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Could I have an application form? buy lovegra online in india Jennifer had told cops her 37-year-old husband of 13 years tossed out of the vehicle, causing her elbow and wrist injuries when she braced herself on the cobblestone. He then chucked her handbag at her head, she told cops.

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Last night I dreamt We were standing outside with my two friends looking up. I was trying to explain to my friends how God is good. They did did not believe in Jesus Christ, I was trying to convince them how could they not believe in God by the things they can see. At this time it was morning and we were looking at the moon. Then at that moment the moon started looking like a smooth liquid is ozing out of the surface and it change color to a brownish liquid. Am not very good with colors. Then the moon enlarged as if it was coming close to the earth. I told my friend to take out his phone and start recording. Then when the moon was almost very near to the earth, I thought it was going to crush into the earth. Something inside me told me this is it. This is the end that I always fear it would coming without me being ready. My friends were feaking out. I didn't know what to do. I told my friends to believe in Jesus Christ. Then almost suddenly something emerged from the moon. Its like it gave birth to something. It was the biggest star-like object I have ever seen. It looked very smooth and it looked like a very big glass in a shape of a star.It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen It moved to the sun very slowly. Then its like the earth was under the microscope and on the other side was the sun. Its like the star-like object wanted to burn the earth. The reason why I say that is because when we put a glass of a significant thickness under the sun and adjust the distance between the two(lens and object) it burns and fire imerges if its a paper. The star-like glass object was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. When it moved closer to the sun a very bright white light appeared at the bottom. Then almost immediately an eye appeared out of thin air. The eye was huge and its like it was looking at us. It was talking but I cant remember what it was saying. It wanted to give me or inject me with a liquid. I did not know what to do. It did not want anything to do my two friends, it just wanted me. So I ran into a nearby building. Inside the building I met up with a guy who was wearing a lab-coat. He couldn't catch his breath, "Its killing people", he said to me. Now I was really freaked out. I just kept on saying this can not be happening. I wasn't ready. Then I woke up. Thank God !!

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A year ago, I had a dream about a woman who called herself the queen of the gods. Does anyone know what it means? The dream was so long that it filled about five or six sheets of paper.

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Was kidnapped by 2 very nice guys. They were the bosses for a company and were very sorry I had to die later on. They let me go my house though and get my stuff, without supervision, and then I called the cops.when the cops arrested him,he was like, "No worries, its fine, this happens a lot. Lets stay in touch". It was weird.

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last night i hv seen so many small appu ghar's in india but there was a big appu ghar in new delhi that was removed from there at that time i hv a dream if our n our neighbourhood population is more than 200 crores than we can earn 100000% profit/income from my dream project wch is already 7-8 country's functioning but they hv no population if u hv minimum 100 crores to invest in this project u can make my dream is in reality n india hv first time that type of project hope u r ambitious to chk this project hope for the best future tks jugal

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Last night I had a rather disturbing dream. I'm a 17-year-old girl and go to high school. So in my dream I was in some kind of illegal business with my brother I felt guilty about it but then I made good money out of it. My fear is talking in front of a crowd so this particular day in school they had a group of people go up it was me and like 8 other people all facing the crowd. Then a teacher comes storming in saying that Im in an illegal business which I don't remember what it was but it was illegal. Then all of a sudden she tells the students to kill me so then they all take a revolver out and point at me except this boy from 7th period he started crying because he didn't want to end my life. They didn't end up killing me and I went to trial and sentenced me idk for how long. It was the month of May and I was schedule to start prison in August. The last thing I remember is being in the car crying, I woke up and I was actually crying IMD.

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Now before i start, the venom i will be talking about is from spiderman. Alright so here's how it starts from what i remember. In the day i am myself, I remember hanging out with certain people around my old neighbourhood(most of my dreams seemed to be linked to that place). For some reason i befriend an old enemy from school and we work together. Night time comes and we become almost super human, running down the streets at incredible speed, jumping with incredible power and distance. He has intention to steal, he wants to rob houses. I wasn't really ok with it but i followed him anyways. The thing is as we were running down these busy streets and causing mischief, the police must have found out about our wrong doing and started pursing us. We started running against traffic to get away from them, but my old enemy falls and almost gets hit by a car. I stop the car before it gets close, I don't know how i did it, it seems like i did it with my mind because i wasn't even close to it and it span out of control when i wanted it to and stopped before it could get close. My enemy or friend at this point, is hurt on the ground and can't move, so i drag him off the road where he can recover. Throughout all this, the cops still didn't catch up to us, my friend had time to recover and we started running and jumping down the streets, until we got downtown. It seemed the cops found us and ambushed us in some kind of plaza between buildings which consisted of stores and community centers. At this point it was very dark, it seemed to be past midnight. We tried to get away but failed over and over. Something in me was changing at this point and i could feel it but i could not tell what it was. I was losing hope... losing control... Then a man sided with the police shows up, that is not a cop but is helping them for some reason. When i look at him i can feel that his very essence is evil. He starts a fight with us, we aren't doing so well at this point and he seems to be super human like us. From here it's sort of a blank but the next thing i remember is getting so i angry i transform into something that consumes me, i become venom. I lose my ability to control my actions, and start raging about fighting anything that comes into my path. The next thing i remember is that i escape ontop of one of the buildings and at this point my mother shows up to try and calm me down, I do not listen however... The evil man, the "bastard" i should call him at this point because that's what i feel he is. The bastard kidnaps my mom and climbs up to the top of a construction tower. I am raged at this point, I get even stronger and grow so much angrier that I lose my mind. I shake the tower, I want to destroy it, I want to destroy him! I start climbing the tower (and if you have forgotten I am still enwrapped by the symbiote causing my transformation into venom.) I get to the top, shake the entire structure as it sways back and forth. I start clawing at him, I scream, I yell, I roar, I am a monster. I want him dead and as i go to attack him, well i black out. I wake up in some sort of hospital in a very dark room for patients. It seems i have been admitted. I feel the darkness, it lingers in the corners of the room, waiting... I notice there is a little girl which happens to be the one sharing the room with me. She seems sad, alone, scared. I feel bad for her and i want to help her but I don't know what to do. There is something different about her though, it's almost as if she isn't human. She appears human in everyway but for some reason my mind gets a glimpse of what she really is, a vision if you will. In my vision i see that on the inside she is a monster composed of brown tentacles in a humanoid form, but yet she seems harmless. The next thing i remember is a doctor coming into the room to medicate her, but she makes run for it out of the room, which was apparently locked the whole time. She runs down hallways into different doors which seem like a maze, hopelessly getting lost. She tries another door but before she opens it a doctor from the other side opens it first, he then restrains her. I follow some of the other patients from the hospital into a room sealed by bullet proof glass but with another room on the outside where you can watch what's going on on the inside. It was like we were an audiance watching something. I'm confused as to what's going on and there are a bunch of people around me yelling at the doctors inside the bullet proof glass, this room seemed like some kind of chamber. I felt like the doctors in the room are trying to put on some kind of show, they then arrange a bunch of handcuffed tied up patients in a circle, one of them being the little girl i tried to help earlier. I am shocked from what I'm seeing. I'm confused and afraid, I think to myself "WTF ARE THEY DOING TO THESE PEOPLE" and then... this device in the middle of the room sends out some kind of red pulse energy circle surrounding the room an

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In my dream last night, it all started at a zoo. With my friends Tim, Ellen, Mikey, and Shennon. I was looking at some strange animal and Tim came up to my and hugged me. Then he gave me a piggyback-ride and we started waling down this path. After he put me down I attempted to carry him but could only go a few feet because he’s taller and older than me… lol. Then we were at this place that looked like a giant ice skating rink, where we danced; but didn’t slip at all. Dan was there then too, and we all danced. Then something about a car, I think I was right up next to Tim in the car… Then something about Ariana at my house. The phone rang and I answered and some guy wanted to talk to her so I told him to say please, so he did. I called for Ariana but she didn’t come. Thhe guy didn’t say his name but said he liked me too. O__o There was more to it but…. Yeah. IMD

