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A company car ruler tube New technology used by the U.S. Geological Survey found thatMount McKinley, also known as Denali, tops out at 20,237 feet(6,168 metres) - short of the 20,320 feet (6,193 metres)commonly cited as the summit elevation.

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in my dream a baby was sitting on my tommy. then the baby did poo, a lot of poo and more poo. the poo was covering my thighs and my legs. I stand up looking for shower and I wake up. what does that mean?

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I stay at home and look after the children taxi9 Nelson said better-than-expected costs drove the earningsbeat. He also noted that smaller, more leveraged miners likeThompson Creek were benefiting more than theirbetter-capitalized peers from the data out of China.

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I have a dream about two of my old best friends that i haven't seen in about a year coming to my house through my window with coffee in their hands so happy to see me but i had to go somewhere and i don't remember where what does that mean?

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This is me just waking up from an intense dream. Just about 15 minutes ago, I woke up from a dream that was the perfect combination of sadness and happiness. Here's the story: I was in the amazon with my dad, brother, some lady, and both the lady's daughters. I don't know why but one of the daughters just landed in the water and she was getting pulled by the river's current at an alarming rate. I saw a waterfall closely emerging. I jumped inside the water to try to save the girl but it turns out that I put myself in trouble too. We both experience the immense drop from the waterfall and I try to hold the girl and put my back against the water to lessen the impact. I didn't care if I died at that time, I just wanted the little girl saved. Anyways, I don't Know why, all of a sudden, I land in a room giving CPR to a phone...... I was relieved to have found out that I saved that little girl and I was talking to her through this phone. It was amazing that I saved her life.

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Last night Damien created a time Machine and Ryan, Nano, Anissa, Edwin, Crystal, Esteban, and some guy named Trones knew about It. On a side note I dreamt that I was in Las Vegas at tita say's house (some sort of new house) with a basement game room. Back to the time travel, I dreamt about us playing around in the universe going to the future. I was really worried because I thought we would change something that would affect our world. Then I thought of going to the past which I knew was very risky but I wanted to. I was KIND of Lucid Dreaming at that time. I wanted to go back to a soccer game and win it. I thought that would be impossible because they would notice my clothes but since it was a dream it was ok. Well when we got into the machine (forgot to tell you it was "elevator like") the door got stuck 6/7 open and we sort of panicked I pressed the "open button" so we could try again but it didn't work. At that time I was expecting us from the future to come and stop us but like that Cliche in the movies but it Didn't happen. So Edwin punched the door and it started to malfunction and We could feel it moving up and turning 360• like a rolar coater Esteban started complaining. Some how I could see what was happening about side like it was third person the elevator was moving up into this space like vortex and when we got in it we were transferred into this earth look a like place. But it was VERY DIFFERENT. There were heroes and villains from other tv shows! Anissa pointed out that she saw spongebob in this costume from one episode fighting each other. After she said that we all got separated and NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN IN MY DREAM! I NEVER noticed I just continued walking and observing I saw Zuko (from avatar) and since we are in a different universe, I assume everything is different but in real Life it's not I think part of it is Different. Zuko was evil and this devil like creature and My perspective changed and it was focused on him like a camera would focus on a character if something was happening to them. I saw him saying (idk the single word for it 😅), "ARGGGHHHH" and jamming his LONG fingers into the ground and "yelling FIRE LORD OZI" and this GIANT SUN DEMON THING came up the ground and started terrorizing the area. I jumped into the sea and I saw these sea creatures that could talk. They said that ozi has been "activated" And this one creature got 2 turtles and chanted something (i forgot) and the turned into sea soldiers. The other creature said that we are going to need WAY more. Then I got transported to this earth LIKE place still no sign of the others. I was at this park with my baby sister and I thought I could DM the others (not me Damien Edwin nano) that we were stuck in this universe. I DMed Anissa and crystal and maybe a few others (dont remember) and I thought (remember I said in my mind EVERYTHING changes) that Anissa would have never met me and while I'm writing this I just noticed that if that's true I would Have never gotten into jazz band (▰˘︹˘▰) also I'm thinking that why would she have never met me? I'm communicating with her from the original universe. Oh well it was a dream so I wasn't thinking Right. Well there was no Wi-Fi so I turned on my data And I "felt" that my phone sensed that we were some Place different I could still send it though. What I think I said was, " PLEASE HELP US STUCK IN A WEIRD UNIVERESE GET Damien!" OK BACK TO WHERE I WAS WITH MY SISTER I was walking and I was at a park With a pool (NO NOT A WATER PARK) and I can't clearly tell you what happened in the right order so I'll try my best. I was at the pool and my sister splashed in the water then I tool her out and the DROPLETS CAME TO LIFE and started running around! The super visor, Mrs.Cadiz, told me that it was normal because I started panicking. Sorry as I'm telling you this I just noticed that that the walk with my sister happened first and the DM situation happned right about now. So after that, I was typing away (DMing) then this lady came up started talking to me and after she was done she said," Oh look your sister is all the way over there." I tried to run over there but my mind wouldn't let me (I could feel my legs try to move in real life) Then I saw this car turning the corner where my sister was at luckily the car swerved but the tires hit my baby sister and she fell over I ran over there looked at her and her eyes were wide open and she blinked.imreachingthe450limtendingisthishowitsgoingtoend IMD

