Posted on: 2013-09-12 by bemol

Ok so that's about the longest dream i've ever remembered : Last night I was in the middle of a field of potatoes, except instead of growing in the ground, they were on electric cable posts. Then poof i got into a small wooden boat with my step mom and her daughter, and there were huge waves, almost like tsunamis, and also giant manta rays. You know they can kinda glide in the air, but here they were actually flying, plunging into the sea and coming out again. Maybe one of the most beautiful things I've ever seenĀ ! But our boat keeled over and so we fell into the water. My stepmom was using a shoe as a float to help herself (in real life she's learning how to swim). Suddenly I fell out of the sea into the sky (if that makes any sense), and landed on top of a building, when I saw Sarkozy (former France president...yes I'm french) saying he was heartbroken, standing near the edge and staring at the ground, like he was going to jump... which he did. When he landed, I was next to him, but he had transformed into football player Ribery, and he had his legs severely destroyed, actually it looked more like stumps than broken legs. But he stood up like it didn't hurt, and when i asked him about it he said something like 'Naah, it's just a small bruise, I've had worse! I won't have any problem to play the next game' Then I was on a beach when i saw a big butterfly, with wings made in kite-like fabric. He flew behind a big rock so I followed him and then he flew straight into my mouth and made me choke, like a big gum was stretched into my throat... that's when i woke up. IMD