Posted on: 2010-12-30 by VampireGirl616

Last night I was having sex with a really hot guy. It was amazing until he turned into a praying mantis and tried to eat me. I had sex with a man-eating insect IMD

on 2011-02-10 said:
Leave the guy

on 2011-02-10 said:
Leave the guy

LL on 2011-08-05 said:
To see a praying mantis in your dream, suggests that you are involved in a destructive relationship. It may also indicate that you are preying on others. You are behaving deviously

IceUser on 2013-03-12 said:
That is some good insight LL, that makes total sense

mccart on 2015-04-08 said:

night on 2015-05-11 said:
reall a praying mantis there tiny one sqush and dead

Raegan on 2016-02-28 said:
Makes sense. Nice one.

Rajatshanu64 on 2016-03-07 said:
Did you enjoy the sex i can't believe it i too did sex in my dream and i feel i didn't enjoy anything so i use extra force to enjoying but still not enjoying then i leave it. I don't think anyone can got orgasm in dream.

DaneQueen on 2016-05-10 said:
V, I had a similar-ish dream, I had THE BEST SEX EVER in a dream with a gorgeous guy from Germany! And when I was on the verge of an orgasm the guy in my dream DRANK MY BLOOD! and so I asked him to leave

Dr.Strange on 2017-01-05 said:
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Dr.Strange on 2017-01-05 said:
It is the female mantis that eats the head of the male, not the other way around...

gigigalaxy4 on 2019-01-21 said:
this dream I think a mantis is a person that will or is draining your energy. Sex= passion love mantis= person, how big is the mantis(his ego) eating=the type of love where you had sex= the colour(mood), the size(problem), smell(what is really happening),