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On another call

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Insert your card

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How many are there in a book?

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What's the interest rate on this account?

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I saw in my dream an blue angel with wings and een golden globe above her head i was sitting on the other side off the table an book with black writting text was shown to me i heard an inner voice but i do not remeber what it said.

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Could I order a new chequebook, please?

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I came here to study

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Recently I woke up horribly after a terrible dream occurred. It started off strangely as this scene was a familiar set for family guy. Stewie beats up Brian (which may be because I saw family guy earlier that day) but then Louis comes in screaming and the first part of the dream ends there. I return to my normal rem sleep, but then I dreamt I was in a lit house of some kind, but my dream was light. The slightest thought of waking up would make my eyes heavy. In that instant my lower portion of my body started to shift and crawl. I am skinny for a 13year old, and this may be why I experienced that instant. As my skin crawled my ears rang screams. I approached the entranced to another room. There it was dark and i reached for the light switch, but when I turned it on, a similar terrifying orchestra of violins played like in a horror movie, and lying there was a, horrible deformed figure that was black and had a trunk like neck cut off. It was also bleeding bright red blood. In the background I saw a strange figure with 2 big eyes staring into my soul. I woke up screaming, as anyone would. I've been awake since 4am, it's 6am now. Even when I think of that moment, tears pop up. It's disturbing and just plain horrible! This actually happened. Luckily it was just a dream.

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Could you tell me my balance, please?

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Last night, I had a dream that I had a little Native American baby. I even had one of those backpack type baby carriers that I brought her everywhere in. Everyone gave me weird looks. Even though she was a baby, she had long black braids. She was wearing animal skin clothes that you would imagine Native Americans wearing IMD.

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I've dreamed about this before. Last night I dreamed about the same subject but it was advanced forward. It played out like a story. I'm going to write both of them in two different sections. First time dreaming: It's a prison on the water. There are giant black air crafts and cameras watching your every move. There are tons and tons of prisoners there; mostly teenagers. I was one of them. We are all divided up and have our own barracks or cells that we share with other prisoners. Mine was over filled. The outside of it was a dull red color. I remember I was going to escape. I told the cell leader I had to go to the bathroom and she gave me permission to go. The bathroom was on the dock in the middle of the prison, but I had no intention of going there anyway. I walked outside hid behind a barrel where the camera and the guard couldn't see me. There was a slight downhill then a concrete wall and a adder that leads into the ocean. That's where I wanted to go. I was sneaking past the barrel and made sure the camera wasn't looking. But I didn't see the other guard and he shouted "PRISONER NATYRAH IS OUT OF HER BARRACKS! CODE 42! CODE 42!" I was dragged to a secluded area and was whipped. But I was terrified and woke up. Second time dreaming: I was in my barracks and we are all sitting on our beds. A new girl comes in and the barrack leader has to get her a name tag with her first and last name on it and a number. Two guys and I volunteered to write it. I made the whole room laugh when I told them, "No let me do it, i'm smarter than both of you." In my dream I couldn't write though so eventually I gave up. But I heard a noise that told me something very important. Good news for all of us. So I went to the bathrooom. I was walking down the hill out of the barracks and the guard came up to me holding his gun. I told him, "Dude chill I'm just going to the bathroom." I walk forward and there's a bridge that connects the barracks to the dock. I'm walking across the bridge and there's two more guards and one says to the other, "Watch her, shes an attempted." I get across and I walk to the bathroom. My friend (I don't know who she is) is standing by there waiting for me. I tell her, "Bro I have some important info." She pushes me into the bathroom and says, "You have to hurry, you know we cant be here." Side note: We cannot be in the bathroom with another person. The bathroom also doesn't have a door just a curtain. I hear footsteps so I block her out of view with my body. I'm at a sink and I'm pretending to wash my hands. There are shadows passing the curtain and then one stops. I'm terrified and I look at her face and she was terrified. I turn around and it was a guard, but luckily it was our friend. A guard on our side. I gave her a handshake, "What up! You scared the hell out of us!" We laughed quietly. Then I said, "Guys I have to tell you something important. I just received info that there has been riots and rebellion in the US, Canada, Russia, and Africa. Do you know what this means? The uprising is happening! And I bet we could use it to our advantage to escape from here. But don't tell anyone. We cant have people getting hope then have it getting them killed." We agreed to not say anything. Outside we hear an announcement come on. I didn't hear anything he said. I asked my friends and they didn't know either so we stepped outside. All the prisoners were walking towards the end of the dock so we did too. Side note: At the end of the dock there's the ocean and about 50 feet in front of that there's a wall of rock that's probably a couple hundred feet high. Then everyone started jogging. I looked back and me and my friends laughed like, "Well if they're jogging we will too. Hahaha!" Then I turned back around and everyone was running. My friend Selena from school was way up there and she turned around, looked at something behind me and started yelling, "ITS A TRAP! EVERYONE ITS A TRAP!" So I start running too. I hear a humming noise. I realize it's an aircraft. I'm running slightly behind the crowd. I ran and ditched to the side into this hallway. I turn around and I see the aircraft zoom past the hallway and I hear screams coming from all my friends and other prisoners. Then I hear a crash and an explosion and more screams. I can guess what happened. Then everything goes black and I have flashes of me falling, then I'm in the water. I survived. Then I woke up in a sweat and my heart racing... I should totally write a book. -Dreamed by me, NaTyrah Massey, 17.

