Posted on: 2013-06-21 by 10100101

Last night going for an uphill walk with my little brother in a beautiful bamboo forest. see a tornado no rain nor clouds, we run and run its becoming hard to do. The suction from the tornado is strong, continuing to run. see my mother continue running. the dead are walking, hungering for flesh climb up the bamboo using them like stilts. brother and mother do the same. continuing to go through the bamboo forest. come across a castle, side door open. Castle very detailed. running up a spiral stair case not seeing any more of the dead, the tornado is farther away now. In the castle dead end up the staircase great view from the top of it looking and admiring the colored glass for a few seconds Everything starts shaking brother and mother fall to the ground. A booming demonic voice starts talking in my head. every time it talks the walls and floor shake There is no way that voice is human (cant remember the exact words but they were something like) I condemn you to a life of agony and despair IMD