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Once I had a really weird dream. I had a strange ability. when i saw something, and I turned around and looked back to the something it would disappear. It happened repeatedly until I was left with nothing but white.

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I had a dream where i was in some kind of place and we were walking behind some old lady and everyone was saying that the place was like a prison so when we got there, there was metal wonky floors, blue and red and we walked into a room not even it was like rock or something but there was a step and a bar my friend chantelle climbed up then when i went to climb up i just started crying saying my life is so hard and there was a teacher there she lifted me down and says everything is going to be okay and my maths teacher was standing there staring feeling sorry for me-----but now everytime im in school my maths teacher stars at me and the other teacher i dont even know her but she had black hair and she was really pretty well see her we had her for a sub in english she scared the shit out of me like she was in my dream and now shes in my school never had such a dream in my life!------------

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Okay so, we've been dating for almost 3 years, we'd be identified as a "Lesbian couple" but I'd like to think of it as just a couple, myself being transgender. We've had a lot of difficulties in our relationship none of which we haven't been able to overcome, you could say we are both whipped for one another but putting that aside our relationship is...exactly what I want also I know our relationship isn't as long as you'd expect but I know that our relationship is a lot more mature than others so no judging. So, in our early relationship I use to have dreams where most of them was of her flirting with other guys, some of the dreams she'd leave me and one ended up sexual. In total at the moment I'd say I've had over 10 of these dreams and I know dreams are dreams but if you have them often, doesn't that mean something? Anyway, my most frequent dream was this morning, woke up crying again... We had just finished our date and decided to take a stroll near the lake, at this point the sun was brighter than ever, clear skies, blue water, birds chirping, the grass green as ever and then there was this guy near the end of the path. He had walked over to her,telling her how beautiful she was that I could agree on. Then pulled out his phone to ask for her number throughout all of this she had the biggest smile on her face, I tried pulling her away but she wasn't having that so I let go of her hand. When she turned around he took a picture of her claiming that the picture would be attached with her contacts so he knew what she looked like, she accepted and asked to take a picture with him as well. After they took the picture, we walked off but not without her turning back round to get another glimpse of him, him doing the same as well by then I had woken up already crying. So why do think I have these dreams?

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I had a dream of a girl with a mask. She got captured by an organization to be a prostitute and got pregnant with a baby. Time passes by for so long that when some man hells me save her, the girl with the mask is older and faceless so she only has her body. The place she was in felt like it had long stiarways and hallways to get to each room with gaurds everywhere. I then kill the girl thinking it would end the suffering and offer her body parts to a gaird, as soon as he says ok i stab him in the stomach but he cought it barely so i hit the end of the knife until it peorces him. Then i take it out and cut his head clean. That was the last gaurd. My friend then does a prank and then cuts my head like a peeled orange but im still alive somehow and laugh about it. I then go home somewhere and after i leave i forget about the masked girl’s baby. As it turns out her baby grew up to look exactly like her mother and then become a fortuneteller with a wierd mean looking sphere/glass ball.

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I had another dream of that island. The one where it is in the olden days of rifles, farming and fishing villages, castles, and mysteries. Every time I have these dreams it’s the same thing. I meet a Zora boy, a half-man half-mermaid, who shows me the mystical silver temple in the distance. One you can see miles off the coast, with waves crashing into the shinning silver stones protruding the ocean sea creating a shimmering mist in the rays of the sun, that no one seems to talk about save for one individual. The boy points to the temple and beckons me to go there myself. Before were done interacting, a local shoots at the boy before he runs into the waves and disappears forever. I also notice that the tide lines in the rocks of the island I stand on seem to have the same silver shine as the place in the distance; I always ponder the connection. One point after these occurrences, I vicariously live through a guard who is protecting a gate somewhere on this island. Whilst protecting, two people, a man and a boy who are brothers, come and try to pass through the gate I’m protecting. They always back me into a corner and then into a small crevice only I can slightly hide in. They attempt to harm me every time; either with a sword, dagger, shears or anything along those lines, I usually cry for help. They conspire to find more creative ways to kill or mutilate me one way or another. Most times, once they start hurting me, my conscious observes through the eyes of another guard who catches the perpetrators attempting to kill this innocent guard. Sometimes the two people managed to cut the guards leg off, other times it is serious beating but it is always never fatal. But when the second guard comes, he kills the young boy either with a crossbow or a sword, each time is different. Together with other guards the older brother is apprehended and then imprisoned. This is where the guards proceed to dismember the man; they also keep him alive. Once his arms and legs are gone, he is left to rot in a cell with the images of his younger brother bleeding to death and the images of the torture master’s lifeless eyes as he coldly saws off his body parts. I get to the village and ask questions regard the silver temple. I Usually get blank stares or the locals shudder at the words of the temple, this concerns me. After I ask many people, I get directed to a certain man who is the only one who knows about this temple and is the only one who will talk to me. He tells me that it is impossible to get to the silver temple and I should not go there in the first place. I squeeze the information out of him through force most time before we’re on our way. I never remember the exact details of the journey to this temple, just that the boat ride crashes relentlessly back and fourth. Most times I eventually wake up after the journey, and evidence points to the conclusion that the boat must have crashed and I got knocked unconscious. The temple is cold and flooded with black water; nothing I would have imagined from the sights of the place from a distance which looked like a place made by the gods. I should have known from the reactions of the people back in the village, or the man who led me here; nevertheless, I was here, and it is scary as all hell. I’m at the top of a broken stairwell that leads into this darkened water but as I look closer into the depths below I see bodies. Half decayed, lifeless, blue tinged and putrid. As I try to swim, they all come alive, and they all come after me. They bite and tear at my flesh; I have no chance to get out of here alive. I start sinking, I am terrified. I hold my breath and struggle as they drag me to hell. But the moment I let go and ingest the black water my wounds are healed, the bite marks no longer pain me, and the undead stop trying to kill me. I become one of them. Why did the young Zora boy want me to come to this place? Did he know?