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Have you got a current driving licence?

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What line of work are you in?

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So I can't remember exactly where and how the dream started but I remember pieces of the dream and the end. So here goes: Was in a clothing/coctial typer thing shop and saw how a guy which they called "kissed by death"(or something similar something about kiss and death) killed a guy and then walking out. Later on when I was browsing for clothes the same guy came in and he wanted to know if anybody else had been there that day during the murder. The cashier girl said it I had been, but I said no, and she wanted to see our shoes to prove we where there, but luckily I was barefoot so I said my shoes are broke and I just came to buy new shoes. So as the guy and his big assistant walked out the cashier told me to dial on her phone 0 - if I was there and 1 - if I was not. So I dialed 0. I begged her not to say anything and she promised, she removed my purchase from that day. (And now I have to skip a piece because u can't remember) I became buddy-buddy with the killer and his group and somehow I started to get romantically involved with him. There was a snake and he spit purple poison in my eyes but I killed the snake by squashing it with my shoes. The car stopped at a local playground/picnic area and the guys went on walking in. The cashier and the owner said they must go do something and I said okay and gave them extra masking tape(because they have masking tape with them sort of hostages) they said no he would kill them if he find out. And so I walked back to the car alone while they were of to the bathroom I think. It was then that a guy appeared with a gun and he was saying he's going to shoot(he wasn't aming the gun at me, but I knew he was talking to me)and then a guy appeared behind him with a gun aiming for the first shooter. And then somehow the second shooter joined the first shooters group and the first shooter switched guns (now he was holding tiny gun with sort of a rubber band) and he said he waas going to shoot me. He moved to my back and I was talking and praying and just begging until suddenly I started to slow down knowing I was shot. I lay there and they started moving. Next thing I know (I the real me ) was fighting back and decided that I was not truly dead just hurt badly and slowly moved myself to the car when I saw my friends coming back. As soon As they got there I was dead again and just a mere spirit person. I remember someoner talking about me sayingsomething of 2.3 mil. Later I was with my mom(ghost and she's alive but she could hear me but not see me) I tried to warn her what I heard. The badguy arranged someoone to kill me to pay of his debt and now he wants to kill someone else aswell, I warned my mom scared that it might be her. It wasn't. Then the bad guy said he wanted to see me but I was scared so I hesitated but he found me and told me to put onn the surgical gloves, he said he was taking me to my moms where he will have my body. (Cut into pieces, first all organs and then fingers and then parts, disgusting I know) there was lots of bags and the sight made me nauseas so I decided to go away. And then I heard from the proffesor (who I spokend to earlier but can't remember that part) and I fell and he helped me up. We were both shocked that he can touch me, he then asked if I know how I got back (human again) and I said no. Just then kids started cominbg and he yelled at me saying my friend ate me and I have to run to a roof. We jumped up to a nearby house's roof but he said its not real roof and just then that friend came and I pulled the roof and slammed it against her but she didn't want to die. We fought and I was trying to save my life.I was making my way to her home. The prof. Said the only way to stop her is to slap her through her face,which surpringly wasn't easy. We reached her houses' stairs and just then I thought I lost. But when I got to the top and she to the middle the prof asked her if she's okay, but I answered(as the middle girl) yes. And then the top girl said she is harper. And then I looked like selewa gomez and just laughed..... Yeaaa weird dream d very confusing and did I mention weird. Night time is my fave because then I can dream.

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Will I have to work on Saturdays?

