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Last night, I had a dream that a girl asked me to marry her and I said yes. A girl I had never really talked to all that much I couldn't even tell you her name. I got scared and told my mom to object to the wedding, because it was better she hates my mom then me because she would be moving away soon. She objected to the wedding and I was free but damn it was weird imd.

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IMD I am not married(which I am in real life) and I am having an affair with someone I dated shortly after graduating high school.(Let's call him John). IMD he is married to the woman he is currently married to in real life. This is a recurring dream I have 2 - 3 times a year, and it is progressive. In the last dream a mutual friend of ours finds out about the affair and confronts John, telling him he can't keep having an affair. John says he loves me and can't stop seeing me. When our friend suggests John then end his marriage, John is shocked and says he would never leave his wife and kids. He gets very and upset and doesn't understand why his friend doesn't understand that he needs me in his life, but couldn't possibly leave his wife.In real life I really only went on like 4 dates with "John" and we were never an exclusive couple. We just fell apart going to college far away from each other, and since we were never in a serious relationship there was no break up so to speak. IMD I love him and don't really care that he is married, although I get a little upset when I find out how he reacts to our mutual friend's suggestions. IMD "John" and I have an incredibly good sex life together. In real life, we never actually had sex...

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i had a dream about a devil, i was outside of our house and i was gazing at the stars and suddenly the stars changed into an angel and it was flying towards me. i was really happy but it suddenly turned into a devil and it was still flying towards me and i got so scared that i ran inside my house and when i was inside, the devil followed me and my family was possessed and they all turned mad. then my dream changed it was more terrifying, i was in front of a tunnel and it was dark and at the sides are trees and there's our table(not too long) and a boy at the side of the tunnel. he wasn't staring at me he was just looking around and actually i wasn't afraid at first and i was beginning to want to get inside the tunnel so i pushed the table in front of me and when i stepped forward the boy suddenly talked and he said "child, don't go in there" but i didn't listen as i continued to step forward i didn't feel any fear and as half of the table got in to the tunnel i felt scared as the wind blew hard and and the boy suddenly said "child, you cannot go back now" i want to go back so when i stepped backward a girl with a white dress appeared and her hair is covering all her face and she was coming near me and she took me and when i opened my eyes (still a dream) i was laying in a rock that looks like an altar and i can't move my body and i saw people surrounding me (10 or more) and they all wore a jacket that is so long that covered their whole body and its hoodie is so big that it covered their face and they were beginning to say things that i can't hear and as they say it they were beginning to come near me and i was so scared that i did this (i prayed) and when they were so near me i felt my body move and i was being pulled above and i can feel their hands trying to grab me but i was already high up and then my dream changed, i was in hell. there were lava's here and rocks there and no single light and a boy appeared and he said "child, come with me i will let you out here." and i followed him and then i woked up ( promise, this is the worst dream i have ever had and i'm too young to dream like this [i am 11 yrs. old only] i am sharing this because maybe someone knows what it means)

