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First of all me, my grandma and my sister were headed up to this small town where my aunt lives. While on our way up there my other sister called us to turn around and go get her because my other grandmas house was on fire! Then my cousin appears in my car out of no where. I suddenly woke up to my phone ringing and it was my cousin. She had asked me if we wanted to go see my aunt!!

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I live in London

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I'm not sure

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"there were 3 level of consciousness i was in the higher one everything is meant to be perfect but the world seemed out of order. cars were all automated and we all had a link to an orb in the sky, i was able to some how control a car with my voice first person in years to be able to do that so i made a plan to fly to the orb buy using a helicopter once i got there i hacked in and found out the only way i could fix the orb was my integrating my consciousness into the system to save the high level consciousness but as i did i noticed me in a pass life/consciousness in the orb he was old and in the corner of the room he was disturbed from the mask of society as i took over i became him i connected with everyone i was the orb and i told everyone it was all a lie there was only one consciousness and we were all one not needing of anything but that connection between us all." basic over view of my dream what could it mean

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I want to be owner to a big company like microsoft

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Last night i dreamed about a man who continued to scare me by phoning me and telling me i had 10 minutes to run out of the area otherwise he would torture me but i knew im not very fast at running so i gotbin my mons car and drove away, about 10 mins later i saw two boys standing in the road so i stopped the car and they saw that i was crying i told them about the situation and they agreed to help me escape so they took me back to their house and i went into the bedroom to talk privately, then they told me they both needed to go somewhere but they were gone for a while, all of a sudden the bedroom door opened slowly and i turned my head around slowly and there he was he finally caught me, i knew that the time had come, he edged towards me and i was screaming at him, just before he grabbed me i woke up but i wasnt in my bed i was standing by then window

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Until August

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I saw your advert in the paper

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magic story very thanks keandra Numerous groups, including the National Association of Realtors, the American Bankers Association, and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, have already voiced fierce opposition to using the threat of eminent domain to buy mortgages.

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Last Night, I was in this house and I walked into this room and the boy yelled "WAIT MY PANTS FELL DOWN!" and I saw his superman underwear, then I was like "Wait Vinny! Lemme get my bra!" and I jumped on the bed and grabbed it off the floor and put it on, then we sat on his bed and I said "Lay down." so he did and I put my head on his chest. Then he all of a sudden he was laying on a different bed and we were staring at eachother. Then I wask "How big are your feet?" and he told me, then I was thinking about asking how big his hands were but I said never mind and we siad goodnight and went to sleep. IMD.

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Now before i start, the venom i will be talking about is from spiderman. Alright so here's how it starts from what i remember. In the day i am myself, I remember hanging out with certain people around my old neighbourhood(most of my dreams seemed to be linked to that place). For some reason i befriend an old enemy from school and we work together. Night time comes and we become almost super human, running down the streets at incredible speed, jumping with incredible power and distance. He has intention to steal, he wants to rob houses. I wasn't really ok with it but i followed him anyways. The thing is as we were running down these busy streets and causing mischief, the police must have found out about our wrong doing and started pursing us. We started running against traffic to get away from them, but my old enemy falls and almost gets hit by a car. I stop the car before it gets close, I don't know how i did it, it seems like i did it with my mind because i wasn't even close to it and it span out of control when i wanted it to and stopped before it could get close. My enemy or friend at this point, is hurt on the ground and can't move, so i drag him off the road where he can recover. Throughout all this, the cops still didn't catch up to us, my friend had time to recover and we started running and jumping down the streets, until we got downtown. It seemed the cops found us and ambushed us in some kind of plaza between buildings which consisted of stores and community centers. At this point it was very dark, it seemed to be past midnight. We tried to get away but failed over and over. Something in me was changing at this point and i could feel it but i could not tell what it was. I was losing hope... losing control... Then a man sided with the police shows up, that is not a cop but is helping them for some reason. When i look at him i can feel that his very essence is evil. He starts a fight with us, we aren't doing so well at this point and he seems to be super human like us. From here it's sort of a blank but the next thing i remember is getting so i angry i transform into something that consumes me, i become venom. I lose my ability to control my actions, and start raging about fighting anything that comes into my path. The next thing i remember is that i escape ontop of one of the buildings and at this point my mother shows up to try and calm me down, I do not listen however... The evil man, the "bastard" i should call him at this point because that's what i feel he is. The bastard kidnaps my mom and climbs up to the top of a construction tower. I am raged at this point, I get even stronger and grow so much angrier that I lose my mind. I shake the tower, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy him! I start climbing the tower (and if you have forgotten I am still enwrapped by the symbiote causing my transformation into venom.) I get to the top, shake the entire structure as it sways back and forth. I start clawing at him, I scream, I yell, I roar, I am a monster. I want him dead and as i go to attack him, well i black out. I wake up in some sort of hospital in a very dark room for patients. It seems i have been admitted. I feel the darkness, it lingers in the corners of the room, waiting... I notice there is a little girl which happens to be the one sharing the room with me. She seems sad, alone, scared. I feel bad for her and i want to help her but I don't know what to do. There is something different about her though, it's almost as if she isn't human. She appears human in everyway but for some reason my mind gets a glimpse of what she really is, a vision if you will. In my vision i see that on the inside she is a monster composed of brown tentacles in a humanoid form, but yet she seems harmless. The next thing i remember is a doctor coming into the room to medicate her, but she makes run for it out of the room, which was apparently locked the whole time. She runs down hallways into different doors which seem like a maze, hopelessly getting lost. She tries another door but before she opens it a doctor from the other side opens it first, he then restrains her. I follow some of the other patients from the hospital into a room sealed by bullet proof glass but with another room on the outside where you can watch what's going on on the inside. It was like we were an audiance watching something. I'm confused as to what's going on and there are a bunch of people around me yelling at the doctors inside the bullet proof glass, this room seemed like some kind of chamber. I felt like the doctors in the room are trying to put on some kind of show, they then arrange a bunch of handcuffed tied up patients in a circle, one of them being the little girl i tried to help earlier. I am shocked from what I'm seeing. I'm confused and afraid, I think to myself "WTF ARE THEY DOING TO THESE PEOPLE" and then... this device in the middle of the room sends out some kind of red pulse energy circle surrounding the room an

