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I've only just arrived

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Will I have to work shifts?

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I want to report a

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I have a recurring dream that I keep grabbing this ladys head out of the water but I never see her face and I scream at it then I wake up I have had the same dream 3 days and nights in a row

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I saw the end of the world in 3 dreams! each showing 3 stages of the apocalypse! if anyone would like to know more about it! just mention in the comments

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What's the current interest rate for personal loans?

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In tens, please (ten pound notes)

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perfect design thanks

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I like watching TV

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I’m walking inside very old building. The building is so old that one could see on the walls dark smoke stains of first fire which was stolen from Gods. I walked through two great dark Halls with tall ceilings and when I reached third one I met great-great-grandma from more than 7th generation, who was dressed in black. She gently held my hands and started turning me clockwise. Now I’m flying on her hands, she’s turning faster and faster during that she is transferring huge amount of invisible energy into my being, I’m getting excited and ecstatic.

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It's a bad line

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Where's the postbox?

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Could I have an application form?

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I dreamt I was on a bus coming back from town.When the bus stopped at the terminus outside my house I got off with my friend and on both the grass banks hundreds of children were playing with hoops,balls and balloons,as if they where celebrating something.I walked my friend towards the path in which she would walk home and hugged her goodbye,she gave an odd look over my shoulder and walked away.Once I turned around I knew what she thought was strange.In the sky the moon was so enlarged It looked like it was in someone's back garden,you could see every crater in great detail and beside it were to two other regular sized crescent moons.The children where still playing,celebrating as I turned and left for home.

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Will I get travelling expenses?

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Last night, to stop rampant chopping down of the trees, the entire earth had to be turned into chocolate. Someone I knew pressed the button, and I watched on a screen in outer space as the world slowly turned brown over a period of two days IMD

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How many more years do you have to go?

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I was made redundant two months ago

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This is the second night I've dreamed about this. It's about me visiting a stone castle that was turned into a school but now is just a museum ore visiting center and it's on a river or lake I can't remember. But this time, I brought my mom to see it and we finally got to see it cause of the long lines. We were also standing in line in the rain. After we saw the castle, all I remember, because i was starting to wake up, was me and my friend getting cut with a pen by a girl repeatedly in water. That is all I can remember, but I think it's safe to say that it was one of the best and weirdest dreams I've had. - If there were any misspelled words sorry because I'm tired.

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Do you like it here?

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Free medical insurance

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I'd like a phonecard, please

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What's the exchange rate for euros?

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It started out as sort of a claymation cartoon thing. They knew the world was about to end, but had just gotten dinosaurs to come back to life. For some reason all they cared about was keeping t rex. A mum called someone, and was begging for them to let her and her son live so that he could keep his pet t rex. Then the meteor hit, and everyone died. Cut to me in a house with my sister boyfriend and mum. Mum was in the kitchen for some reason, while me my boyfriend and sister were blocking the door sitting. We knew the meteor would hit any minute. For some reason we were all calm, at least seemed it. I was actually very calm, which is surprising because in real life i tend to be the oppisite. Anyway, i even cracked a few jokes about how pointless our lives were lol. Then, the lights everywhere cut. And i saw it, almost like a shooting star but it was coming toward us. I just said "welp, here it is" and laughed. I remember it took at least a minute to actually hit and the whole time i was thinking how it took forever. When it hit, i was shocked that we were alive, nothing happened. Just a boom and explosion a little in the distance and i thought we were clear, but we werent. Thats when i saw the dust cloud dome thing flying towards us. I knew that was it, and looked at them. It smashed in through the windows and stuff and for some reason it would only kill if you breathed it in. My mum and boyfriend have asthma, and somewhere in my head calculated that they wouldnt hold their breath cuz of it and they died right away. Just me and my sister, and we nodded at eachother and breathed in. Instantly, it was gta sound when you die, and everything gained a golden yellow tone. Except my sister, who turned grey. And my feet hurt. Like the most intense pins and needles ever but i didnt care. Eventually i was in this computer web looking thing, and staring at a screen. It read the words out loud, dispite me being able to read them. It said "she was the last child" and showed a picture of me. I told it no, as my sister is younger than me, and theres tons of kids in the family younger than me. Thays not counting the kids all around the world who are younger than me. But then it showed their eyes, everyone who was younger than me. They all had this robot looking triangle in them, which i knew made them not human. I literally just said "oh..well fuck me then". I fell backwards for a few minutes, and then woke up. It didnt scare me until after im awake, but i feel like it should put it in the scary section...

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So in real life I have a guy best friend(Michael). I am not attracted to him at all. I love him like a brother. I met his nephew(Jon) about a year and a half ago. I grew a crush on him quickly and as soon as I knew it we've been messing around for the longest in secret. I never said a word to Michael about it and I suppose the guilt had been getting to me. Recently I dreamt of sitting between the two on the couch but i was leaning on my best friend's shoulder and my left hand was secretly intertwined with Jon's hand. Then I wake up.