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My best friend and I were at a performance of some kind and he bought roses, but not for the performers- for me! Then he asked me out, and not only did I say yes, but I grabbed him and kissed him. It was adorable and so vivid I woke up thinking it was real. Too bad it will never happen...

Posted on: 2016-03-23 by Klubnjack

My dream of the night of the 22nd March 2016 Last night in my dream I remember these details: I am with a friend I seem to know for a very long time We are in a very large Jacuzzi with someone else We start fighting over something Me and my friend I seem to know for so long start fighting as if our lives depended We somehow stop fighting and shake hands for peace I get out of this scenery and find myself with my brother and my cousin walking threw a field We reach the town of Berlin and start exploring it We arrive at a underground concert stage with music blasting out, at first it seems empty The people doing the concert seem to be very high on drugs We see lots of corpses on the side of the stage In the song the artists are singing , they say that these corpses are the people who took some LSD and that had so much of a fun time that they died We stay and listen to the concert, it’s amazing, at this point it's getting very crowded Suddenly we get squirted by a sort of black sticky liquid, we soon find out that its the liquefied dead bodies My brother screams shouting that its dangerous We suddenly understand that we will soon get the effects of LSD and that we will reach the same end that all these dead people have reached We make our way out of the concert and start walking to get home We are laughing the way back and having a great time Soon we start feeling the effects and we see our vision as we would normally see it bit with many colors enhanced, and very bright colors We continue walking and we are still in town We arrive at the old part of the town and we see a middle age lady walking by The little street ahead of us is going steeply up and on to a sort of a small bridge We start walking up the small street and arrive on the bridge where we are confronted to a bunch of wild horses coming straight at us My brother and my cousin manage to get pass the bridge in time but I don’t I face this herd of wild horses hurtling straight towards me and see my death But out of no where I see one horse that come straight up to me and stop horizontally protecting me from the other horses I then take my chance and jump on his back and jump to the other side of the bridge where I find my cousin and brother waiting for me We continue walking until we reach the same empty endlessly looking field we were at before Tired, and lost we fall to the ground and die I wake up as a lion in the lion king I see another lion with a scare on his eye getting up among all the other lions sleeping, he is up to something… I get up and follow him… he is walking in this cave among all the other lions sleeping… he finally reaches his target , a turtle sleeping deeply He approaches the turtle and is about to kill it But the turtle already knows what's about to come and opens one eye At this moment the evil lion turns into a small very pure golden marble My body gets disintegrated and my conscience is floating in the cage I see from above the turtle getting up and wilding the golden marble with his hands and making it float slowly to an altar and opens up a secret and sacred tomb where I see many other golden marbles Suddenly my spirit is brutally sucked up in the altar and back in to my body and I wake up among my family surrounding me, My cousin my brother and my aunt, she is very beautiful and seems younger than before. After this I find my self walking with my cousin in the orchard meadow that is just in front of my house, once again I feel my soul dying slowly and my body sinking into the ground as I wake up slowly from my dream. Thanks for reading. Yann

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Sorry, you must have the wrong number

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What are the hours of work?

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Accountant supermarket manager

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Nice to meet you

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Every now and then I have this fucked up dream...I'm in a cemetery and it always starts with me going to this grave on the edge of a wall at a bottom of a hill. At the top of the hill there's a boarded up blue house and the very first time I had this dream somethings in that house. I run down the hill and backflip over this grave into a different section of the cemetery. This section has tiny square graves with skulls in between like a side walk. On the other side is a fence. The graves on the other side of the fence look like an old Roman city and are covered in green moss. To get out of this place you must find the giant temple at the end of the Roman section with the word "Skorpios" engraved in a giant stone banner. Inside is a house cat named Skorpios I have to defeat. The first time it was a group of cats. At the back of the temple is a door I have to kick down. Inside looks like a modern day house. The windows won't come up and there is one door in the back of the house. Open it to find a fence is blocking my way out, on the other side of the fence is what looks to be Gravestones with Chinese Lions on top of them. I am Buddhist so this part isn't that out there. There is another door to my right that must be kicked appears to be the same house with the same door and same windows, both houses are empty. I open up the door and there's a big green hill with no graves. I always wake up at this point.

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Thanks funny site

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I was in Emily Atack's room (plays Charlotte in The Inbetweeners) and we were rehearsing the scene of Will and Charlotte in bed and I was playing Will. So it was just me and her and i was NAKED (because we were doing the bed scene!) and I was supposed to get a boner over her but I couldn't (because of foot fetish) and so I was standing by her barefeet which were hanging over the bed edge and she started rubbing my cock with her right foot and in-between her toes and I was getting a massive boner and it felt so nice and then I began humping her foot and then I turned around and she shoved her foot up my asse and wiggled her toes fast and I felt like I was about to shit and she stopped and then I stood over her left foot and sat on it and she bounced it up and down and then I humped her foot and rubbed my boner on her sole and cummed like crazy!!!!

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i remember my dream form last night because it really scared me... my best fiend Alex from across the world who in rel life is bi was at my house... and he was helping me get ready for a dinner at one of my parents friends house... but in my dream the time zone was like in the Victorian age... so i had to get really dressed up and it was in a really nice huge dinning room... he was being really sweet to me... and i think i was falling in love with him... but in the dream i still had a bf martin the one i have in real life... so i pretended i didn't feel anything... and so me and my family got to the MANSION we were having dinner at... and my friend Alex was working as one of the chefs there... and so when he was serving the food we would glance and giggle and wink at each other... and so after the dinner and everyone was in that one room in mansions were people go to chat... Alex finds me and takes me to this room in the back of the dinning room... he takes both of my hands and tells me that he loves me... and hes waiting for me to say it back but i cant stop thinking of martin who is in the army "in my dream" at that time, but in real life he dose want to join the army... and so i don't say anything... and he starts to frown and walks off... and so in my dream i start thinking how Alex has been there for everything and martin hasn't... and in real life its true... and so i decide that i do love him... so i run round the mansion looking for Alex and once i find him i give him the biggest longest hug ever... and tell him i love him to... and he hugs me back for what feels like 10 min... and i start crying in my dream... and then i wake up... seriously??? am i in love with my best friend ??? /.\

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We work together

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Last night I was sitting in my Math class, in what should be my usual seat. The tables were arranged differently, in two long rows that, in reality, couldn’t have fit in the room. My usual classmates were replaced with strangers I commonly see during passing period but don’t know by name. We each had a small, black Chromebook computer in front of us. I sat at the very end of one of the rows. The boy at my right- for some reason, I knew he was younger than me by a year- was chatting with the boy at his right. They kept talking nonstop until, surprisingly, instead of my Math teacher, my Computer teacher came into view and shushed them reminding them to work on their Crossword Puzzle projects on Google Docs, which had to be finished by the end of class. In reality, the Crossword Puzzles were only due until next week. The boys fell silent and glued their eyes to their screens. END IMD

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So, I was with some friends and we were driving around town and doing fun things, we somehow ended up at a famous you tubers house. But somehow I knew them personally, like a brother. The first thing i did was give them a huge hug and tell them how much i missed them, then we left and went buy like a gas station that sold big flat screen tvs for like 20 bucks and we bought one and put it in the car and then we ended up at my grandparents house.(just recently i was in a argument with them and was not aloud back for 4 months) My grandparents were so happy to see me but so angry. we got in another argument and me an my friends tried to steal stuff and leave but when we went to leave there was a gate that was not able to be opened.. i started to feel very sick and worried and then we suddenly ended up at the beach and we were building a house out of tvs and gates.... i have absolutely no clue on what this dream could symbolize or mean.. i am 17 years old and have gone threw alot as a child . i Really Hope u guys can help me!!!!

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I read a lot

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I came here to work

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Last night My entire school was part of it, and it was a semi zombie apocqlypse. One was the primary infected while the rest had powers, my power was to turn anything non-living cold. We entered my old house, and outside, more got infected as we climbed floor, on the third floor, I see my crush enter a lit room the room then brightens up and I assumed he died, so we moved on to the next floor, there was only 5 left, and 3 were guarding the outer door while me and another person were working to strengthen the inner room. The infected managed to overwhelm the three people and were then looking for the last two, me and my artist friend, so I locked all three entrances to the room, and I froze all inner walls and doors, and then with no hope left, I awaken IMD

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It's funny goodluck

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I had sex with Mrs. Puff.

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Nice to meet you

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What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?

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A book of First Class stamps

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I read a lot

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Pleased to meet you

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In my dream I was in my house and I went to look spout the window and I saw a man and woman carrying guns entering people's homes and killing them, I immediately lock my doors and told my family then we rang th police. The day after I saw them again but this time in a RV the man disguised as a delivery man luckily I locked the doors in time so he went to the back I saw him through my bath room window and started throwing things at him he then left and I called the police.. It was the next day I woke up and went to lock the doors I saw my brother and thought it was the man hunting me. He then took my outside which is where I met a police officer would was going to teach my martial arts then the people can back, we ran inside locking the doors and then the woman hunting me came in a wedding dress with 5 oth r people all dressed in wedding clothes she came to my house so I ran up stairs, this is where I woke up Does anyone know what this dream means or why I have it? Thank you

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So I was going to school as usual, but somehow I was in a Japanese school uniform instead of my normal uniform. We are introduced to a new Japanese exchange student who is somehow in 11th grade class even though he is still 13. He has kind of quirky mannerisms and is rather off and suspicious, but no one gives a shit because he is really smart for his age. At break time, for no reason in particular, I decided to punch the kid, only for him to grab me, lift me up, and twirl me around a bit before throwing me to a pile of desks. He reveals himself as a military cyborg soldier coming to invade the city. The dream closes off with me receiving a mysterious text from an unknown number which reads "FIGHT".