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Last night I had a awesome Random dream weird but funny and scary and just I don't know haha!! So I can't remember exactly where and how the dream started but I remember pieces of the dream and the end. So here goes: Was in a clothing/coctial typer thing shop and saw how a guy which they called "kissed by death"(or something similar something about kiss and death) killed a guy and then walking out. Later on when I was browsing for clothes the same guy came in and he wanted to know if anybody else had been there that day during the murder. The cashier girl said it I had been, but I said no, and she wanted to see our shoes to prove we where there, but luckily I was barefoot so I said my shoes are broke and I just came to buy new shoes. So as the guy and his big assistant walked out the cashier told me to dial on her phone 0 - if I was there and 1 - if I was not. So I dialed 0. I begged her not to say anything and she promised, she removed my purchase from that day. (And now I have to skip a piece because u can't remember) I became buddy-buddy with the killer and his group and somehow I started to get romantically involved with him. There was a snake and he spit purple poison in my eyes but I killed the snake by squashing it with my shoes. The car stopped at a local playground/picnic area and the guys went on walking in. The cashier and the owner said they must go do something and I said okay and gave them extra masking tape(because they have masking tape with them sort of hostages) they said no he would kill them if he find out. And so I walked back to the car alone while they were of to the bathroom I think. It was then that a guy appeared with a gun and he was saying he's going to shoot(he wasn't aming the gun at me, but I knew he was talking to me)and then a guy appeared behind him with a gun aiming for the first shooter. And then somehow the second shooter joined the first shooters group and the first shooter switched guns (now he was holding tiny gun with sort of a rubber band) and he said he waas going to shoot me. He moved to my back and I was talking and praying and just begging until suddenly I started to slow down knowing I was shot. I lay there and they started moving. Next thing I know (I the real me ) was fighting back and decided that I was not truly dead just hurt badly and slowly moved myself to the car when I saw my friends coming back. As soon As they got there I was dead again and just a mere spirit person. I remember someoner talking about me sayingsomething of 2.3 mil. Later I was with my mom(ghost and she's alive but she could hear me but not see me) I tried to warn her what I heard. The badguy arranged someoone to kill me to pay of his debt and now he wants to kill someone else aswell, I warned my mom scared that it might be her. It wasn't. Then the bad guy said he wanted to see me but I was scared so I hesitated but he found me and told me to put onn the surgical gloves, he said he was taking me to my moms where he will have my body. (Cut into pieces, first all organs and then fingers and then parts, disgusting I know) there was lots of bags and the sight made me nauseas so I decided to go away. And then I heard from the proffesor (who I spokend to earlier but can't remember that part) and I fell and he helped me up. We were both shocked that he can touch me, he then asked if I know how I got back (human again) and I said no. Just then kids started cominbg and he yelled at me saying my friend ate me and I have to run to a roof. We jumped up to a nearby house's roof but he said its not real roof and just then that friend came and I pulled the roof and slammed it against her but she didn't want to die. We fought and I was trying to save my life.I was making my way to her home. The prof. Said the only way to stop her is to slap her through her face,which surpringly wasn't easy. We reached her houses' stairs and just then I thought I lost. But when I got to the top and she to the middle the prof asked her if she's okay, but I answered(as the middle girl) yes. And then the top girl said she is harper. And then I looked like selewa gomez and just laughed..... Yeaaa weird dream d very confusing and did I mention weird. Night time is my fave because then I can dream. IMD

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Would you like a receipt?

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I like watching TV

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in the dream i used to watch this kids show when i was younger about a man who had to get his face sawn off, and they replaced it with this huge plastic deadmau5 thing without the ears. he always used to be seen dripping blood from it. (looks like my mind is rly fkd up) in the dream someone actually had to get their face sawn off and have that on it, so it was quite creepy living with them. (he was my older brother (who doesnt exist irl)). anyway to the point aslan came to our house and started tutoring us how to use magic and telekenisis!! (looks like i do have a thing for lions after all) i ended up setting the wood on fire instead of turning it into a stable so i got told off :/ (not to mention there was this VERY dark huge library where a chair kept zipping past so ya the house was prob haunted)

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i had a dream that i was on a lift and dropped alot of money. a man and his kids wer next to me. the man started picking up the money very enthusiastically . i said no because i didnt trust him with my momey... he continued to do it until i grabbed my money off him an picked it up myself. the man told me i wont pick it all up in time as we wer moving along on a stair esculator but in the back of my mind i knew i could pick it all up in that amount of time . so i didnt trust him to help . once at the end i ran away and the man chased me. i quickly got in my car and i did lock the door . he found me and opened the door even though i had locked it. then i woke up .

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Is there ?

