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Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you're working daakdggcddeeacfk

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I hate shopping

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We'd like to offer you the job

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I live here

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I've been cut off

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How long are you planning to stay here?

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I'm not working at the moment

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So my dream, So it happened when I was around 7 years old.... and I’m currently 13..... I think it was trying to tell me something though. Anyways let’s get right to the dream. So I was in my house, it’s a 3 story house with a little garden and we had a storage room outside... and above the roof of the storage room there was people camping... and I recognized one of em but like I never met them before or anything. When I dream I can’t hear anything because I’m a like just a little deaf like 12% out of 100%, Anyways... I was going down the stairs that’s in the middle of the living room which is actually not there... Anyways I go up there and just sit there looking at the fire. Then all of the sudden a dragon comes and then everything goes black. Then I find myself with my sister and she had the landline, she was trying to call mom... and I was helping her call mom but the phone like got shocked or something and made a portal. The portal lead to the plague doctor which is in her kindergarten for some reason... and I just didn’t react I just stood there and watched her getting dragged by the portal. Once she got in. The portal closed, and I just walk away..... then again everything goes black and I find myself in the street with people that was in the roof.... and it seemed like we were talking. And all of the sudden a person that looks like a villain comes and tries to kill us. And I somehow fly and I try to stop that person but he just won’t stop.... then all of the sudden the dragon comes and kills the person.... then everything went black again. I wake up and go to my parents and tell them that I had a nightmare then they go tuck me back to bed. Then I had a dream again I saw planet earth. And Illuminati.... it showed me a broken door and all my dreams were black and white. And there was something behind the broken door... I went inside and I found the plague doctor but my sister wasn’t there.

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Will I have to work shifts?

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An accountancy practice

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What do you like doing in your spare time?

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A First Class stamp

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I dreamt that my brother is pulling my left upper back teeth it it came off the place was empty. It didnt hurt but i was sad that he took it off . Anyone know what is the role of my brother in my dream?and what does this dream mean .i feel curious about it . Thanks :)

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Me and a group of friends were on a camping trip at some weird place that looked like we were enclosed by tall mountains/ cliffs or whatever and the place we were at was beautiful and there were cabins lined up side by side and so on but our camp advisors said that no one could go into one of the cabins that was bigger than the rest and it looked older than the rest and worn down and for some reason no one asked why but strange things started happening like some people started going missing and all the beautiful plants and flowers started dying and it was all just really weird. And what señor like the next day me and my friend went looking around to see if we could find the missing kids and find explanations as if we were in lost or something thinking it was ok to just wonder off. But then we went by the cabin that no one was aloud to go in or basically touch, and came to find out that there were vines and bushes and other plants surrounding the back of it but the cabin didn't have a back. It was like merged into the mountain or cliff or whatever and we just thought that was really weird and like the idiots we were we went to the front and we're going to go in but before that I looked through one of the windows and it was all black but then a sudden face appeared that had the features of a women but then she screamed and she looked hella creepy with all her hair flying everywhere her eyes where all black her mouth was abnormally large and open and she was really scary and my character in my dream screamed so loud and I backed up and fell off the porch everyone got scared and ran to me and all the sudden what sempt like day turned into night and everyone was asking what was going on, why did it all of the sudden turn to night, and why did I scream. I told them about the women I saw and our teacher that took us on this trip was trying to calm me down and say that I was staring into darkness and my imagination got the best of me. But for real I have never been so scared in my life even after waking up that women's face is just imbedded in my brain and I can not forget her face I am freaking out. Anyway, back to the dream. I was telling everyone what I saw was real some people believed me, some people didn't (fucking ass holes). But anyway, I showed them the back of the cabin and how I thought the rest of it went into the mountain and then everyone thought that was weird too and so we asked the camp advisors why it was like that and why we weren't aloud in there and they started telling us a story about how a women lived there before the camp was made and she died a horrible death and whatever. So then me and a few friend were like "welp, bye, we're leaving I don't want to die" but when we went to leave apparently where we came from to get to the camp there was a tall gate that was locked and keeping us in and I got mad and took the key from one of the advisors and unlocked the gate but ass soon as I unlocked it the old cabins door flew open and the gate locked itself and then the advisors said she didn't want us to leave so I started freaking out along side some other people and I I kept trying to unlock the gate but then the key broke so everyone ran to the gate and we were trying to lift eachother up and over and then we brought the bus around and everyone got over safe but then as we tried helping the advisors over the women started walking out of the cabin, did her creepy scream face and flew out grabbed them and flew back in side and there's always someone that say we should go help them but I said "nope they're gone" let's go. So everyone piled into the bus and we were drivin away and we all thought we were safe but nope we drove through this tunnel and on the other side was the fucking gate to the camp site and it was fucking open and I said "well it was nice knowing you all I seriously think we are going to die" and then some kid got out of the bus and everyone was screaming at him like wtf are you doing and he just kept walking like he looked like someone trying to kill thenselves like in that movie the happening. And we all just sat there in the bus screaming for him to come back as he waltzed right into that ghost ladies cabin and even though I was asleep, I swear I could feel my soul leave my body I was so scared. And then I woke up.. Lame ass dream I know but like wow wtf was that all about.

