Posted on: 2010-12-29 by Guest

Last night i had thousands of baby wienie dogs in my bed, they all eventually got in to a fight IMD I woke up to my husband saying stop hitting me. ( guess i was hitting the dogs?)

on 2011-02-14 said:
I beileve the dogs that are barking and biting may be a warning of someone who wants to hurt you in real life. Psycoatic (username)

Ghosty on 2012-04-10 said:
hahahahaha that's great You might be having an inordinate amount of stress in daily life to have a dream where you must fight. As you probably know, dreams are a brain's way of solving new problems while you're asleep by randomly connecting ideas until one you haven't encountered comes up, and then playing through it like a problem in order to give you a solution. The TYPE of problem it is usually reflects what you've been up to in real life. That means that it's probably linked to animal care worries, self-defense worries, or crowd-mentality worries. Dream CONTENT is pretty much random, slightly dependent on what you think about during the day. But dream PROBLEMS are the metaphor that links it to your life. Try to find out what the problem was a metaphor for.