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Remove card

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Last night Damien created a time Machine and Ryan, Nano, Anissa, Edwin, Crystal, Esteban, and some guy named Trones knew about It. On a side note I dreamt that I was in Las Vegas at tita say's house (some sort of new house) with a basement game room. Back to the time travel, I dreamt about us playing around in the universe going to the future. I was really worried because I thought we would change something that would affect our world. Then I thought of going to the past which I knew was very risky but I wanted to. I was KIND of Lucid Dreaming at that time. I wanted to go back to a soccer game and win it. I thought that would be impossible because they would notice my clothes but since it was a dream it was ok. Well when we got into the machine (forgot to tell you it was "elevator like") the door got stuck 6/7 open and we sort of panicked I pressed the "open button" so we could try again but it didn't work. At that time I was expecting us from the future to come and stop us but like that Cliche in the movies but it Didn't happen. So Edwin punched the door and it started to malfunction and We could feel it moving up and turning 360• like a rolar coater Esteban started complaining. Some how I could see what was happening about side like it was third person the elevator was moving up into this space like vortex and when we got in it we were transferred into this earth look a like place. But it was VERY DIFFERENT. There were heroes and villains from other tv shows! Anissa pointed out that she saw spongebob in this costume from one episode fighting each other. After she said that we all got separated and NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN IN MY DREAM! I NEVER noticed I just continued walking and observing I saw Zuko (from avatar) and since we are in a different universe, I assume everything is different but in real Life it's not I think part of it is Different. Zuko was evil and this devil like creature and My perspective changed and it was focused on him like a camera would focus on a character if something was happening to them. I saw him saying (idk the single word for it 😅), "ARGGGHHHH" and jamming his LONG fingers into the ground and "yelling FIRE LORD OZI" and this GIANT SUN DEMON THING came up the ground and started terrorizing the area. I jumped into the sea and I saw these sea creatures that could talk. They said that ozi has been "activated" And this one creature got 2 turtles and chanted something (i forgot) and the turned into sea soldiers. The other creature said that we are going to need WAY more. Then I got transported to this earth LIKE place still no sign of the others. I was at this park with my baby sister and I thought I could DM the others (not me Damien Edwin nano) that we were stuck in this universe. I DMed Anissa and crystal and maybe a few others (dont remember) and I thought (remember I said in my mind EVERYTHING changes) that Anissa would have never met me and while I'm writing this I just noticed that if that's true I would Have never gotten into jazz band (▰˘︹˘▰) also I'm thinking that why would she have never met me? I'm communicating with her from the original universe. Oh well it was a dream so I wasn't thinking Right. Well there was no Wi-Fi so I turned on my data And I "felt" that my phone sensed that we were some Place different I could still send it though. What I think I said was, " PLEASE HELP US STUCK IN A WEIRD UNIVERESE GET Damien!" OK BACK TO WHERE I WAS WITH MY SISTER I was walking and I was at a park With a pool (NO NOT A WATER PARK) and I can't clearly tell you what happened in the right order so I'll try my best. I was at the pool and my sister splashed in the water then I tool her out and the DROPLETS CAME TO LIFE and started running around! The super visor, Mrs.Cadiz, told me that it was normal because I started panicking. Sorry as I'm telling you this I just noticed that that the walk with my sister happened first and the DM situation happned right about now. So after that, I was typing away (DMing) then this lady came up started talking to me and after she was done she said," Oh look your sister is all the way over there." I tried to run over there but my mind wouldn't let me (I could feel my legs try to move in real life) Then I saw this car turning the corner where my sister was at luckily the car swerved but the tires hit my baby sister and she fell over I ran over there looked at her and her eyes were wide open and she blinked.imreachingthe450limtendingisthishowitsgoingtoend IMD

