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So I was dreaming about a man and a kid being chased by people who clearly where in a criminal organization. It began with bullets everywhere, ducking and running away from the "bad guys". Then the kid is suddenly lost; searching for the man, scared and confused because it happened so quick literally, he turns around and sees this blue mini van approaching him dodging bullet after bullet. The kid recognizes the man, opens the door and jumps in quickly. Then suddently the car i is driving in reverse away from the bullets and people chasing him, which were driving cars as well. The man rips through fences, dodges trash cans and everythjng in reverse. Now the scene is in a building where they are taking shelter. The man and kid are on guard every hour searching for any signs of the bad guys. As the kid is on his routine guard duty, he sees this shiny light on the next building where I quickly notice that it is a sniper. Yet the sniper does not shoot the kid, almost as if the the kid was not there or invisible to the sniper. The kid calls for the man to check it out and as the man looks, there is a shot fired bjt it missed. In this scene, the man was firing back at the bad guys running away in the middle of the street in bright daylight. He was firing with his hand pointing back and his body and face running away forward. He shot and he shot but it felt like he has not hitting anyone. He thought that's he should have hit a couple of them. The bad guys were actually not shooting at him, but were just chasing him. About a 10 to 1 majority over ran him and as soon as he about to be captured, he looked back, saw the boss and shot him in the head. At that instantanious momment, the man and the boss locked eyes. The boss' s eyes were chill and steady as if he knew something important. The man was taken to a deserted place. He was tied on a chair, apperantly outside of a building as to appear that they wanted the world to see him. The bad guys arrived and unmasked him the the brightness of the sun. Confussed, blinded and dissoriented by seeing the sun, he began searching around and as he did he saw a blurred figure walking toward him. He recognized him perfectly; it was the man he once thought he had shot. The boss arrived with his confidence and smirk and stared at him with content bliss. He asked him what he had thought about him being alive but the man could only assure him that he had shot him in the head and that he saw his head move with the impact of the bullet. The boss revealed to him that he was in a dream, in the boss' s dream, only to be lying, and that he could control reality. He explained why all the shots he fired missed. Why the sniper could not see the kid, everything. The boss pulled out a pistol, aimed and shot. Thinking that the man was going to die he awoke from his sleep with a loss of breath and anxiety. The man awoke and stood up baffled because he seemed to be inside a big grocery store. He looked around but could only see people inside the store. There were very little people inside the store that he became suspecious; he became weary of a woman standing next to some groceries because everytime he looked hat her she had her eyes fixed on him like glue, but turned evertime he saw her looking at him. He managed to grab a blim d spot from many people and approached a man and explained to him that he should get out and be careful from the women. As he was talking he noticed men approaching from all sides, and thats when he remembeeed about the dream he had about the boss. In this scene, the man was on top of a beam inside the store but around the ceiling. He was walking towars a hole on the building where it was wide enough for him to escape. Meanwhile the the bad guys where standing on the groung watching him and asking him to come back. Then the boss appeared again. He urged him not to go through the hole. That he did not know what he was doing. This time the man was assured that he was not In a dream because the boss could not do anything to his reality. He yelled it at the boss with great confidence, but the boss said he was wrong. Has he approached the opening he felt a sence of relief and tranquility. He was pondering at his next movr after he left them. All those feelings he felt were obliterated when he saw fire, destruction, smoke, zombies, and worst sunset.

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i had a dream of a future with no trees. it was around the year 3000 and i was a little girl in the dream going into a museum to see my very first tree . i was only about 5 years old in the dream and the only tree in the museum was a leafless tree in a small box. they had a device you could use to put your concienceness into the box to experience what its like to see the tree inside the box. i think this dream was a warning of the enviornment.

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About a year

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In my dream I was enjoying myself on a beautiful, clean, calm tropical beach. A slight breeze was moving the palm leaves. The water was crystal clear, the sun was shining so went in the water. I felt free. I was swimming and exploring underwater when I saw my body sinking but my spirit was floating and was watching how physical self was going deeper into the sea. My spirit was free thou and was enjoying the water. I watched how the sun was piercing it, how it played with waves. I liked how the temperature was just right and how I can move with grace in the clear water. It was beautiful. Then I was my body again... going away. I felt that I was too stubborn, too proud not to save it so dove to reach it. It was like my spirit did not want me to go into my earthly shell again and was not making the effort but my mind was made - leave no man behind. I reached my body and woke up. Thou a achieved my goal of being whole again I feel like I was on the breach of setting myself free from the flawed character but then out of cowardliness I returned to my comfort zone and imprisoned myself. I failed to explore the sea.

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Last night I had two bad dreams last night; two of the worst dreams that I have ever had in my life. Even now I cannot remember which one came first. One was about being chased with a gun. I was in a house with some friends and something happened. One of the people went to their room to get a gun. I had to get out of the house because they were coming after me. They came out and were pointing the gun at me and kept saying something. I don’t remember, but I got out of the house. I got out of the door and I had a gun. It was a revolver. Outside the door I opened it up and looked in it. It had one bullet in it. When I closed it, it was the one that was going to go into the chamber, so I opened the gun back up and took the bullet out and put it in the section next to it so it would not go into the chamber. I didn’t want to shoot the person, but they were coming after me. They came out the door and I ran and ran. I was trying to figure out where to put my gun. I tried my pocket but that wasn’t right so I placed it in my pants under my belt; you know where people usually put guns. They were chasing me and aiming the gun at me. I was so scared but I was running. I had to get help so I began going up to people’s doors and knocking on them and screaming for help. I was trying to get in; someone had to let me in so I would be safe. Someone had opened the door, but the person that was chasing me hit them and knocked them out. They ended up being the people who called the police. Crazy thing was as I was running I started to jump in the air and I was floating so I could knock on people’s windows. He could not shoot me; I didn’t want to die. I ended up running into something like a mall and of course everyone began to scream because he had a gun; but I had one too. So he turned it on me and began telling everyone I had a gun. We got outside and the cops where there to get him; but he didn’t have his gun anymore and he was trying to get me into trouble by telling the officers that I had the gun. They were pointing their guns at him; so I ran and jumped on top of this building to put my gun so I would not get in trouble. Then I came back down. That was the end. IMD

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I'm retired

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I'm training to be an engineer

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I was in a complex where me and a group of people were doing tests (maybe endurance and problem solving) I was being thrown around the room by and invisible force and trying to control where I was going and I was thrown into a barbwire fence and it dug into my skin and then I flew back to the other side of the room and I pushed a button which was going to release a giant monster of some kind. I ran back to the group and seen a door so I went and hid in there. It was like a break room and in there was another door with a little window. I looked inside and seen monitors and an asian guy sitting in there and he saw me. He came out to talk with me when one of my group came in to see what I was doing. The asian guy was saying how he was looking for a way for me to get out the testing complex. He was wanting to destroy all the testing complexes in the country (no one knew about them) He said the way out was through a hidden fire escape of which there were only four in all the testing chambers (there were a lot) He said he has known me for years so I apparently have been testing for a long time. I then woke up.

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I work for a publishers

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I'm self-employed

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There's a three month trial period

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Will I have to work on Saturdays?

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Hold the line, please

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We used to work together

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Who's calling?

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the main thing about my dream was a demonic symbol that haunted my dream.. it looked like a wizard hat two round ears and a round face with a triangle nose.. like a geometric sorcerer mickey mouse. this symbol haunted my dream and my family in my dream. when it appeared bad things would happen. My daughter who is completely potty trained defecated on herself. I appeared at work in the parking garage and was in a panic to get home because I knew this symbol would appear and my kids were home alone. I was running through the parking lot. A lot of old cars were there. I saw a ahead of me a lady put her one year old daughter underneath a bunch of shopping carts and run down the parking lot. turns out she was trying to help another lady jump start her car.. as she hooked up the jumper cables she frantically ran back to the shopping carts where she left her baby daughter and crazily started calling for her like she wasn't there. I kept walking but turned back to see the baby walk towards here. My objective was to keep running to get home.. not turning back I heard the lady spanking her baby girl for running off. when I got home I broke a figurine that looked like the symbol and stared at the ceiling of my living room and just kept chanting please god cleanse my house.. rid my house of this demon.. I kept chanting that over and over again until I woke up.

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Last night i was able to see Bill Gate and asked to take over the ownership of Microsoft Corporation IMD

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Why did you come to ?

