Posted on: 2010-12-30 by VampireGirl616

Last night i dreamed i went on a Zombie killing spree and was the last human left alive IMD

griswoldhp31 on 2012-02-11 said:
Have you been watching The Walking Dead?

xTiril on 2012-03-13 said:
I've dreamt that too! Only, i was'nt the only one alive. I went around slicing random zombies throats. it was awesome.

AretDreama on 2012-04-17 said:
In my dream, i was killing zombies also with Ice Age's Manny and Xena Warrior princess. It was weird!

IceUser on 2012-07-10 said:
That is an odd dream, i can't wait for waling dead to start up again

IceUser on 2012-07-10 said:
Have You had any more dreams about this

NightmaresComingTrue on 2013-10-23 said:
Awesome dream!!! I've had zombie dreams before as well hahahaha. :) They are fun!

ilove67 on 2016-03-06 said:
i had the same dream but i was a pig ZOMBIE SLAYER PIG RUR