Posted on: 2013-04-11 by Guest

I dreamt I was at school and I forgot wich class to go to, so I went in the wrong class, and the teacher got so mad at me that he didnt let me go home when school was over. I tried to sneak away and walk home, but I got lost In the schoolyard. All the other students were laughing at me. I started crying, so they started to make fun of me. Then large cuts formed across my arms, and around my shoulders and down my back. The laughter and bullying became louder and louder until I couldnt handle it anymore and I fell onto the ground in tears. After a while, I woke up.

Nippledreams on 2014-05-01 said:
I actually add a similar dream like that and i honestly have been trying to decipher it. With mine it was a crowd surrounding me but my love, my ex, and my best friend came out of it and started laughing at me when the cuts appeared. I also broke down and started crying. What i think it means is that something is gonna try to conquer you like what happened to me, but what its trying to say is like you have to stay strong and not let it. Those cuts are showing past mistakes or past regrets that need to be healed thats what happened to me at least. Like i patched some things up with my ex and now i feel a lot better i resolved things with my love and best friend too and it kinda helped so if you have any past regrets or mistakes try patching them up and it may help