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I've been sitting on the ground, where everything was white, no walls, no skies, no actual ground, just white emptiness. So I was sitting or levitating, wherever I was, and I've been solving some sort of puzzle in front of me while talking to mysterious, shadowy figure next to me. The puzzle was classic puzzle, although, it wasn't a picture or anything, it also looked like I was missing pieces. The piece I took and placed down had a blue symbol on it, I don't remember what shape it had or what it looked like. While solving the puzzle I was talking to some sort of figure that was sitting beside me, talking to me in enthusiastic way while using some body language, and watching me solving the puzzle, while I've been responding in indifferent and emotionless way, like I wasn't interested, yet decided to keep the conversation going, or maybe perhaps I was in deep thinking state trying to figure out something (maybe the puzzle). I don't know. The figure was pitch black, more like a shadow actually, looked like human, yet had nothing but a mouth, just a face, no eyes, ears, hair, anything else, just a mouth. That's pretty much all I can remember, I have no idea what we were talking about, also I can't tell my relationship with that figure. Any ideas what the dream could mean?

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I had a dream that I was on vacation at a lake house with a couple strangers, and it was one of those houses that have see-through glass all around it. Anyways I ended upstairs somehow and there were two people laying on the bed and then there was this really pretty girl just looking out the window at the lake (its nighttime by the way) and then I see this black mist just go into her body. Then I see these two lights coming through the glass window in the other direction that she's looking and they keep coming closer and brighter untill this car crashes through the window and hits her, I could hear myself screaming and I turned to look at the other the people on the bed and they weren't there. I turn back around and she's just standing there stareing at me covered in blood and it didn't look like a car came through the window or anything it just went back to normal, but then her eyes turn black and she starts to get really skinny and old and ugly, then I hear a really scary deep growling noise (it sounded like growling from that movie paranormal activity) then she just gets covered by a swarm of flys. Then I woke up and everything sounded and looked so vivid. I have scary dreams all the time but this seemed so real. Do you think it means anything?

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Last night i dreamed that i went to this field trip sort of thing and i somehow forgot my boots. I didn't notice until we were on the bus. i ran back inside, but everything was dark. i grabbed my boots and i was about to leave, when i heard someone ask "what are you doing here?" i turned and saw this really cute guy just standing there. I asked him "what are YOU doing here?" and then he told me he worked there. We were just standing together when these random guys appeared. For some reason i was scared of them so i told him to hold my hand, he did. The guys passed us and he smiled down at me (he was taller) and he said "your way of holding hands is cute" The odd thing is that i have NEVER seen this guy before in my life. I've been trying to find related dreams, but failed to find any. Do you guys know what this means?... IMD

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Last night i woke up so many times. Then, i dreamt of something not really nice. It started when i was back in my hometown and i’m planning to go to sleep. (It was my every night routine to go up the stairs, brush my teeth in the 2nd floors bathroom and then sleep. )Then, i stand, some puppy was hugging my leg and i thought it was so sweet. So i started to walk with the two dogs (coco, my little pup, and some other puppy idk) and when i reached the second floor, the puppy hugged my leg again so i lift him up and cuddle him. After that i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth but i saw a beautiful lady with a short blue hair entering a (combination of different kinds of blue) portal. When she saw me, with just her stare, i have entered that portal with her. And there i feel like i died. IMD

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We work together

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had terrible dream about being on the outskirts on a woods with my aunt and uncle and my mother my mother was going to willingly undertake in a task which involved being blindfolded and holding onto a piece of fishing line which was attached from tree to tree all the the ways into the woods where a stranger inside would ***** her while she is blindfolded and then the fishing line will help her to find her way out again i didn't understand why she was willingly going to do it but she said she had to although she was hesitant i said what if its some awful smelky man! my aunty told me not to tell anyone but i got talking to two people outside the woods and i told them and my aunt over heard and said i can't believe u told them anyway my mom went into the woods and i woke up in a terrible state

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Could I borrow your phone, please?

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Last night I dreamed of my ex breaking into my flat kidnapping me using a knife and raping me but I got away and even tho he threatened to kill me if I went to police I still went to police then it jumped ahead and I was at my grans house and he got in and had a gun I tried to hid and phoned police he found me and hurt me then forced me to take pills but I managed to not swallow all of them then I heard police and woke up IMD ps I real life my ex beat me and put me in hospital but never rapped me , what does this kind of dream mean ?

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I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage