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I had a dream i was on a bus to go home after visiting some family. After the bus was moving everythibg was going smooth but then man didnt see the bus because it was coming so fast that he got hit and killed by the bus. All of us on the bus started yelling at the driver that he killed that guy and we were crying upset distraught and the driver didnt care and turned around and told us to stop telling him how to drive or we would regret it.. Shortly after that on both sides all over the roads bus route so many dead bloody bodies laying there on the left even a red car that had been slammed into a wall and a headless body outside of it and another mangled bodies arm hanging out.... Again everyone began panicking and the driver began laughing...inside myself i was horrified but i left my expression emotionless so i wouldnt look suspicious to the driver as i was trying to send a message for help to my family and telling them i was on bus 209 and that they were going to kill us all on board. It took a while to send it and in the time i was trying to send it a few men scagtered throughout the bus as well as the driver began walking about the bus.. Picking a choosing certain randon people to kill... Some they tortured before hand some they killed brutally and others theyd simply stab them or shoot them. . the bus was out of control on a highway at this point.. So as many of us aboard the bus shifted our weight to sides of the bus to direct/steer it as best we could. Next thing i recall was the bus was at a dead stop and a bunch of police barricaded the bus and a news anchor came aboard and one of the men in front of me had the ability to control their thoughts beliefs and understandings. And i stood up to him and told the news anchor everything over and over again until she snapped out of his spell and horrified she jumped off yhe bus and left. At this point we were all off the bus.. The good people and the evil people and there happened to be a building everyone posted up in and around .. I tried sneaking away from the evil guys posted up outside and happened to find my way to the bavk of the building where 3 sweet happy women were laying there enjoying music in the distance and the stars in the sky.. They smiled and looked at me and told me they were wondering how long it would take me to get back there to them. I told them i was afraid i told them everything and told them they coule come around the corner any minute and kill us. They just smiled and grabbed my hand and told me they cant hurt you especially when i was there with them they stood up and asked me.. Do you know how?? I didnt know what exactly she meant then they begN flying 2 on the left of me 1 on the right of me.. Guuding me through the air passing windows of happy families..beautiful apartments homes and uo into the sky and after struggling for a minute it was like the flying became normal and nature to me... Next thing i knew and realized we were all doves flying together through the air.. And i was happy and felt safe and free gentle open loved and pure all at the same time then i woke up

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I was at home and had just come to terms with leaving my cat Asher with my neighbours when I moved house 2 years ago. I remember being at home in the lounge room and looking at a grey and white cat asleep on the couch, he almost looked the same as my cat but we had replaced him. His name was also Asher. I reached down and stroked him and said “I really wish you were Asher” I then called my neighbour and explained that shortly after moving to my new place I was allow to have a cat and wanted him back. I travelled in my car to visit my old neighbour , I pulled up at the complex it was night time now and it looked different. I knocked on my neighbours door and she answered the door her partner stood behind her looking bothered by my presence. I asked about Asher and told her I was here to take him home. She told me she found a home for him, they made me feel like I abandoned him. I didn’t want to leave him I didn’t want to give him away but my neighbour told me he was with a nice family now but I could try and ask for him back. I could see she thought I was selfish it was in her eyes. I wanted him back so bad a drove to this families house. His new owner was a dentist, very clean and well presented with a beautiful big home and a few children. She wasn’t happy I was there, I felt like I had rights and they for some reason had no rights to tell me I couldn’t take him. The whole family was distressed as she lead me outside to the backyard. It was beautiful with palm trees all around and beautiful green grass. I looked up to the tree and the sun beamed gloriously through the trees. I saw Asher as friendly and beautiful as I remember him climbing down to greet me. He looked like the 6month old kitten version we adopted though he had more white on his face. I asked the woman for him back and begged her till she said “just go” - (take him) the whole family hated me I could see it in their eyes, but I had my cat. I thought about my other cat Asher and how he wasn’t the real Asher. The woman doubted I could care for Asher properly and financially and said he needed “proper care” I brushed it off and walked to their garage and hopped in their big Nissan patrol type car. I held Asher on my lap. As her husband drove me back home (mind you I drove there myself and have a car) there was no conversation he looked cold. Asher jumped out of the car window. He quickly pulled over so I could get him from the side of the road. I picked him up and realised he was now older large and heavy “we told you he needed extra attention” he snapped at me. I thought they had him for 2 years but realised they had him for 10. I told him about the cat at home and I had to decide what to do, obviously I would keep the real Asher but I’m my dream I was very stressed which one I should keep. The dream ended. I rent and when I moved to where I am a friend took him for a few months, I prayed every night to have him back and eventually it paid off. The landlord agreed for us to have him and we got him back. This happened a long time ago now as he is 10 years old and happy and healthy but I’m very close to my cat and love him dearly.