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Could you tell me my balance, please?

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i'm fine good work

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I don't know what I want to do after university

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I had a dream of someone singing in this mad voice (mad as in crazy) and luring me into some kind of Hell. There was fire all around and just a red endless platform on which I was walking forward, lured in. I clearly remember the song lyrics...They were something like: "Welcome to my world, There's no more turning back, Let the insanity be unfurled, Let all white be turned to black. Welcome to my life, Filled with sorrow, filled with sin, But pay no heed to all the strife And Let the Show Begin. Don't think 'bout runnin' away No one'll be waiting for you back there! Especially on this special day, May she who participates beware. Consider it like a game, Consider it like chess," And I couldn't remember the rest. I swear I didn't make the lyrics up myself, but the mysterious voice kept singing it over and over so much that I remembered it when I woke up and wrote it down. But before I woke up, and after she stopped singing, a face with an evil grin appeared inside of me, opened its mouth, and its jaw dropped to the ground, swallowing me whole. Then the dream ended.

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I saw chaos everywhere, there were a lot of dark, black colored, red eyed werewolves or may be giant wolves; hunting, killing, eating a lot of people. Though some men and women were trying to survive and fighting back and I was among the survivors. I was killing those werewolves by a trident accompanied by three anonymous men. I asked an old man, who was looking like a farmer, where do these beasts come from and what's their origin. He replied 'The Balkan Region'.

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So i see a figure in my dream wearing a hoodie and he is in a school and next too him a guy is on the floor hurt and my ex is leaning over him trying to confort him. Then the figure walks slowly away. So my ex runs after trying to find out who beat up his boyfriend. The figure walks away and loses my ex. He then removes his hoodie and i see its me. It was weird.cause i was seeing this from a diffrent view.

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I dreamed that I had a job writing the number 11 on eggs for 8 hours a day. I was saving up to buy my parents old house but Noel Edmonds was dead in the attic.

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I like it a lot

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Whereabouts in are you from?

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I'm a partner in

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Ok, I've had this dream a few times already. So, me and my friend (I don't know who he actually is) walk into someone's house during the night, and there are two girls inside. We tell them that someone's trying to kidnap us (including the girls). Now, this is where the dream is different than the other times I've had it. When normally he would say our plan, this time, I said, "Yeah yeah I already know the plan." and then I told the girls to follow us. We go downstairs and head out the backdoor. There is a railroad track behind there house. We run along the track and get into this old bar looking place. after a few minutes, the people who were trying to kidnap us ran in the place yelling. I instantly ran out the door and back along the tracks. We later reached a very large house, and got inside. The weird part was, I had the thought in my mind to tell the girls and my friend that it was a dream, but I never did. That is my dream.

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When do you want me to start?

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