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Is this a temporary or permanent position?

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My dream started with me talking to a girl I can't rember exactly what I said but I rember saying "And that's because....." then I kissed her. The next thing I remember is her coming to my house. I can't remember much but I remember being dumped then I died. It was exactly like before she came to my house but I was going to her house. So I went to her house but it was exactly the same I got dumped then died. At that moment I thought I wasn't able to get on with my life intill I succed in making her mine. Then I woke up.

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I work here

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Inside part of my dream, at first all I can feel is my own sensation of fear, nervousness, hopelessness, and the need for help.As i'm feeling this, I noticed i'm on this speedy carriage with two other people- female and male. The female is Edith Gonzalez and the male is Joel from The Last of Us. We are running away what it seems to be some evil thing. As the carriage is about to hit a wall of a hospital, three of us jumped out as the carriage crashes. Upon entering the hospital, I dial 911. A women with a sweet voice answers me and I told her what was wrong. "Help me, please! He's coming! He killed them at home!" She anxiously yet calmly asked the address of the home and told me that she'll send police to check it out. "No! He's going to kill you guys! Don't go! He's going to find us!" I said shouting as tears streamed down my muddy face. Next thing you know, the receptionist comes over my way and asks us why are we all bloody and dirty. I didn't say anything for Joel said he'll handle it. I go around a corner that leads to an elevator, I see Edith. She's sitting against the wall, knees up to her face, showing that she was processing things. I return to Joel who told me to get apple blueberry oatmeal. I ignored it and went with Edith again, who cupped my face with her hands, and advised me to get the apple blueberry oatmeal next to the vending machine thats next to a few patients. I nodded, staring at her one more time. She is covered in dirt and blood. Blood is also smeared on the floor, it was really a disturbing thing to see. As I make my way towards the vending machine, I turn left to the bathroom, for I needed to go. As I clothes the door, I did what I needed to do. As I was about to wash my hands, I didn't know there was some sort of kid in there with me. Startled at the fact that we wanted to stab me with a needle, I kicked him away. Then I heard a light knocking at the door. In fear, the little deform kid went to open the door, but I kicked him again. I opened the door to dart out and leave, but I slowly slithered away. Upon doing so, an old man saw me and rose up from his bed, shouting out, "WHY DID YOU BRING HIM HERE? YOU BROUGHT HIM HERE!". In panicked I made my way to Edith and Joel, but they were gone. I saw an exit door that leads to the first floor(Unknown). I saw my mom instead with my little sister and quickly shouted at her for help, for it seems an angry mob of patients tended to kill me with their crutches. Before I woken up, behind the crowd of angry patient mob, I saw the one and only... Michael Myers. Standing back there, looking at me with hollow eyes.

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i had a horrible dream, that my girlfriend was a prostitute and my dad died :(

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Last night I had a dream that my partner and I had our house infested with HUGE spiders, the size of my hand. We were really scared and ran out the house as there were few coming from the ceilings and on the floor etc. We realised the whole street had the same problem and everyone had ran out their house. Suddenly, this man came from one of the houses and told us how to get rid of them. He said to cook the spiders, and make them into burgers... so we did, and everyone was really happy. It was so weird... IMD

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Have you got any qualifications?

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Where did you go to university?

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I'm only getting an answering machine

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A jiffy bag

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As a trans man I commonly have dreams about the mens bathroom. ITs usually huge, full of people and there is rarely ever a toilet I can use. Either theres no toilet, or all of them are taken, or there's no privacy. I don't count them as nightmares, just unpleasant.

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Last night I was still sleeping in bed but inside a testing facility for lucid dreamers and i was trying my best not to move and to sleep, for what seemed about 30 minutes or having my body slide around the floor of this facility seemed fine until i stopped and figured that i must be dreaming so i tried to lift my self i did but then stopped when a scientist came into the room. i tried to leave the place by trying to shot lasers at the vent fan but i couldn't for some reason the scientist was amazed that i cold even fly, so i lay back down to dream again so i could fire lasers(i think i then forgot that i was dreaming at that point).finally the scientist came towards me as i was trying to sleep and crushed my chest slowly with his foot until i was spitting out stuff and then forced me to wake up IMD.

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I had a dream that I got married to one of the members in One Direction and the funny thing when I woke up I thought I was wearing my teddy bear PJs But in stead I was wearing a white dress And when the man cam in he took my hand and said come with me my dear And we can stay as one heart for ever so we kissed and now I am a mrs. But I don't know my last name..Oh then I had another dream that I had a baby in my belly and I just gave birth to his new born Son ..Yeah I am still scared till this day. I never want to get married to Niall or Louis or Liam ..I like there songs ...and there cute but there not sexy

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Would you like to leave a message?

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Last night I was stuck on a island for 20 years. I managed to make a raft out of palm trees and get out on the water, only to realize that there was a major city on the other side of the island the whole time.

