Posted on: 2013-11-03 by Maddy5818

My vivid dream I am chosen for a top secret experiment. There I a laboratory with a high, light-blue ceiling and four walls of the same color. I notice that there is a large, caged in, metal fan near the ceiling of one wall which moves slowly, but surely around its center. As I walk into the large room I am followed by two adults. The first person is a man with thinning, sandy blond hair and wrinkles on his forehead and by his eyes. He wears a robe the same color as the room, making camouflage to the surroundings. The second adult is a woman. She appears young and cheerful with a face full of freckles and a braid of brown hair down her back. She, too, wears a room colored robe to make herself less noticeable. I sit on one of the tables near a window under the fan which supplies a bright white light to the room, making whatever is outside the window a mystery. The woman produces a needle. Not like the kind you receive the flu shot with, but instead, a hypospray vaccination from Star Trek. She gives me the injection on my left shoulder and as I look at her, taking away the needle, I notice that she has also produced a medical mask which was not on her before. I black out. When I awake, still in my dream, I am in a wide field of dead and dying grass. I am not entirely sure why I am there so I walk out of the field and find my way to my street. As I get to the corner of my street I get excited that I am near my home and I start to sprint. It is only after a few seconds that I reach my house. I stop to think that what I had just done was not normal. I decide to try running again; this time, up my street and back to the corner. Again, I arrive in seconds and I begin to think that the injection given to me were making me fast. I continue to run for a while, only up and down my street, so as to not attract unnecessary attention. As I run back to my house there is man waiting at my front porch who wears a black, long-sleeved sweatshirt and baggy, grey cargos. I sit down with him because he tells me to do so. He warns me that have been given the first of three injections which have unpredictable reactions to the other injections. He continues to inform me about the experiment by telling me that the people in the laboratory, along with others will try to give me the other two injections. The first injection, which i had already discovered, makes the subject fast. The second injection is to make the subject strong and the third is to give the subject great intelligence. These, I think to myself seem like the injections given to captain America, excluding the intelligence. The man says that the first and third injections react the most when put into the same subject. It is likely that I could explode or die or both, he says. This idea scares me so I run into my house and jump into the covers of my bed. I black out again. When I wake up I am back at the laboratory in the same spot I had been when I was given the first injection. Everything seemed exactly the same. Same people, Same place and the room is unchanged. Like last time, the woman holds her hypospray vaccination up and gives me the injection. Black out. When I wake up I am in the field again. This time I walk to a city and try to lift up heavy objects (I don't remember what) but nothing happens. I figure that the second injection was ineffective and I walk around for a bit. Black out. Again, I awake in the lab. This time though, I know that me being there is not safe so I jump as high as I can from the table which I always awake on to an ill-placed shelf near the ceiling which was not there before. I curl myself into fetal position on the shelf while the two adults try to jump after me but fail. I close my eyes tightly. I wake up.

Posted on: 2015-03-14 by Kimvinliu

It all started at school, all of a sudden I saw my old crush trying to chase me. I didn't know how he got inside because my High school is all girls. I discovered a name tag on my back just like the Korean show Running Man did. Name Tag Elimination. As I was running down the halls I saw my friend Emily. When I said," Help me!" I was ultimately ignored. She kept on walking down the hall with her group of friends. Later I discovered the Jail cell where you get put after elimination. I found my other friend Karolyn, and found out she had a name tag as well. After this was done, my mind went 2 hours later. So now I'm at the schools parking lot and see my teacher Ms.Howard. She had black hair and a suit making her seem scary like a witch. She was with somebody that had blond hair that I've never seen before. I see my dad's motorcycle, but no dad. The blond lady tried to steal it, but I found out I was the only one who could power the motorcycle. The brand was called blood-line. They said they were going to bring me home so I went in the car. Later I see a woman and man that are my mom and dad, but completely different from the my real mom and dad. My mom asked,"Did you remember to pick Kimberly up?" And he responded with," Don't worry honey, I already I did." Even though he didn't. So he went to pick me up, but I wasn't there I was one my way home. Then I woke up.

Posted on: 2016-04-23 by Guest

I was at my school, and the only place I can go are the hallways and library, but everything has been moved around. I also have small blue bat wings, and I'm flying with ease, yet still have the feeling of being on a roller coaster. The sixth grade,(I was in 5th for the dream), is leaving on a field trip, but the two buses go in different directions. I know one of the buses is in danger, so I go get the help of a bully,(that doesn't exist), and that's where my dream stops.

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A jiffy bag

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In my dream, I am completely nude in a room full of people. It is some kind of presentation, like a business presentation. Nobody else is naked. I am sitting at a table while the speaker talks at the podium. I have a very hard erection and it really hurts. Nobody seems to notice that I am nude or that I have an erection. When the speaker is done, we all get up to go out of the room to lunch. I walk naked in the middle of everyone. My erection is really hurting but still nobody notices my nudity. We all go out of the building onto the sidewalk. I walk down the sidewalk with everyone and go into a place to eat...then I wake up. I have had this dream several times. Every time I wake up from it, I have a very hard erection and have to pee.

Posted on: 2015-05-01 by Guest

Have you read any good books lately?

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What's the interest rate on this account?

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I was in the gym of my school with a bunch of my friends. then a doctor walked in and told one of the friends that he had cancer. he ran into a bathroom stall crying and I followed him and tried to comfort him by telling him I loved him but he said that he couldn't understand me and that I wasn't speaking English. I started crying, and then I woke up.