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Last night okay, so, before i tell you about my dream, i am going to tell you one thing, that i think is linked to my dream. -I REALLY want a cat, so, i think this might link to my dream (you'll see why!) -I do NOT have arachnophobia! Okay, so, my dream started off like this: My family and I were living inside a REALLY big, REALLY old house and i had really recently bought a very small white kitten. The kitten looked too small to be given away for some reason, but it acted like any other kitten would. Well anyways, in that house, was the basement that no one has been in. My new kitten was still skittish around me(because it was new) so, it ran downstairs to the basement. Obviously, i had to follow it down to get it back up, since we weren't allowed in the basement. When i went downstairs, the entire basement was REALLY dark, but after i accustomed to the darkness, i saw spiders EVERYWHERE. like LITERALLY everywhere. They were NOT weaving webs. They were just casually crawling all over the ground and all of the walls. Being stubborn, i still continued through the basement, and I saw a kitten. I took the kitten thinking it was mine, but when i was on the stairs, i realized it wasn't my kitten, so, i went back down. When i was in the basement, i found a blanket and i held it up, and right under the blanket was a HUGE black cat with REALLY scary eyes that was literally ALL covered in dirt. The black cat was hissing at me, and i got scared, so i ran upstairs and got my mom to help me find my kitten. When me and my mom went down stairs, there seemed to be much less spiders, but still a LOT. my mom stepped on them, but they didn't die! they seemed to be getting bigger. When we found our kitten, it was under something(not sure what) and was COVERED in spiders, but was alive!! This dream is really creeping me out because i can remember it in full detail, unlike most of my dreams. Especially because there were so many spiders and the random kittens and the big black cat that looked like it wanted to kill me! IMD

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Last night I was in highschool with a teacher I didn't like and my house was connected to the school. The teacher came through my room to get to the mez but he felt like stoping in and asking me where it was anyway. I told him and he jumped out my window on the first floor. My friend was sitting on my bed playing with her Ipod. In the mez there was this bridge that isnt there for real and someone said they were going to blow it up... I walked back through my room into the main entrance of the school and there was a giant battle of human vs robot. Humans won and we celebrated by blowing up the bridge. I heard about it but never saw it. IMD

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Dream: it was my first day of year 12 class was at library walked in there was heaps of new people and people i just don't talk to i sat between a beautiful girl and this cool looking brown dude both new this year wasn't paying attention in class had my head down on the desk singing earthquake by tinnie tempah i sang the chorus way too loud and everyone heard me the guy said i should be a bit quieter when singing to myself i laughed and we talked for a bit he was cool and then i started to talk to the girl on my left she was cool too. At the end of class she asked me to drive her home she didn't know Brisbane to well. I started driving and we were talking she doesn't really know where to go but she said she lived in a suburb called Ments (i think) which i haven't heard of but i saw a sign and followed it we kept talking for a while she was so beautiful and strange looking in a kind of scary way. There was an obvious connection between us. She started looking through my music to find something she liked. I asked how far away Ments was and she said she didnt know. For some reason we took a wrong turn into a country bikie bar carpark and went in, the men started groping her as we walked through but i didnt wana stand up for her too much they would have killed me i just kept trying to walk her through and out the front door the bikies then started pushing us both out the front until an old man walked up and said do you know who this is? Its the girl that lives in the big house and the all got scared and ran off he laughed and walked off. We went back to the car and kept driving eventually got back to her house her family was really strange it consisted of her mother and two younger sisters the mum told me i should stay away from her and that their house was haunted i said she was new and didnt know how to get home and so i drove her and i really like her i then asked togo to the bathroom the mom said go ahead but their grandfathers ghost tries to hold the door open when you are in there i went towards the bathroom and one of the younger sisters was in there she was struggling with the door and then left i went in and also struggled keeping the door closed it was scary but i tried not to think about it. Next i went back into the living room the once awesome girl that i had met at school was now acting really weird and the mum was asking her very strange and direct questions and there was a computer next to her i tried talking to the girl but it was like she couldn't understand me and she was acting like a crazy little kid i eventually grabbed her and said act normal! What are you doing! And then as i looked into her eyes i realised something was very strange i looked up at the computer screen and the questions the mum was asking were on the screen with only two answers for each question either cancel or allow. I looked back at the girl and said what! You are a robot! The mum said she had an accident and fixed her with robotic parts in the brain and she was in the mums complete control, so i got the hell out of there! The next day i was at a cafe with the brown dude and the girl walked in he said so what happened with her aye? And i said don't worry man shes crazy..thats all i remember

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