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Is there ?

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I'll make a long story short, since I just typed my whole dream and my phone died before I could post it.. I had a reoccurring dream that I was trying to get out of a hospital and usually when I leave I get hit by a car and die. This time I had my dying grandfather with me (he's not doing too good in real life, he's in the hospital in dialysis right now) and he wanted to leave through the door but I wouldn't let him... I was looking for any other way to leave the hospital because I knew he would die if he left that way. So as we head through the staircases in the hospital we keep passing broken flooring & doors trying to make us turn back around but I refused (I have experience controlling my dreams so I was just ignoring these things knowing the door would still open, floor wouldn't cave in, etc.) then we passed a hand written sign that said "You can't write your own ending ass hole". Soon after, we made it to a hospital room and my papa (not even too sure it was him, I feel as though this old man represented myself) collapsed and started dying.. I just dropped to my knees and started begging and pleading. I prayed to Jesus who I don't believe in (I grew up Christian but completely found my own idea on what life is about & about religion and all that. And anyone who knows me knows I think Jesus is a metaphor for an example of how humanity should be) and I prayed so hard I was speaking in tongues and bawling my eyes out while clutching a black bandana in my right hand.. I had my eyes shut tight hoping he'd (I'd) be okay when I opened my eyes. (He was also really really old looking and had all white hair & my papa doesn't look like that) but when I opened my eyes all the nurses and my papa were gone and it was just me kneeling on the floor and when I looked at the bandana it was all "bloody" but the "blood" was rainbow colored. Couple important bits of info about my waking life: My papa lost his wife almost 2 years ago. They are my moms parents and my grandmas death hit me hard. I still haven't dealt with it thoroughly I don't think.. I get / feel vibes very strongly and I very much believe in signs and premonitions I've been making not so much poor as RANDOM life changing decisions based on my fear / uncertainty about my future. Anyone with experience in this areas input is much appreciated!

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I had a nightmare/dream last night, it started with me chasing my cat named Princess down the street, I called to her and she looked at me but kept running. I ran after here, then the scene changed and I was suddenly standing by a large black gate with black spikes on the top of them. I wanted to climb it oddly, but then I woke up.

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My battery's about to run out

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I had this odd.. dream last sunday..(October 6, 2013) "Johnathan!!! use your sword you idiot!!" I shouted out to a boy in armour, yet he doesnt listen and uses a normal sword, I run into my classmate ( which is a boy ) and he shows off his pipe-circle shield.. ( It only covers the hand.. but then it just grows and covers the wrist ) and I just continue watching.. while seeing this old guy sitting down on a table ( wooden ) then I climbed up the stairs and I run into him ( I dont know who he was, but it was a boy, and no I didnt see his face ) "Father died... while waiting for you.." I said while standing in the middle of the stairs.. NEXT DAY Me and John go outside.. I think we held hands.. then I saw the chaos.. dead bodies... children crying... I cried as well.. we pass by a sakura\cherry blossom tree.. then we enter a mountain village.. we sit down on some stone bleachers... and then.. and ONLY then did I realize that everyone was wearing a Kimono ._. then a teacher comes and talks about a project.. I wanted to slide beside John, but a girl in a white Kimono beats me to it, a boy beside me wants me to get away from John.. so he kept on pulling and tugging my kimono and I said no of course.... I didnt see any of their faces, except the teacher ( which is my science teacher in reality ) Its been bothering me for a bit.. and I want to know what it means... so please.. help me...?

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Three years

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I'd like to open a personal account

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Last night In my dream I was walking through the corridors in school I heard a group of boys in my year saying behind me wouldn't it be fun to play bully her I said to myself what are they on about play bullying then one of them grabbed me roud the stomach and pushed me down I was now sitting he still had his arms around me. Suddenly they ripped by school blouse off and took a picture of my breasts I was embarrassed especially cause my boobs were small but theh weren't mocking me just showing everyone I eventually got to go, my crush then asked me out I was embarrassed because he had seen the photo but he never once mentioned it he told me I was beautiful he cared about me then I woke up and the wirst part was I thought it had been real I was disappointed because mh crush was my boyfriend but that's what's bad about waking up and dreaams not being reality xxxx IMD

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Can I use your phone?

