Posted on: 2013-12-03 by Chris296

Had this dream i was on holidays with my mother and i remember playing on a really nice beach in some sunny country and im playing in the sand i find this bright blue rock in the sand and i remmber thinkin it looked really bizzare it was Turqoise gemstone i put it into my pocket and brought it home and didnt think anything of it i remember putting it under my pillow in my dream and then wen i went to sleep i dreamt while dreaming that i was in egypt in a temple with those guys with the dog heads standing arround me and i rember being freaked the fuck out and they said to me that theres nothing to be afraid of we want to show you something and they knew my name i didnt really know what was happening they brought me deep underground into one of them tombs but this place was huge i got down there and there was this huge fuckin gate with hieroglyphics written all arround it and it was like a big circle and one of these dog headed dudes took my hand and brought me through it ,i cant really explain what i seen inside it was more like a huge amount of thoughts all at once and then being on kind of a different planet but they had pyramids too and it was more red then i woke up was freaked out

Darkriseluna on 2013-12-08 said: