying hair but nice skin brown eyes A very happy glow about her I told her I wanted to join She said id get a trial period She seemed happy I wanted to join and the asian girl seemed happy as well Joshua_D 9:50 PM She said I could take classes there for now on a trial period while she reveiwed my ..whats it called ..uh..portfolio? I forgot what its called Joshua_D 9:52 PM So from then on it was me just taking classes there going to school and it was nice trhe classes the teachers the other students The asian gril was in all my classes and we basically became bestfriends shed even sit with me and all my dorky friends from the other school that moved to our school at lunchtime or wed go to the cafe across the street it was nice..... THe school was called green meadow...they had everything there even a pyrotechnics club ... The dream felt like it went on for days

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I'll call back later

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I was in a grocery store when someone screamed and then I saw Michael Meyers then I started running then he caught me I said "if u let me go I'll take you to your sister Lorie

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Last night I first dreamed that I was on a cliff high above a body of calf-deep crystal clear water over white sand furrowed by the gentle motion of the water that was as vast as an ocean. I remember seeing a single purple and yellow fish swimming near my feet.

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What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?

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So I had this dream that me and my whole family were living in a house that I do not recognize but I knew it was ours and it had a small room that was supposed to be the laundry room and in that room it had a bench instead of washers Nd dryers and the view from that bench was a window on the opposite side and it gave me a really frightening vibe that I didn’t feel comfortable with so I asked my mother if we could please pray in that room and so she said of course and as we proceeded to pray I was yelling a prayer that I know by heart but halfway through my prayer it was as a flash bang was thrown because a bright light appeared by the window and i could feel that it like froze me and my mouth muted I could no longer speak so I kept praying in my mind and we could see as if a baby was trying to crawl in the window extremely slowly so as I was praying I could feel strength and I got enough strength to tell my mother to keep praying to not stop and so we did and this “baby” got over the window but then looked like a man and it stood right In front of my face and grabbed my jaw hardly and i looked at him with my meanest look because my mother always told me to stay strong and don’t let demons overpower u by seeing you’re weak and I felt strong so I kicked him and pushed him out the window and I ran with my mom to look for my family to tell them to leave the house now and we couldn’t find my dad of course he was in the backyard by the laundry room and on the outside of that laundry room was a cage full of demonic looking animals that I have never seen before they sort of had chicken figured but black and wrinkly and creepy faces.

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I was running late for a before school gym class and my sister was being very slow, so I ran upstairs upset because I was so late (class started at 7:20 and it was 7:55) I was kind of upset so I yelled as I reached the top of the stairs, turning and looking into my parents room they were not there but there was light shining into the room, even though the house was dark with just barely day light. The stair well light had turned on I freaked out because where were my parents and suddenly my parents, more so my mom walked out of another room and started screaming in this oddly demonic voice, and it scared me very much inside the dream an out.

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How long have you lived here?

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I don't really know how to start this but all I remembered that I was floating in the sky and few mins later I heard two girls talking beside me and I guess one of them was a cast on the walking dead?? It was weird but I just suddenly fell in the ground. I didn't felt anything though. I couldn't really see her face because it's all vivid. She looks young, like my age. She has a fairly white skin and blonde. Then she grab me and we started floating again. I was confused of what's happening but everything was peaceful. My fear of heights started to kick in though, so I hugged her tight and she said "My baby." I forgot what happened after that but all I remembered was we went to a carnival together, she was having so much fun. Yet I couldn't really see her face that clearly. And then it started to rain. We were walking on our way home. She was acting differently because I never really held her hand. (I have a girlfriend in real life lol.) Whenever I showed her my house, she was expecting me to kiss her but instead, I had my cheeks touched her cheeks, like how other people greet each other. When I woke up I still couldn't forget about that dream. -Anonymous

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A company car