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Who do you work for?

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I'm on work experience

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Last night, I has a dream I was in the desert, not knowing what I was going to do there. Unexpectedly, this army in the distance was coming toward me, like a tornado! Apparently, I was fighting a battle with General Immortus and Beast Boy. We were fighting a really evil criminal group, which I forget what it is called. General Immortus saw me and put his face right in mine! "Woah, there, Immortus!" I exclaimed, and he took me by the hand and we both sat on Beast Boy, who was a big animal, and began to fight off the evil group, who had the same animal as Beast Boy was. "Use what your enemy has to defeat them in battle," the General said. And we did. That is all for me!

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Which university are you at?

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First off i cheat on some hot guy like i was really turned on by him, i think i was high. then i was laying in my bed and people started talking to me but I couldn't hear them it was so hard to hear. I went to sleep then things started haunting me and teasing me. A girl came in my room and started grabbing things quickly and taking them out. I could hear my door open and girls talking outside my door. Im very anxious and i grab my phone to call my dad. Im crying and for some reason it wont let me call him, he wasn't found on my phone. I hear my door open and then... I wake up and realize it was just a dream, I grabbed my phone to turn on the flashlight to check if my door was open, it is closed. Then i feel the need to post this dream because it scared me so much at 2:29 AM

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. My dream was that this girl (who my ex talks to a lot) posted a YouTube video on to his Facebook wall. The video was a lyric video of "cat power; sea of love" which was a song I was obsessed with while we were dating. We never said I love you to each other, since we only dated for about two months but I've known him for four years. I had always wanted to show him that song but never had the guts to do it. My dream was me looking at his Facebook profile and seeing that she had posted that. In the dream I was crying and freaking out, and when I woke up I was crying also.

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i had a dream that the world was ending and i had to climb a bridge to stay alive. but all my family fell of the edge and i was the only person in the world. until i met this boy and we had 100 babies and the world came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Would you like a receipt?

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I'd like some euros

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I am a 14-year-old teenager. I study in a secondary girls' school. Recently, I have dreamed that I am hugging girls from my school. In my dream, I can see that I am dating the girls. After dreaming for a few times, I start to think that if I am a lesbian. In reality, I like one of my schomates so much that I would like to hug her and kiss her whenever I see her in the corridor. Does this mean may dream is telling the truth? It is really weird as I always think that I love boys not girls. But I start dreaming about dating girls and I really like a girl from my school. It bothers me so much. I hope I can know more in the coming dreams...

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Last night I was wearing some sort of work/waitress uniform. I was listening to peoples voices mournful no doubt it was exactly like the after party of a funeral. Stepped through a few doors(1 revolving door, 1 blue pivot type door, and the last 1 had an unlocked latch) heading to deliver someones order and nobody I knew was there. Everybody had light skin, Wearing suits which was odd... Even though the hallways beyond the doors were more like roads, People still managed to bump me, causing me to stumble about and panic over what might be spilled or dropped. I said excuse me to squeeze by the crowded exit and this woman gave me the most unexpresional look i`ve ever seen. It was like no soul x human occupied her body. She whimpered and then snapped at me when I repeated the two words, (whatever she said I knew it couldn't have been pleasant because even when I woke up her sharp voice rang in my head sounding like some sort of scratched record). Looking for another way through the door I ended back to the 3 unique doors as before and stepped through again. This time I was on the second floor. Peeking down I called for that woman and she glared up at me, Moving in a threatning way I bolted looking for another way to the room I needed to go. Finally I came upon it, stepped through to see an older man, 30-40 years old (hard to say) He bows to me and tells me to set the tray down somewhere and I do. He tells me to pour some sugar water into the cup from the teapot I`ve been carrying. Did as I was told and dropped the cup Not purposely but i tripped over a feathery string, I was feeling petrified because my heart was pounding, I felt the string loosen and glanced up to see him winding it up into his fingers. He was frowning until he caught my face, then he laughed. Right after that I heard somebodys voice calling me, I turn around and see my best gal drunk on the shoulders of a sober ex boyfriend. The older man I was with stepped to me taking my hand into his and kissed it. From the look on my ex's face he wasn`t pleased and the look on my gals face was shame. she hid behind him and dragged him out he took one look at me and followed her out, The rest of my dream It was me and the older guy, Him telling me to get him things from his study/library/living room as he tripped me using the strings. It seemed to last ages, Imd

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I'm at Liverpool University

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Im having a usual day, working on the farm with my family, and i look up to the sky (as usual) and i see 2 gigantic moons taking up a quarter of the whole sky. I tell my family and start to freak out about the apocalypse while they just ignore me and keep working.

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I'm in an very old fraternity and in my dream, I found out that my fraternity made a pact with the devil that every 10 years, a chapter would adopt a baby through a donation program that gives out 1 million dollar grants to parents. We then put that money to fraternity funds. But, the baby we adopt would be cursed and would resembled the devil and we would sacrifice it for him. This time around, it was my chapter's turn to adopt the baby. I was there when we first got it. It was a newborn and the baby blanket was covering his face. I gave it a closer look. It's face was shriveled and it's eyes were almond shaped and onyx colored. I didn't want to kill it.

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What's the current interest rate for personal loans?

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I wanted to live abroad

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Last night Damien created a time Machine and Ryan, Nano, Anissa, Edwin, Crystal, Esteban, and some guy named Trones knew about It. On a side note I dreamt that I was in Las Vegas at tita say's house (some sort of new house) with a basement game room. Back to the time travel, I dreamt about us playing around in the universe going to the future. I was really worried because I thought we would change something that would affect our world. Then I thought of going to the past which I knew was very risky but I wanted to. I was KIND of Lucid Dreaming at that time. I wanted to go back to a soccer game and win it. I thought that would be impossible because they would notice my clothes but since it was a dream it was ok. Well when we got into the machine (forgot to tell you it was "elevator like") the door got stuck 6/7 open and we sort of panicked I pressed the "open button" so we could try again but it didn't work. At that time I was expecting us from the future to come and stop us but like that Cliche in the movies but it Didn't happen. So Edwin punched the door and it started to malfunction and We could feel it moving up and turning 360• like a rolar coater Esteban started complaining. Some how I could see what was happening about side like it was third person the elevator was moving up into this space like vortex and when we got in it we were transferred into this earth look a like place. But it was VERY DIFFERENT. There were heroes and villains from other tv shows! Anissa pointed out that she saw spongebob in this costume from one episode fighting each other. After she said that we all got separated and NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN IN MY DREAM! I NEVER noticed I just continued walking and observing I saw Zuko (from avatar) and since we are in a different universe, I assume everything is different but in real Life it's not I think part of it is Different. Zuko was evil and this devil like creature and My perspective changed and it was focused on him like a camera would focus on a character if something was happening to them. I saw him saying (idk the single word for it 😅), "ARGGGHHHH" and jamming his LONG fingers into the ground and "yelling FIRE LORD OZI" and this GIANT SUN DEMON THING came up the ground and started terrorizing the area. I jumped into the sea and I saw these sea creatures that could talk. They said that ozi has been "activated" And this one creature got 2 turtles and chanted something (i forgot) and the turned into sea soldiers. The other creature said that we are going to need WAY more. Then I got transported to this earth LIKE place still no sign of the others. I was at this park with my baby sister and I thought I could DM the others (not me Damien Edwin nano) that we were stuck in this universe. I DMed Anissa and crystal and maybe a few others (dont remember) and I thought (remember I said in my mind EVERYTHING changes) that Anissa would have never met me and while I'm writing this I just noticed that if that's true I would Have never gotten into jazz band (▰˘︹˘▰) also I'm thinking that why would she have never met me? I'm communicating with her from the original universe. Oh well it was a dream so I wasn't thinking Right. Well there was no Wi-Fi so I turned on my data And I "felt" that my phone sensed that we were some Place different I could still send it though. What I think I said was, " PLEASE HELP US STUCK IN A WEIRD UNIVERESE GET Damien!" OK BACK TO WHERE I WAS WITH MY SISTER I was walking and I was at a park With a pool (NO NOT A WATER PARK) and I can't clearly tell you what happened in the right order so I'll try my best. I was at the pool and my sister splashed in the water then I tool her out and the DROPLETS CAME TO LIFE and started running around! The super visor, Mrs.Cadiz, told me that it was normal because I started panicking. Sorry as I'm telling you this I just noticed that that the walk with my sister happened first and the DM situation happned right about now. So after that, I was typing away (DMing) then this lady came up started talking to me and after she was done she said," Oh look your sister is all the way over there." I tried to run over there but my mind wouldn't let me (I could feel my legs try to move in real life) Then I saw this car turning the corner where my sister was at luckily the car swerved but the tires hit my baby sister and she fell over I ran over there looked at her and her eyes were wide open and she blinked.imreachingthe450limtendingisthishowitsgoingtoend IMD

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In a meeting

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I am seeing a married man and he has 3 kids. I had a pregnancy scare when we first started seeing each other so I took a test and it came out negative. I never told him about it and it was a couple of months ago. Last night, I dreamt that I took the same pregnancy test and it was around the same time that I actually took the test. In the dream he found out and confronted me about it. I woke up when we started to argue. Help?

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Where are you from?

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Last night I was getting off the school bus and I went into my house and saw my friend Carl and went to say hi to him but he kissed me and he ended up having sex with me (FYI I'm a guy) IMD

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Whereabouts in are you from?

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How much is a First Class stamp?

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I'm not sure