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Walking in alot of water and my wife was s sick.swelled up.

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I had a dream where my dad was holding a gun and he said he was going to kill my mom. I told my brother to call the cops on his computer. The End!

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What sort of music do you listen to?

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Free medical insurance

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Last night we painted my unborn baby brother's room green. I went to bed and was sleeping peacefully. I was disturbed by a creepy old woman who was attempting to kidnap me. She grabbed me and ran into my brother's room. I said, "Do you like the color green?" She just made a weird noise, and ran out of the house. The terrible part was that I couldn't scream. So she kidnapped me and I became a slave. But one day I did something wrong. She knocked me unconscious and tied me to a board. She put the board in the middle of the road and a car was coming straight at me. I knew what would happen. I closed my eyes and whispered, "It's over. You're free."

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I'm a member of a gym

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Why did you come to ?

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I was walking around as either a woman or man (I couldn't tell), and a guy was with me. We wandered about this large house/park. The house kind of reminded me of the White House but more vast and more school-like. A large parking lot was behind it, and after the lot it led to a gloomy, thick forest. We thought nothing of it, and entered the building. There I saw the Five Nights at Freddy's gang, and when they spotted us, they made for the kill. Except, they didn't. It suddenly shifted that we were having a party, and my mom was there, delivering treats. A guy that I didn't recognize came in and yelled at the animatronics and told me to follow. I thought nothing of it and followed. We went through the lot and stopped at the edge of the forest. Suddenly, a loud snarl sounded and the guy got startled, beginning to make a run for it. But I stayed, seeing a bronze kitsune statue, complete with a bronze pedestal. But, the kitsune was in fact not a statue, and hopped off the pedestal, fangs bared as it looked at me. I froze, my heart pounding, and I remember shouting clearly. "Wait! Come back, it's a kitsune!" I had grabbed the guy's sleeve, yet he kept thrashing, trying to get out of my grasp, protesting. "I don't care! It could kill us!" The kitsune seemed to falter at my words, its pure bronze pelt flowing and its nine-tails pausing. Without another moment's hesitation, the creature turned and ran into the forest's undergrowth, leaving us buzzing with adrenaline. The guy beside me shot me a glare, only to let out a strangled cry. I looked at the forest once more to see a Sabre Toothed-Tiger. I remember it clearly resembling the look of a female lion with a bobbed tail. The extinct creature let out a threatening roar, and again I observed. "It's a-" For some reason I couldn't say the name of the creature, possibly because of my fear. The man finally ran away, toward the building, escaping my grip. I watched in alarm as the Sabre Toothed-Tiger ran through the undergrowth as well, until another, slightly larger Sabre appeared. It's pelt was more colorful, with a red coat and black stripes, with a creamy white underside. It bared its own fangs and ran after its "friend". Alarmed, I ran toward the building, and toward my mother. "I-I saw a kitsune, and-and these Sabre Toothed-Tigers!" I had stammered, pulling on her shirt. She looked at me like I was insane, but the man came to my side and breathed. "Yes! It's true!" Still looking skeptical, my mother sighed. "How about you go back to the forest and actually do something helpful?" (Mind you, this is not how she usually acts in real life) I sighed heavily, and after a long time of dragging the man back there, I saw nothing suspicious. But the sound of snarls caught my attention, and bringing the whimpering man with me, I peered through the undergrowth to see a dip in the ground that made a small slope downward. I saw the two Sabres, blood stained across their fur and a bear trap pinning down their bodies by clamping down on their waists. The pale Sabre Tooth looked weak, looking the most injured, and was dying. The more colorful one was obviously not going to give up easily, and snarled at me every time I tried to approach it to help get the bear trap off. The man of course fled, yelling and screaming in fear, while I stayed. Stress boiled up inside me, feeling powerless to do anything. I knew I couldn't help the poor souls if I tried, and no one would believe me if I said that two Sabre Toothed-Cats were injured and dying. Feeling utterly guilty, I turned and raced after the man. I had to get him back. He needed to help me. I remember chasing him across the lawns, in and out of the building, growing more tired and irritated. When I finally entered the building after loosing track of him, that is when I woke up.

