Posted on: 2013-11-20 by Guest

I had a dream about some kind of Egyptian pendant. It was gold, I think, and it was just a circluar pendant that had another circle in it that could spin. I kept staring at it, I guess one of my friends got it, we were all standing around it. They weren't actually MY friends, but in the dream I could tell that whoever they were, they were friends. Anyway, we all took turns touching it. The first one to touch it, the girl who bought it, had nothing happen. So everyone thought it liked her. Then I touched it and spun the inner circle piece a little, and I felt water or some kind of liquid fall from the pendant and go between my fingers. I kind of freaked out inside, and they thought it didn't like me because there was a weird feel around us after that. But some guy came up behind me saying that he knew all about the pendant and what feeling that water meant, so he was describing it to me, but before he got to explaining it my phone rang, waking me up. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA IF THIS MEANS SOMETHING?