Posted on: 2010-12-30 by VampireGirl616

Last night i dreamed i went on a Zombie killing spree and was the last human left alive IMD

griswoldhp31 on 2012-02-11 said:
Have you been watching The Walking Dead?

xTiril on 2012-03-13 said:
I've dreamt that too! Only, i was'nt the only one alive. I went around slicing random zombies throats. it was awesome.

AretDreama on 2012-04-17 said:
In my dream, i was killing zombies also with Ice Age's Manny and Xena Warrior princess. It was weird!

IceUser on 2012-07-10 said:
That is an odd dream, i can't wait for waling dead to start up again

IceUser on 2012-07-10 said:
Have You had any more dreams about this

NightmaresComingTrue on 2013-10-23 said:
Awesome dream!!! I've had zombie dreams before as well hahahaha. :) They are fun!

ilove67 on 2016-03-06 said:
i had the same dream but i was a pig ZOMBIE SLAYER PIG RUR

gigigalaxy4 on 2019-01-21 said:
zombies indicate your fears, how you see the zombie are how you respond to the fears. Your action is what you make of the fear. But more than one zombie means multiple problems. Imagine that one zombie is one fear.