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I work for myself

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last night, I meet a "fish" named Nellie (who looks like a human :P) Then I climb up a staircase, meeting some superheroes relaxing in a spa for a while before they jump off to somewhere, then I climb up yet another staircase, leading to an epic utopia with tons of skyscrapers. However, there is a rope obstacle and I fail to make it in time, waking up before I even walk half-way through.

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A few months

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Is there ?

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Millions and millions of stars IMD

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I have pretty crazy dreams, and I write most of them down in a dream journal. This last one was the most recent. The dream was longer, but all I remember is this one part. I was in a kitchen with marble countertops. A man, with a long, craggy face, was with me. We were talking, about what I don't remember. All of the sudden, off topic, he tells me, "I know you are a Christian." I was confused. I hadn't told him, we hadn't even been speaking of that. I asked him how he knew that. He pointed my wrists and said, "Your wrists glow where the nails pierced Jesus. " I looked down at my wrists. He was right. They glowed, brightly and steadily, in the exact place historians speculate Jesus was pierced at--his wrists. It was a strange yet soothing dream. I will remember this one for a long time to come. IMD

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Now before i start, the venom i will be talking about is from spiderman. Alright so here's how it starts from what i remember. In the day i am myself, I remember hanging out with certain people around my old neighbourhood(most of my dreams seemed to be linked to that place). For some reason i befriend an old enemy from school and we work together. Night time comes and we become almost super human, running down the streets at incredible speed, jumping with incredible power and distance. He has intention to steal, he wants to rob houses. I wasn't really ok with it but i followed him anyways. The thing is as we were running down these busy streets and causing mischief, the police must have found out about our wrong doing and started pursing us. We started running against traffic to get away from them, but my old enemy falls and almost gets hit by a car. I stop the car before it gets close, I don't know how i did it, it seems like i did it with my mind because i wasn't even close to it and it span out of control when i wanted it to and stopped before it could get close. My enemy or friend at this point, is hurt on the ground and can't move, so i drag him off the road where he can recover. Throughout all this, the cops still didn't catch up to us, my friend had time to recover and we started running and jumping down the streets, until we got downtown. It seemed the cops found us and ambushed us in some kind of plaza between buildings which consisted of stores and community centers. At this point it was very dark, it seemed to be past midnight. We tried to get away but failed over and over. Something in me was changing at this point and i could feel it but i could not tell what it was. I was losing hope... losing control... Then a man sided with the police shows up, that is not a cop but is helping them for some reason. When i look at him i can feel that his very essence is evil. He starts a fight with us, we aren't doing so well at this point and he seems to be super human like us. From here it's sort of a blank but the next thing i remember is getting so i angry i transform into something that consumes me, i become venom. I lose my ability to control my actions, and start raging about fighting anything that comes into my path. The next thing i remember is that i escape ontop of one of the buildings and at this point my mother shows up to try and calm me down, I do not listen however... The evil man, the "bastard" i should call him at this point because that's what i feel he is. The bastard kidnaps my mom and climbs up to the top of a construction tower. I am raged at this point, I get even stronger and grow so much angrier that I lose my mind. I shake the tower, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy him! I start climbing the tower (and if you have forgotten I am still enwrapped by the symbiote causing my transformation into venom.) I get to the top, shake the entire structure as it sways back and forth. I start clawing at him, I scream, I yell, I roar, I am a monster. I want him dead and as i go to attack him, well i black out. I wake up in some sort of hospital in a very dark room for patients. It seems i have been admitted. I feel the darkness, it lingers in the corners of the room, waiting... I notice there is a little girl which happens to be the one sharing the room with me. She seems sad, alone, scared. I feel bad for her and i want to help her but I don't know what to do. There is something different about her though, it's almost as if she isn't human. She appears human in everyway but for some reason my mind gets a glimpse of what she really is, a vision if you will. In my vision i see that on the inside she is a monster composed of brown tentacles in a humanoid form, but yet she seems harmless. The next thing i remember is a doctor coming into the room to medicate her, but she makes run for it out of the room, which was apparently locked the whole time. She runs down hallways into different doors which seem like a maze, hopelessly getting lost. She tries another door but before she opens it a doctor from the other side opens it first, he then restrains her. I follow some of the other patients from the hospital into a room sealed by bullet proof glass but with another room on the outside where you can watch what's going on on the inside. It was like we were an audiance watching something. I'm confused as to what's going on and there are a bunch of people around me yelling at the doctors inside the bullet proof glass, this room seemed like some kind of chamber. I felt like the doctors in the room are trying to put on some kind of show, they then arrange a bunch of handcuffed tied up patients in a circle, one of them being the little girl i tried to help earlier. I am shocked from what I'm seeing. I'm confused and afraid, I think to myself "WTF ARE THEY DOING TO THESE PEOPLE" and then... this device in the middle of the room sends out some kind of red pulse energy circle surrounding the room an