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I'm a partner in

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I had a dream where I one day went to high school (13-16 year old only school in the UK) and that I was on my last year. I remember I was in assembly and this new GCSE (a degree) was being offered where it was a survival/fight game, only 60% of the participants survive, I for some reason applied for it and I remember I was in a room picking up supplies and I remember crying and leaving. I also remember trying to tell everyone I met to leave

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We need someone with experience

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Me and a group of friends were on a camping trip at some weird place that looked like we were enclosed by tall mountains/ cliffs or whatever and the place we were at was beautiful and there were cabins lined up side by side and so on but our camp advisors said that no one could go into one of the cabins that was bigger than the rest and it looked older than the rest and worn down and for some reason no one asked why but strange things started happening like some people started going missing and all the beautiful plants and flowers started dying and it was all just really weird. And what señor like the next day me and my friend went looking around to see if we could find the missing kids and find explanations as if we were in lost or something thinking it was ok to just wonder off. But then we went by the cabin that no one was aloud to go in or basically touch, and came to find out that there were vines and bushes and other plants surrounding the back of it but the cabin didn't have a back. It was like merged into the mountain or cliff or whatever and we just thought that was really weird and like the idiots we were we went to the front and we're going to go in but before that I looked through one of the windows and it was all black but then a sudden face appeared that had the features of a women but then she screamed and she looked hella creepy with all her hair flying everywhere her eyes where all black her mouth was abnormally large and open and she was really scary and my character in my dream screamed so loud and I backed up and fell off the porch everyone got scared and ran to me and all the sudden what sempt like day turned into night and everyone was asking what was going on, why did it all of the sudden turn to night, and why did I scream. I told them about the women I saw and our teacher that took us on this trip was trying to calm me down and say that I was staring into darkness and my imagination got the best of me. But for real I have never been so scared in my life even after waking up that women's face is just imbedded in my brain and I can not forget her face I am freaking out. Anyway, back to the dream. I was telling everyone what I saw was real some people believed me, some people didn't (fucking ass holes). But anyway, I showed them the back of the cabin and how I thought the rest of it went into the mountain and then everyone thought that was weird too and so we asked the camp advisors why it was like that and why we weren't aloud in there and they started telling us a story about how a women lived there before the camp was made and she died a horrible death and whatever. So then me and a few friend were like "welp, bye, we're leaving I don't want to die" but when we went to leave apparently where we came from to get to the camp there was a tall gate that was locked and keeping us in and I got mad and took the key from one of the advisors and unlocked the gate but ass soon as I unlocked it the old cabins door flew open and the gate locked itself and then the advisors said she didn't want us to leave so I started freaking out along side some other people and I I kept trying to unlock the gate but then the key broke so everyone ran to the gate and we were trying to lift eachother up and over and then we brought the bus around and everyone got over safe but then as we tried helping the advisors over the women started walking out of the cabin, did her creepy scream face and flew out grabbed them and flew back in side and there's always someone that say we should go help them but I said "nope they're gone" let's go. So everyone piled into the bus and we were drivin away and we all thought we were safe but nope we drove through this tunnel and on the other side was the fucking gate to the camp site and it was fucking open and I said "well it was nice knowing you all I seriously think we are going to die" and then some kid got out of the bus and everyone was screaming at him like wtf are you doing and he just kept walking like he looked like someone trying to kill thenselves like in that movie the happening. And we all just sat there in the bus screaming for him to come back as he waltzed right into that ghost ladies cabin and even though I was asleep, I swear I could feel my soul leave my body I was so scared. And then I woke up.. Lame ass dream I know but like wow wtf was that all about.

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Last night I went into a public library with a bunch of friends. All of the sudden, some other guys come up challenge us to a breakdance competition. One of the other guys had a huge boombox playing Can't Touch This by MC Hammer and we battled it out for a couple of hours IMD.

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I'm a large, powerful man. A green, bottom-torn cloak sits over my shoulders. I'm protected by a husky steel armor set. With a wooden staff I'm pushing myself upwards as I scale a massive mountain range. There's a terrible blizzard, the cold pierces through me, but at the same time the sun beats down on the snow like a flare of fire that does not burn out. While I continue my trek, the snow begins to glisten so brightly that the sight burns my eyes. I keep going, but I'm cut short of the peak and I fall to my knees. My eyes are on fire, lit by the severity of the sun's reflection off the snow. I see myself go up in flames and I burn amidst the snow.

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I dreamt lastnight I was holding a small baby for someone and dropped it down the drain by accident because it was slippery and then thought "fuck it" turned the garbage disposal on in the sink most likely killing it. Weird right? What could Thisbe mean?

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Accountant supermarket manager

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Last night I had a dream that someone came into my house and tried to murder me. I woke up genuinely scared. This man in my dream had a knife and a gun and I kept fighting him off but I would still hear his voice. I was really scared. I eventually grabbed the gun but he disappeared, gone yet still taking to me. Saying things like come out now and I'm not going to hurt you in a really creepy voice. This is the first time I've ever had this dream. I'm only 14.

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Last night I went out to some far out barn. Nathan had invited me because he felt bad for me. roby and Nathans family was there. Roby was very gay acting and did not like me being there. He lay in the room being. Mad I was very nice to him. Went out to the barn where two men tried to kill me for what felt like hours. Saw some ad of pageant queens. I got away for a minute in some woman’s car with her child in the back. We drove up to a police car with a dad and his sons in it but they were no help so kept going. I told her they will kill her. We ended up back at the barn I spent a lot of time on the high up wires trying to stay away from the guys below but they made it up.