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I was running in a forest but I slipped and then I started rolling but somehow I was suddently at the edge of a cliff and then I fell down and just before I was about to hit the floor and die I started to fly so high that I went to the sky and then to space and I looked at the sun and then I woke up "looking" at the sun in real life.

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This dream didn't happen last night, it was the very first dream i ever remember and I can never forget it. I am in a field, surrounded by trees, it's winter, and their is snow everywhere, i turn around and it's suddenly fall, with leaves blowing in the wind. I turn to my left and it's summer, i turn to my right and it's spring. IMD This was a dream I had on my 4th birthday, and it's still crystal clear in my mind

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I love the theatre

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A `dream’ from a long time ago. A long time ago, in the mid-sixties. I do not remember exactly what year but I must have been about six or seven years old. I had a very strange and real dream. I was awakened to find a being next to my bed. I couldn’t see the face but he gave me his hand and I took it. Right away I felt a sense of calm come over me and I could hear his voice telling me not to be afraid. He wanted to take me someplace that is very important to us. He said. It seemed like I blinked and found myself in the sky and I look down and I see the ground moving then blink and I am in Egypt. I know this because I see the pyramids. . I was taught in Sunday school at the time that it was the Hebrew slaves that built the pyramids. When I saw the pyramids a thought popped into my mind about the chosen people. The being told me that the chosen people are not what we think. I didn’t understand and sort of questioned in my mind. His reply was something the effect of I don’t chose to pay attention to an arm that isn’t sore. I didn’t think much of it and left it at that. He preceded to fill my mind with a lot of information most of which I have now forgotten, but at the time and for the first time in my life everything made sense. I see how everything works and why. He told me that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and many other people have been educated to help the human race move in the correct direction but something always goes wrong and they fail to move things far enough. (Just an FYI in case any moron reading this may think that I consider myself in the same league as the people I mentioned above. YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG! I consider myself a misanthrope.) The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Father is the being that artificially impregnated Mary with the Son. Alien human hybrid Jesus is the son. The Holy Ghost is the authority that sent these beings to this planet that we never see because they are on their home planet. Although the sign of the cross is supposed to symbolize the actual cross, it actually is supposed to show the way things are. The Father up high, the son, low on earth and the Holy Ghost that encompasses all. I remember as a child trying to explain these things to my school mates. Some thought I was being sacrilegious. I remember thinking why don’t these people understand. I never pursued or pressed the issue. For days even weeks after that dream everything seemed clear as to what needs to be done. I had to let people know before it is too late. I tried talking to different people about it, but was dismissed. Slowly I started to forget. All the clarity faded away. But sometime certain thing trigger certain memories like a bright light shining on a piece of information. The first time I watched the TV show Stargate SG1 over 30 years after this dream, it was like a super bright searchlight shone on my brain. As though I was back in Egypt with that being. Stargate SG1, is the ‘Sci-Fi’ show that comes the closest to the true human history. I am thinking that the person that came up with that show must have had the same visitor. Some things that I remember since then are…. (Not necessarily in the order related to me.) - There is no missing link. We were an experiment. - As far as our power sources is concerned, we are going in the opposite direction. We think we need a high power to achieve what we need to achieve, but the fact is we need a minute amount. Apparently we use the movement of the electron of to produce electricity which is extremely wasteful. Somehow the real power is in the nucleus of the atom not on the electron. Every time the nucleus (proton and neutron) moves it produces exponentially more useable energy than the spinning electron. That very same energy, source of power is all around us and we just need to collect it. 1+1+1=1 - Everything has to do with the frequency of the power rather than the amplitude of the power itself. - The pyramids and sphinx are of notable importance. - The number 3 is also of importance. - The chosen people are not what we think. - The propulsion of saucer type UFOs works like different coloured lights shining across the surface. Different colours equals different frequency. - The skin of UFOs is made of an extremely dense and thin material that attracts and repels the ether at the atomic level. The propulsion is produced by the difference in frequency potentials on each side of the craft. When the frequency is in attract mode, the ether presses on the surface of the craft. When the frequency is in repel mode, the ether is pushed away from the surface of the craft and thus creating a hole through which the craft is pushed from the opposite edge. These actions are taken in steps and repeated. When the frequency is the same all over the surface of the craft, it will hover indefinitely as though the craft is sitting in a solid environment. The material is so dense that electrons have to be shared w

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