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I dont remember much of this, but I can say what I do. I remember going to this murky pool sorta thing when instinct made me jump in. The water was strong and my efforts in getting to the surface just made me spin in circles under the water. I would've drowned if I didnt have my two friends with me. Suddenly the pool is alot shallower, and I could walk in it, and I did. I go over to a corner of this small pond sized pool, and I turn arround to notice two girls, my age, tapping on their shoulders and seeing tiny hearts float up into the air. I turn back around an as I wonder how I didnt see them, another one comes up behind me, taps my shoulder, I turn around and I see little hearts just like before, float up into the air. As I walk to my house, amazed in how we didnt get wet or dirty from the water, we arrived at someone elses house, talked to the owner a bit, and left. I looked for my girl and one of the other ones said she went home because of something, I couldn't hear what the last bit was, we then arrive to my house. My house is pretty different on the inside, but somehow looked the same on the outside, I went to count the my group that somehow turned into like 24 people, I look in the driveway and I see alot more cars than when I saw earlier. Then my actual girlfriend shows up, she looked somewhat less attractive in my dream but all I could think about was why did the other girl, the most attractive one that chose me, leave? The one that chose me wore a black shirt, jeans (?), and was taller by a inch or two. My girlfriend's mom shows up and says im going to be late for something, we me and my gf hop in, my girlfriend meanwhile is giving me suspicious looks, like she knows about what happened earlier. We arrive at this science fair sorta setup. I cant remember much here but I did see the other two girls without my guy friends beckoning me over, as I walk over, I wake up. What was supposed to happen? Did I do something wrong? Am I not old enough to see this? (Im 13) and why did that girl leave? Info: my name is Jade, im a male 13 year old that doesnt have many friends my age in real life.

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A couple nights ago I had a dream I was in a dark place alone, I could hear my baby sister yelling and crying. I couldn't find her I yelled for help, but no one came she was cry louder then ever. I still couldn't find her I was stuck in this dark room. Finally she stopped I heard nothing, but a guy yelling in a accent I couldn't understand then I was in my house it was really hot and I could hardly breath my little sister was on the floor she was bleeding. I was going to run to her, but my legs wouldn't move I was stuck. A man then came he was wearing a mask and he grabbed my sister and ran. I still couldn't move I was yelling at him and telling him to bring her back he still didn't stop. Then I woke up..

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Had a dream I was on a basketball court with a lot of people, like some. If social gathering and for whatever reason some how will smith was there and something happened and put a gun to my head. I grabbed it out of his hands and aimed at him. Everyone got quiet and he got freaked out. And I was like "dude seriously I can't shoot you, you're will smith!" And everyone start laughing and cheering like it was the end of a movie. And through the crowd was tommy lee jones and he has this really warming smile on and nodded his head that someone was behind me and I turned around and it was this cute chick I know standing with her arms folded waiting for me to talk to her and I walked up and said "bond, James Bond" and leaned her back and kissed her.

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I had a dream that I went dress shopping with my mom and older sister and on the way back we decided to get some gas and also buy some fruits. The gas station was beside the grocery store which made it easier for us. My sister stayed in the car but my mom and I went in and I noticed a man filling up some big red container at the front while wearing a mask but I didn't think much of it. A while later he barged in and started spraying some kind of awful liquid into people's faces causing their skin to burn off within seconds. Everyone was screaming and escaping through any way they and so did we but he was particularly aiming for us. I felt parts of me body burn but my mom covered me. Police arrived then and took the liquids away from him but for some stupid reason he had enough time to confess to us and tell us why he did such things. To sum it up, he had known us for two years then and he knew every move that we had made and every place we had attended and this was his big plan. He was then put in a mental hospital and we were treated.