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I was made redundant two months ago

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So what is you opinion on this weird lucid dreaming thing i can do. So in my previous dreams I can get out of it, freeze my view, and then drag a little computer cursor to an X at the top of my vision. But Last night, I was able to "left click" and press close program, but that didnt work, but I was able to open a "creators box" IMD and create a person, an animal, or an object. I dont know. So i made a person and spawned it.

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Whereabouts are you from?

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Gloomy tales

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I met someone I did not know at all

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Where do you come from?

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A year ago, I had a dream about a woman who called herself the queen of the gods. Does anyone know what it means? The dream was so long that it filled about five or six sheets of paper.

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Last night I had a dream. It was about I cant really confirm though, I saw obama telling the people that I will show you underground or we live underground and he say thats where all the missing people are and chosen to work there. Of course it can be fake dream or something but it make me wonder if the future 10% will live and be enslave there or not enslave

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I'm from England

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Last night I saw a beautiful pond filled with lovely creatures, such as fish, hippos and so on. Then suddenly the pond turns into blood and all the living creatures died IMD

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Last night I had a dream about a mall, one I had never seen before. It was strange IMD

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I woke up in the bedroom of my old house. The layout of my room was all in the right place such as the window on the left side of my bed and the view of my door at the front right side of the room. The first thing that came to my mind when I "woke-up" in my dream was the uncertainty of if I was really awake. At first I thought I was lucid but when I tried to make something happen with my own will power nothing happened which lead me to believe I wasn't dreaming even though I was. Although my room looked the same as the one in real life, when I looked out the window it was much different. My house is a one story building but what I saw outside was a view looking over a vast distance. In the far distance I could see many small apartment buildings about half the size of the building I was in. Beyond that there was a huge body of water and behind that was a metropolitan area (similar to New York City or Hong Kong). In the dream however it didn't seem illogical that the landscape has changed so much. A few moments after looking out the window I began to see the body of water form into a gigantic tidal wave and was headed towards my building. The tidal wave begins to come closer engulfing and crashing into the smaller apartment buildings in front of me. It was a scary sight but not too the point of terror as which I would imagine it to be like in real life. The tidal wave calmed down and luckily it didn't reach my building floor. I looked out into the distance again and saw another tidal wave forming. It repeated the events that happened a little earlier where at the end the wave didn't reach my floor. After a couple of waves however I realized it was actually getting higher and higher every time. I do not know why I didn't react right away after the first wave but when I realized the wave was getting higher than the previous, I immediately thought that I had to get my family and I to safety before it was too late. I gathered my family and told them to quickly collect only essential things and that we had to drive far away from our house before the wave gets big enough to engulf us. What happened next seemed almost foolish and illogical as I saw my family cooking noodles to eat. The sight of this angered me because I was worried about getting everyone to safety before it was too late. I started to yell at my mom that we don't have time to cook/eat noodles. At this moment my "younger brother" came to me in a panicky manner saying there someone at the door. This part is really strange to me because I'm a single child in real life but in the dream I didn't feel that anything was wrong. It almost felt natural and the thought of questioning why I knew he was my brother did not even pass my mind in a single bit. Continuing with my dream, I responded to my brother's words and proceeded to the main door. Once I got there I peeked through the side window next to the main door and saw a family outside. The family consisted of 1 or 2 kids, a woman, and a man who was knocking at my door. I opened my door slightly and the man in a worried/panicked expression was pleading for him and his family to seek shelter in my house. I turned my face away not knowing what to do but I didn't close the door. I then had a feeling that I wanted to let them in but first I proceeded to talk with my family about this situation but before I could get there I woke up. I never write anything about my dreams even vivid ones but this one felt really real in terms of emotions and my though process in it. (If I was a good artist I would draw what I dreamed but my level of stick figure drawings won’t do the dream justice. I also don’t know if what I wrote makes sense but thanks for reading my dream.)

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A few months ago I had a dream that I was sitting in the computer lab at my school and one of the office workers came over the loud speaker saying that it was time for a teacher’s wedding and that all staff and students must report to the courtyard. I went out to my school’s courtyard and a teacher (I believe it was my science teacher) was standing in the middle of the courtyard in a wedding dress. I remember all the students gave her gifts, I gave her a small heart shaped trinket box (I have it in waking life) She told her other students and I that she got married at the beginning of the school year and her last name changed (This happened in waking life) What does this dream mean?

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I had a dream where no one who uses this site could spell. Oh, wait, never mind. That was in real life.

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