Posted on: 2013-10-03 by OposumOfAwesome

So i was in a mansion ,A dream mansion so its basically never ending, and people started to flood in but the only people i knew or at least remember was a girl i use to have a crush on and her family. and kinda felt like a reading of the will kinda thing but the the "butler" of the house came in and he was well... a big daddy from bioshock which ive never played. then the dream lead off to another part of the house were my old crushes mom was asking me if i was going to ask her daughter out. Next thing I know im in a parking garage wearing a tux and I see my old crush in a beautiful blue dress O ya and somehow i was in a corvette. unfortunately i dont think i dreamt the actual date happening and nothing really happen after that. I mainly wondering if this means i still have feelings for her. Ever since i had the dream ive been feeling kinda depressed too. and just to clarify we are both in high school.