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I read a lot

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Do you like it here?

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Last night I had a dream where randomness occurred; flashing lights, animals everywhere. I never cared much for my dreams because they made no sense whatsoever but this dreams was different. The room changed and the lights were gone nothing but a pillar and I remained. The room was silent and cold, I felt a man watching me from a distance. There was no sight of the man or any indication that it was a man, I just knew it was a man. Anyway the pillar stood alone and I could not move nor look away. Moments of silence passed me until an alarm went off and I was dragged away from the pillar, the man still watching me. I feel as if the man was trying to show me something from my future, a possible failure or obstacle in my path that I am taken away from before I may cross over it. I can't control my dreams and I feel like this is important somehow. What do I do?-IMD

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Which year are you in?

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International directory enquiries

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Looking for work

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What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?

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Have you got any qualifications?

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When do you want me to start?

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In my dream....well it's a recurring dream.I'm walking down a trail.I see a boy in a white hoodie and he has brown shaggy looks like he's about to grab my hand when a dark mist with two misty hand. The hands grab me and pull me away. The boy tries to grab me....I'm screaming trying to grab his hand.then,I wake up.I've been having this dream for 4years and a lot of weird things have been happening since these dreams started. I would see dad would get pissed off for no reason at all.I'm scared to sleep oe turn my light off.what the hell is going on?!

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Have you got any qualifications?

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What do you want to do when you've finished?

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I'd like to send this letter by

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The United States

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I dreamed that I was in the ocean with some friends, and we were playing a sword game. I thought it was all for fun, but then they started stabbing me. I tried to swim underwater to get away, but the water was full of dead bodies. People who had lost. I begged for them to stop, but they kept stabbing me- "I have to win." Eventually I washed onto a sandy beach and began to die. I was glad when death came. Strangely, the dream continued shortly after my death, with my friends realizing their mistakes and me witnessing the events of the world as a cloud.

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Last night I was driving an ice cream truck down a neighborhood street. All of the sudden I see these robbers running out of a house and jumping into a car. I put the ice cream song on full blast, slammed on the gas and started chasing after them. My ice cream truck had dual mounted rocket launchers and I was able to fire one at their car and hit them IMD.

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Through friends

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It started out as sort of a claymation cartoon thing. They knew the world was about to end, but had just gotten dinosaurs to come back to life. For some reason all they cared about was keeping t rex. A mum called someone, and was begging for them to let her and her son live so that he could keep his pet t rex. Then the meteor hit, and everyone died. Cut to me in a house with my sister boyfriend and mum. Mum was in the kitchen for some reason, while me my boyfriend and sister were blocking the door sitting. We knew the meteor would hit any minute. For some reason we were all calm, at least seemed it. I was actually very calm, which is surprising because in real life i tend to be the oppisite. Anyway, i even cracked a few jokes about how pointless our lives were lol. Then, the lights everywhere cut. And i saw it, almost like a shooting star but it was coming toward us. I just said "welp, here it is" and laughed. I remember it took at least a minute to actually hit and the whole time i was thinking how it took forever. When it hit, i was shocked that we were alive, nothing happened. Just a boom and explosion a little in the distance and i thought we were clear, but we werent. Thats when i saw the dust cloud dome thing flying towards us. I knew that was it, and looked at them. It smashed in through the windows and stuff and for some reason it would only kill if you breathed it in. My mum and boyfriend have asthma, and somewhere in my head calculated that they wouldnt hold their breath cuz of it and they died right away. Just me and my sister, and we nodded at eachother and breathed in. Instantly, it was gta sound when you die, and everything gained a golden yellow tone. Except my sister, who turned grey. And my feet hurt. Like the most intense pins and needles ever but i didnt care. Eventually i was in this computer web looking thing, and staring at a screen. It read the words out loud, dispite me being able to read them. It said "she was the last child" and showed a picture of me. I told it no, as my sister is younger than me, and theres tons of kids in the family younger than me. Thays not counting the kids all around the world who are younger than me. But then it showed their eyes, everyone who was younger than me. They all had this robot looking triangle in them, which i knew made them not human. I literally just said "oh..well fuck me then". I fell backwards for a few minutes, and then woke up. It didnt scare me until after im awake, but i feel like it should put it in the scary section...

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Well basically I came home from school and no one was home and it was like mid afternoon, but the house was really dark so I went in and turned on the lights and sat at the table to do a project on some subject I can’t remember so after I was done writing everything I submitted it. Then read it over to only realize that I was writing a suicide note then I started crying because I wanted to get up from the chair to go outside but I couldn’t move. So I stayed there for awhile sitting then took out my phone and started recording a video the only line I remember is saying “for everyone that Iv ever cared for if you’re watching this I’m already gone” I believe I mentioned everyone that was really in my life, afterwards a gun appeared with a shadow around but when I tried to pick it up I couldn’t. As if it was stuck to the table, then I looked up begging god to take me off this earth please I can’t, you know just pleading. Then the gun got lighter I placed it to my head then woke up Please tell me what this means...

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Which team do you support?

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I have a dream that a girl comes to me and says me to shave her whole body and then massage her boobs

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I'd like to tell you about a change of address

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i dreamed me and my ex girlfriend was in a parked car together she was naked and i was semi naked and there was a foot print on the windshield of the car

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A Second Class stamp