Posted on: 2011-01-07 by babypoodles

Last night i was playing black ops when a person i killed in the game knocked don my door all covered in blood asking me why i killed him.. i simply replied i got 1000 points for a head shot..Imd

sweetsleep on 2011-06-29 said:
This is hysterical. My boyfriend has dreams about call of duty all the time. Most likely due to that fact that his hand is glued to the controller approximately 97.3% of his life. Just an estimation.

Fox~fire on 2011-12-19 said:
smh XD

Ghosty on 2012-04-10 said:
Lol! Simple stuff. Just your brain spending extra time reconciling the differences between real life and video games. This happens a lot to gamers, especially with content regarding things that have two completely different moral ramifications in one realm than the other.

Raegan on 2016-02-28 said:
Agreed! That made me laugh.

gigigalaxy4 on 2019-01-21 said:
hahahaha. this dream I think is saying how whatever your doing is going to kill you and the money is how far are you going to go to get the money or something nice