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This dream didn't happen last night, it was the very first dream i ever remember and I can never forget it. I am in a field, surrounded by trees, it's winter, and their is snow everywhere, i turn around and it's suddenly fall, with leaves blowing in the wind. I turn to my left and it's summer, i turn to my right and it's spring. IMD This was a dream I had on my 4th birthday, and it's still crystal clear in my mind

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Last night I was dreaming that me and 2 of my good friends have killed someone and we went to this place to hide out but the cops found us so we started running and someone some guy grab me and was chocking and then he stabbed me and I woke up with bruises around my neck and a very sharp pain in my stomach I never woke up so scared for life I was sweating and I was crying my dad came in and ask me what’s wrong and I told him I was so scared

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In myn dreams I have powers and I travel everywhere Im an explorer visit planets, countries and travel through time! Its always been my dream to meet the world and its limits and structures and when I travel to the planets I see crautures Ive never seen before talking to me. In my dreams Im with my savior a woman who travel with me. It is also a really advanced year cause they are spaceships and stuff. I really dont know what It means!

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Last night (seventh grade) I had a dream that my at-the-time enemy was trying to kill everybody in my school. Then, I tried to tried train a dinosaur to eat her but It turns out that the dinosaur is actually her cousin, Rico.Then, Rico stomped into the Maury Povich show and tries to eat a woman and my sixth grade teacher, MS Donatiello. I dont exactly remember what happened to the other random women but I saved Ms D's women and my sixth-grade teacher, Ms Donatiello

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Last night a deer charged me while I was standing on a sidewalk in front of two trees, we tumbled down between them and instead of running I picked of a red brick and bashed its head in IMD

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i was dreaming of a guy, that i was madly in love with about more than a year ago, and in the dream we just hanged out in his room, watching a movie and snuggling like we did before. in the dream, he says that he is finally ready to be in a relationship and that he loved me back, and then we got together. in real life he was cheating on his girlfriend with me, and when she found out she broke up with him and we continued seeing eachother until he then "cheated" on me (we were never exclusive). Even though i forgave him, he said he wasn't ready to be in a relationship and that he liked me but not loved me. He then changed his mind back and forth on how he felt about me, saying things like that he wanted to be with me and then that he didn't want to be with me. this went on about 5 months of him playing with my feelings and then he ended it and got together with another girl he barely knew. The weird thing is that i am currently in a happy relationship with my boyfriend, who i love even more than i've loved anyone else before. so i don't love this other guy anymore for sure, more like i feel the opposite.. so does my dream mean that i am subcontiously still in love with this guy or does it mean that i am still dealing with how this guy played me and how he totally wrecked my self-esteem?

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My vivid dream I am chosen for a top secret experiment. There I a laboratory with a high, light-blue ceiling and four walls of the same color. I notice that there is a large, caged in, metal fan near the ceiling of one wall which moves slowly, but surely around its center. As I walk into the large room I am followed by two adults. The first person is a man with thinning, sandy blond hair and wrinkles on his forehead and by his eyes. He wears a robe the same color as the room, making camouflage to the surroundings. The second adult is a woman. She appears young and cheerful with a face full of freckles and a braid of brown hair down her back. She, too, wears a room colored robe to make herself less noticeable. I sit on one of the tables near a window under the fan which supplies a bright white light to the room, making whatever is outside the window a mystery. The woman produces a needle. Not like the kind you receive the flu shot with, but instead, a hypospray vaccination from Star Trek. She gives me the injection on my left shoulder and as I look at her, taking away the needle, I notice that she has also produced a medical mask which was not on her before. I black out. When I awake, still in my dream, I am in a wide field of dead and dying grass. I am not entirely sure why I am there so I walk out of the field and find my way to my street. As I get to the corner of my street I get excited that I am near my home and I start to sprint. It is only after a few seconds that I reach my house. I stop to think that what I had just done was not normal. I decide to try running again; this time, up my street and back to the corner. Again, I arrive in seconds and I begin to think that the injection given to me were making me fast. I continue to run for a while, only up and down my street, so as to not attract unnecessary attention. As I run back to my house there is man waiting at my front porch who wears a black, long-sleeved sweatshirt and baggy, grey cargos. I sit down with him because he tells me to do so. He warns me that have been given the first of three injections which have unpredictable reactions to the other injections. He continues to inform me about the experiment by telling me that the people in the laboratory, along with others will try to give me the other two injections. The first injection, which i had already discovered, makes the subject fast. The second injection is to make the subject strong and the third is to give the subject great intelligence. These, I think to myself seem like the injections given to captain America, excluding the intelligence. The man says that the first and third injections react the most when put into the same subject. It is likely that I could explode or die or both, he says. This idea scares me so I run into my house and jump into the covers of my bed. I black out again. When I wake up I am back at the laboratory in the same spot I had been when I was given the first injection. Everything seemed exactly the same. Same people, Same place and the room is unchanged. Like last time, the woman holds her hypospray vaccination up and gives me the injection. Black out. When I wake up I am in the field again. This time I walk to a city and try to lift up heavy objects (I don't remember what) but nothing happens. I figure that the second injection was ineffective and I walk around for a bit. Black out. Again, I awake in the lab. This time though, I know that me being there is not safe so I jump as high as I can from the table which I always awake on to an ill-placed shelf near the ceiling which was not there before. I curl myself into fetal position on the shelf while the two adults try to jump after me but fail. I close my eyes tightly. I wake up.

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I wish I could also have fruitfull dreams from God but recently I had two nitemares of a dark figure in my room floating above me watching me and each time it happened to me It would scare me so bad I would wake up screaming in terror. The third dream was worse because there where darks hands coming out under my bed dragging out of my bed like something out of a movie and I woke up screaming and run out of my room. I have spoken to my pastors about my dreams but all they tell is to pray. The dreams have stoped though but I still fear going to sleep. Sucks to be me

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