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Lost credit card

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Last night I had a dream that a guy who I've liked for quite a while asked me out, but he was really nervous. His friend came up and said "He's nervous because he loves you." I didn't recognize the friend from real life, I just knew. It was a nice dream, and I wish that it was real life, but he hasn't spoken to me all day. 

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Last night I had a awesome Random dream weird but funny and scary and just I don't know haha!! So I can't remember exactly where and how the dream started but I remember pieces of the dream and the end. So here goes: Was in a clothing/coctial typer thing shop and saw how a guy which they called "kissed by death"(or something similar something about kiss and death) killed a guy and then walking out. Later on when I was browsing for clothes the same guy came in and he wanted to know if anybody else had been there that day during the murder. The cashier girl said it I had been, but I said no, and she wanted to see our shoes to prove we where there, but luckily I was barefoot so I said my shoes are broke and I just came to buy new shoes. So as the guy and his big assistant walked out the cashier told me to dial on her phone 0 - if I was there and 1 - if I was not. So I dialed 0. I begged her not to say anything and she promised, she removed my purchase from that day. (And now I have to skip a piece because u can't remember) I became buddy-buddy with the killer and his group and somehow I started to get romantically involved with him. There was a snake and he spit purple poison in my eyes but I killed the snake by squashing it with my shoes. The car stopped at a local playground/picnic area and the guys went on walking in. The cashier and the owner said they must go do something and I said okay and gave them extra masking tape(because they have masking tape with them sort of hostages) they said no he would kill them if he find out. And so I walked back to the car alone while they were of to the bathroom I think. It was then that a guy appeared with a gun and he was saying he's going to shoot(he wasn't aming the gun at me, but I knew he was talking to me)and then a guy appeared behind him with a gun aiming for the first shooter. And then somehow the second shooter joined the first shooters group and the first shooter switched guns (now he was holding tiny gun with sort of a rubber band) and he said he waas going to shoot me. He moved to my back and I was talking and praying and just begging until suddenly I started to slow down knowing I was shot. I lay there and they started moving. Next thing I know (I the real me ) was fighting back and decided that I was not truly dead just hurt badly and slowly moved myself to the car when I saw my friends coming back. As soon As they got there I was dead again and just a mere spirit person. I remember someoner talking about me sayingsomething of 2.3 mil. Later I was with my mom(ghost and she's alive but she could hear me but not see me) I tried to warn her what I heard. The badguy arranged someoone to kill me to pay of his debt and now he wants to kill someone else aswell, I warned my mom scared that it might be her. It wasn't. Then the bad guy said he wanted to see me but I was scared so I hesitated but he found me and told me to put onn the surgical gloves, he said he was taking me to my moms where he will have my body. (Cut into pieces, first all organs and then fingers and then parts, disgusting I know) there was lots of bags and the sight made me nauseas so I decided to go away. And then I heard from the proffesor (who I spokend to earlier but can't remember that part) and I fell and he helped me up. We were both shocked that he can touch me, he then asked if I know how I got back (human again) and I said no. Just then kids started cominbg and he yelled at me saying my friend ate me and I have to run to a roof. We jumped up to a nearby house's roof but he said its not real roof and just then that friend came and I pulled the roof and slammed it against her but she didn't want to die. We fought and I was trying to save my life.I was making my way to her home. The prof. Said the only way to stop her is to slap her through her face,which surpringly wasn't easy. We reached her houses' stairs and just then I thought I lost. But when I got to the top and she to the middle the prof asked her if she's okay, but I answered(as the middle girl) yes. And then the top girl said she is harper. And then I looked like selewa gomez and just laughed..... Yeaaa weird dream d very confusing and did I mention weird. Night time is my fave because then I can dream. IMD