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Now before i start, the venom i will be talking about is from spiderman. Alright so here's how it starts from what i remember. In the day i am myself, I remember hanging out with certain people around my old neighbourhood(most of my dreams seemed to be linked to that place). For some reason i befriend an old enemy from school and we work together. Night time comes and we become almost super human, running down the streets at incredible speed, jumping with incredible power and distance. He has intention to steal, he wants to rob houses. I wasn't really ok with it but i followed him anyways. The thing is as we were running down these busy streets and causing mischief, the police must have found out about our wrong doing and started pursing us. We started running against traffic to get away from them, but my old enemy falls and almost gets hit by a car. I stop the car before it gets close, I don't know how i did it, it seems like i did it with my mind because i wasn't even close to it and it span out of control when i wanted it to and stopped before it could get close. My enemy or friend at this point, is hurt on the ground and can't move, so i drag him off the road where he can recover. Throughout all this, the cops still didn't catch up to us, my friend had time to recover and we started running and jumping down the streets, until we got downtown. It seemed the cops found us and ambushed us in some kind of plaza between buildings which consisted of stores and community centers. At this point it was very dark, it seemed to be past midnight. We tried to get away but failed over and over. Something in me was changing at this point and i could feel it but i could not tell what it was. I was losing hope... losing control... Then a man sided with the police shows up, that is not a cop but is helping them for some reason. When i look at him i can feel that his very essence is evil. He starts a fight with us, we aren't doing so well at this point and he seems to be super human like us. From here it's sort of a blank but the next thing i remember is getting so i angry i transform into something that consumes me, i become venom. I lose my ability to control my actions, and start raging about fighting anything that comes into my path. The next thing i remember is that i escape ontop of one of the buildings and at this point my mother shows up to try and calm me down, I do not listen however... The evil man, the "bastard" i should call him at this point because that's what i feel he is. The bastard kidnaps my mom and climbs up to the top of a construction tower. I am raged at this point, I get even stronger and grow so much angrier that I lose my mind. I shake the tower, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy him! I start climbing the tower (and if you have forgotten I am still enwrapped by the symbiote causing my transformation into venom.) I get to the top, shake the entire structure as it sways back and forth. I start clawing at him, I scream, I yell, I roar, I am a monster. I want him dead and as i go to attack him, well i black out. I wake up in some sort of hospital in a very dark room for patients. It seems i have been admitted. I feel the darkness, it lingers in the corners of the room, waiting... I notice there is a little girl which happens to be the one sharing the room with me. She seems sad, alone, scared. I feel bad for her and i want to help her but I don't know what to do. There is something different about her though, it's almost as if she isn't human. She appears human in everyway but for some reason my mind gets a glimpse of what she really is, a vision if you will. In my vision i see that on the inside she is a monster composed of brown tentacles in a humanoid form, but yet she seems harmless. The next thing i remember is a doctor coming into the room to medicate her, but she makes run for it out of the room, which was apparently locked the whole time. She runs down hallways into different doors which seem like a maze, hopelessly getting lost. She tries another door but before she opens it a doctor from the other side opens it first, he then restrains her. I follow some of the other patients from the hospital into a room sealed by bullet proof glass but with another room on the outside where you can watch what's going on on the inside. It was like we were an audiance watching something. I'm confused as to what's going on and there are a bunch of people around me yelling at the doctors inside the bullet proof glass, this room seemed like some kind of chamber. I felt like the doctors in the room are trying to put on some kind of show, they then arrange a bunch of handcuffed tied up patients in a circle, one of them being the little girl i tried to help earlier. I am shocked from what I'm seeing. I'm confused and afraid, I think to myself "WTF ARE THEY DOING TO THESE PEOPLE" and then... this device in the middle of the room sends out some kind of red pulse energy circle surrounding the room an

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What's the current interest rate for personal loans?

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Alright so I had a dream I was in the military on a 4 man team,we were climbing through vents and there were 2 different ways to turn. we split up into groups of 2 and pressed on when we got out of the vents we saw a lot of people I had no idea who they were, they started to shoot at me and we started to shoot back I killed 3 people then ran into a mobile home sat behind the bathroom door and loaded my Glock (gun)while I loaded the gun I realized I didn't know where my team mate was, then someone walked in I turned around the corner an threw a knife at him, he fell to the ground. as another person walked in shooting me twice I shot and killed him then fell on the bed in the mobile home as I was sitting there someone ran through the door and shot me again then jumped on top of me and was choking me out I reached for my gun but it was just out of reach so I pulled out another knife and stabbed him in the ribs yet he kept choking me then out of no where my team mate came out of no where and slit his throat the blood was falling all over my face I remember him trying to help me stand up and right after he got me to stand I woke up

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I read a lot

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I'm not sure

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I had a dream where my dad was holding a gun and he said he was going to kill my mom. I told my brother to call the cops on his computer. The End!