Posted on: 2013-10-03 by OposumOfAwesome

So i was in a mansion ,A dream mansion so its basically never ending, and people started to flood in but the only people i knew or at least remember was a girl i use to have a crush on and her family. and kinda felt like a reading of the will kinda thing but the the "butler" of the house came in and he was well... a big daddy from bioshock which ive never played. then the dream lead off to another part of the house were my old crushes mom was asking me if i was going to ask her daughter out. Next thing I know im in a parking garage wearing a tux and I see my old crush in a beautiful blue dress O ya and somehow i was in a corvette. unfortunately i dont think i dreamt the actual date happening and nothing really happen after that. I mainly wondering if this means i still have feelings for her. Ever since i had the dream ive been feeling kinda depressed too. and just to clarify we are both in high school.

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I'm not sure

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I had a dream that my girlfriend was eating nonstop to immobile

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I dreamt I was split up with my husband but we still lived in the same house. We had roommates? I am not sure how I met this one man but it was instant attraction, we instantly had to be near each other. We made it no so obvious at first, just sitting by each other, leaning on one another or just holding hands. But it became to much, we had an emotional bond, a serious desire to be together it couldnt be hidden anymore. We would sneak away to kiss and share our dreams, he wanted to start a band and I wanted to write. An actual dream I have in waking life. He was not someone I would attract myself to in waking life, he had black hair that he had cut into a 90's style of not short but not long shaved in the back, almost like a punk rocker type clothing style. I saw his face, I knew it yet I have never seen this man before in my life, he is unrecognizable in waking life yet I knew him very well in the dream. We were madly in love, he was everything I need in a man and I FELT the love I had for him. I felt every kiss like it was real, I felt evey touch every emotion as though it were REALLY REAL. We made plans to make love for the first time at my home in my room, we kissed passionatly and he seductively removed my shirt exsposing my breasts to which he began kissing those too. We began to make love and I was so aroused by his girth and length and how it was hard and standing up, something my husband does not have and I orgasmed in the dream and I FELT it like it really happened. My husband came around the corner in the dream, in the dream we are split up but still living together and he gets mad because he says we are laying on his sheets. I explain that they are mine and he just has an angry look on his face and walks away, ruining my lovers erection. I explained to my lover it would get better once I moved out and to be patient and we just kissed and held one another. I then went to find my husband because I was angry and he just gave me 37$ exactly and told me to give it to my lover, his exact words were "he cant live here for free give this to your man" and he walked off. I was confused because it made no since. I gave it to my lover who became angry then he said he would put it towards my getting out of there bill. I then made everyone in the house fish and tater tots. My lover was by my side the whole time, he was holding me from behind while i cooked and nibbling on my neck and ears and smiling and laughing and joking with me. Then I woke up because I had to get my daughter ready for school, I cried this morning because it all felt so real and I wanted to go back. That is my dream.

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I'm doing a phd in chemistry

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I'd like to take the job

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My dream involved me and my husband. We got in into the elevator which I think was in a hotel. We got in the lift and were supposed to go to a particular floor. I can't remember which one. I decided we should go to the top floor in the building so I number 6. This was where the directors office was and I knew we weren't supposed to go there. We went straight up without encountering any problems and stopped at floor number 6. When we got out we encountered a library. It was fun lighting but full of books and as we turned the corner I saw a man with a long beard sitting at a desk. He faced away from us but he was aware of our presence. I suddenly realised we weren't supposed to be there and turned to leave but the man said "Those who are brave enough to come here deserve to read the professors books". After this I don't remember anything. What could it mean?

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Special Delivery

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I've always had dreams of tornadoes since I was little. There's usually more than one tornado at a time. For some reason, i'll turn around to see the tornado and the tornado will appear to me as a person, but strikes fear in me and everyone else like a tornado. I don't understand why this happen.

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This is your employment contract

Posted on: 2017-09-30 by Guest

There was a bare field I was walking across with my brother. It was like the movie, Twister. As I was walking, the clouds turned dark and a tornado showed itself. The tornado sirens blared, then. I ran inside a house with my brother. I ran inside a bathroom. It was then that I realized I was naked and wrapped a towel around myself. Then the house crumbled and there was a black hole. I almost fell in but my brother caught my arm. Then I walked outside. I crossed the street, but I was hit by a car. I was under the car while my family looked at me. Cut back to my tornado dream, and I walked outside. My mother, brother, sister and I were there. But my father was not.

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Accountant supermarket manager

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On another call

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*Every day I wake up in the morning and fall back asleep. In a dream about something random to then be put into a scary nightmare (kinda).* I was in the back seat next to my sister, both parents in the front driving. I heard a very loud trumpet/yell noise, and saw what seemed to be a dragon from where I was, in the sky, but what turned out to be Jesus looking like he was santa on a slay with deer in front of him. *I've been trying to turn to God every day, trying to be born again and increasing my faith. I know the way to heaven, and once I am saved I am going to share it with my family.* So I tried to when I realized what was going on. It was the day Jesus was returning. I yelled at my family, to tell them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and believe God resurrected him on the third day. As soon as I tried to say this, my ears and voice disappeared. They couldn't hear me, and I couldn't hear anything. Since I thought Jesus was doing this to me, because no one will be saved right before he comes (possibly) I used charades, and they were getting the first few words because I could only hear them say those words and nothing else. But what came after those words scared me to death. I saw a giant hand, looking as if it was made of smoke, but people were flying into it in the air, it looked like it was going to smack down on the ground, as if it were going to kill the people in the hand, or using them as a weapon. I didn't know if the righteous would go and make up the hand, or the unrighteous. I saw it out the window and paused for a moment, dad still driving straight on the highway, and no sound going into my ears. I was pulled from the car, and sucked into the hand. *End, really happened after days of praying to God to give me a sign of what would happen in the end times. Not saying this is going to happen, just I believe I received something from him.*

Posted on: 2015-04-27 by Guest

Do you know the address?