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(I had this dream when I was like 6-7) So I went to McDonalds Playhouse thingy and I was the only one playing in it, so I got to th top and on one of those rope climbing parts broke and the rest of the play thing dissapeered and there was lava. I fell in... Can someone tell me what this means?

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This design is wicked! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog well, almostHaHa! Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! abedbcgkdgbfkkbc

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part two of the Captain America Winter Solider Premiere dream: Then I hugged Samuel. Wow, I just hugged Nick Fury and Black Widow. I grabbed all three of their hands and pulled them over so we could take a picture together. After a few pictures, we separated and Chris walked up to me to kiss my head. Then it flashed white and we were in the room where we were going to watch the movie. The place was almost completely white expect for the rug. It looked like a ball room but whatever brain. Kinda like in the Princess Dairies, but larger. They started calling the cast to the in least importance to most. When they called us to walk down the stair and we went down the stairs. Being the person I am apparently, I started to act crazy, but in a funny way. I can't remember what I did but I remember Chris laughing so hard, it was so adorable. Then when I looked at him again while he was still laughing, I noticed a face I made, I've seen before in a picture. Everything started going white and I was starting to get upset knowing none of this was real. He noticed I was starting to get anxious and looked at me concerned. "Tony. Tony! Are you alright, sweetheart?" He asked me grabbing my arms and trying to look at me but I had my head down. I felt like a could barely breath, I was really sad none of this fun experience was real and he didn't really love me l, so I started to cry silently. My heart is bounding so hard white out and faint but I feel Chris catch me and yell 'Tony!' and a dramatic gasp from the crowd.

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Hi, I had a dream of a butcher cutting and holding up a huge piece of beef. There was no blood around it, but if was a large, raw piece of meat. What could it mean? Thanks

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Last night I was in New York City. I parked my truck in a garage, my friends appeared out of nowhere, all with their wives/gf's. We started walking to "the race" (apparently we signed up for a 5k?). On the way there, one of my friends and his wife were ambushed by an angry mob of people. We all keep walking. We finally get to the race and everyone, including myself, is in running attire. The sun is very bright and everyone's putting on suntan lotion, but when it gets to me the bottle is empty. I decide to go back to my truck since I know have more sunscreen in my trunk. I'm very good at navigating New York City in real life but I became so lost. Every turn I made just got me further and further away from the garage. I finally waved down a taxi and hopped in. The cab driver was driving extremely wreckless, playing loud music, and laughing. But I was calm in the backseat. The cab driver finally pulls over and I'm in front of a bar. I truth around to tell him it's the wrong place but the taxi vanished. I walk into the bar. The bar is very dim lit, dark, with the main bar all the way in the back surrounded by candles. Everyone drinking looks like a gypsy. I make my way to the bar and there's an unfamiliar face bartending; she was very attractive in a dark kind of way, not the type of woman I'm normally into. She pours me a beer. She then tells me how would I like to be a werewolf for the night. She opened her hand and it there was a bright neon green pill, it had an intense aura to it. I declined, I said I don't do that anymore. She said "well if then you're going to have to kill someone if you plan on leaving this bar alive." She handed me a machete and a gust of wind blew out all the candles making the bar go pitch black. I swung the machete and started running for the door. I'm suddenly in someone's apartment, I see them sleeping on the couch. I run out the front door only to find myself in a different apartment. This continued for about a dozen more times before finally finding the street. My truck was parked but when I got in the drivers seat I found myself in the backseat of my fathers car. I just wanted to go back to the race and see my friends. Didn't happen. IMD

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