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I had a dream that me and my dad flew to Australia for a few days because we thought it would be fun then when the 2days were over e and my mom would go there for 2 days and just hangout by the beach. So me and my dad left and arrived at Australia our idea was that we would try to get to the beach if we could that day and if not we would definitely go the next day. We didn't end up going to the beach when we I arrived and I was bummed but looking forward we dwidn't the next day So its the next day and all of a sudden my 2 year old niece appears in my dream and I'm babysitting her and my dad isn't .home. So I spend the whole day with my niece and the next day and the next day until my dad returns and its past two days and I believed that he was with a women while he was gone and it was time for us to leave but we didn't and it confused me but then all of a sudden my mom comes and then all of a sudden my dream takes us to this beach/dock area and me and my mom were standing next to each other talking and my dad was sitting far to the right from us and I don't remember where my 2 year old niece was and earlier that day I told my dad i hated him because he ruined this "vacation" but all of a sudden I'm standing by my mom when this huge wave of water is coming right in our direction and we look at each other in fear and hold on to each other and she says don't let go no matter what and I said ok then the huge wave of water hits us and then I remember the water had hit us and everything around us was soaked and ruined and things were catching on fire and there was a stick of wood in my moms back so pulled it out I can't remember why but I did and then we realized it was a hurricane and everything was ruined and people were crying and screaming and things falling and killing people and me and my mom found this dock sort of thing where rescue buses and stuff were picking up people and taking them to saftey and then all of a sudden I remembered my brother and my dad and my 2 year old niece was just in all of that and they aren't at the rescue center then I started crying in real life and then I woke up and couldn't stopcying

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Ok I had a dream that was in this place that everyone goes where they dream and you had to come in and out of a vortex. When I entered it i was walked around inside of this luxurious house and when i walked into one of the hallways it had a fountain in the middle and a big door with all sorts of different colors moving in a circle. When i approached it it basically had something that told me when you dream that's the closest thing to death you come to while living. I walked away from it and back down the hallway and I saw an old high school friend that I was really close to in a wheelchair I tried to greet him and he gave a really dirty look and he told the guy that was pushing him to go the other way. Then I go back up these huge stairs and there was a mirror I walked up to it and saw myself I looked normal like me and I pulled out my iPhone and tried to take a picture but the lighting would move to wherever I was so I couldn't get a good picture with light so I put my phone away and walked back to the vortex so I could wake up. Well when I tried to go back into it it was like rubber and wouldn't let me go through so I laid next to it and my dog and another dog came up to me and started licking my face I played with them for a little and laughed then I entered the vortex backwards and woke up! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS IM FREAKED OUT I MIGHT HAVE THIS DREAM AGAIN!

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Could I take your name and number, please?

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Lastnight I dreamt that A man that practice voodoo was trying to get close to me.. I dreamt that he had a stick in his hand with some metal on it. and he shake his stick and the metal on this stick made sounds then he shake his head and said I cannot handle her I am going to tell them to get a next one because I cannot handle her and then he disappeared can anyone tell me what this dream means thank you

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imd i dressed up as Anna and started cartwheeling then i was Elsa and had powers then i had a fight with a random girl who wanted to be elsa

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I want to report a

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I'm retired

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I'd like a phonecard, please

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last night i had a dream i was a fairy and people would try to eat me until i became evil and killed every one in the world

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Me and my family and aunts and grandmother were sitting in a hot tub/spa in someone's back porch and then me and my dad got out of the hot tub and swam in a lake that was filled with dirty and clean water Dream from early February 2014 -ilovehorseyrides

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I'm training to be an engineer

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I am looking into a mirror, and I am trying to see my hair has become to hairy, but it isn't really hair, but down. and my skin is turning a pale blue slate grey, and the more feathers i pluck the more it grows back, eventually my left side is completely bird like and in shock i look into the mirror to see a bright yellow eye looking back at me.. my hands now have long defined black claws, and my feathers are turning a blue-grey, my hair is falling out and being replaced by feathers as well. The entire time I am looking at my body in the mirror trying to pluck the sprouting feathers from my back with no avail, i eventually lose myself, I am no longer human, and I wake up- usually sweating and with my heart racing

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