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We work together

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Hello, I'd like someone's input about this particular (lucid) dream I had today. I'm feeling very distraught about it, because it felt all too real. In the dream, I was in bed, paralyzed. I felt immense fear, trying with all my might to move. I look over to the side of my bed and see a dark, shadowy figure. For some reason I asked it "Are you mad at me?", and it replied "Yes." That was when the real terror set in. For some reason I managed to run out of my bed, tripping and falling onto the floor. I remember running down a flight of stairs clumsily, in a house I didn't recognize. I was just in this mindless state of fear, running for my life. I don't know what this dark, shadowy figure could symbolize... Or why I asked it (telepathically) "Are you mad at me?", and I don't know what I could've done to anger it... and it answered back "Yes" telepathically. I'm not quite sure what this dream could mean... I'm starting to question my sanity. IMD

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What company are you calling from?

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An accountancy practice

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IMD I was at my house but it wasnt my house, make sense? Anyways there was this old chair(we as in my friend) we moved the chair after that we lifted up the carpet and there was this small square door in the floor, we thought about going down there to see what it looked like but there was a lot of cob webs and we didnt have a flash light so we went our own ways to try and find a flash light I looked for hours but i couldn't seem to find one well then I couldnt find my friend and then I seen the hatch was open and i knew he went down there but he wasnt in the room below the hatch he was in a different room under the kitchen and we heard him screaming for help (I seen both perspectives) On his side it was dark and there was walls he could walk through. It was like a huge underground military base. We Finally got down there and I was looking for him going up ladders down stairs holes and through walls. Everything was really dark but I wasnt too scared until I found a pitch black room I went in the room and a bunch of bats flew at me. It scared me so much I woke up

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Previous night i was in a small airport with a Chinese guy and a Indian guy. We bought some food from airport, in order to have the food we had to stand in a queue and get tokens. Then the token guy gave us food in a lid. Which i use in my home. I didn't wanted to eat it..but i had to so I laughed at Indian and then ate it. Chinese guy was so mean. Then we went to water we were on expedition. heavy rain forest i guess.then. i saw a large park. twice the size of central park and there was this huge giant wheel.. like sky high. baloons were falling from sky. people were riding it. I was like alice in wonderland lol

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I had a dream last night that I was in a building and there was a little remote control truck speeding around the floors and I was admiring how awesome it looked. I was looking for the person who was controlling because I wanted to ask some questions about the truck. Next thing I saw was thing on wheels it came speeding around a corner. It was a guy, he didn't have a body it was just his head on little wheels and he was wearing a little face shield.

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I've got a part-time job

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Stolen credit card

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What qualifications have you got?

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Will I get paid for overtime?