Posted on: 2014-01-21 by Guest

Last night, when I was sound asleep, I was immersed in my mind, my very own mind. I was having some extreme dreams about weird things that can never occur, as far as I know. However, one dream was about Anti-Wanda, the anti-fairy version of Wanda Venus Fairywinkle-Cosma, who is unintelligent and “eats with her feets”, as she says on the FOP episode That Old Black Magic, where she is introduced. Now, this is an example of something unexpected and great that I know could never occur in real life. It began when I, myself, was watching The Fairly Odd Parents. Just to set things to a much weirder level, it turns out that Anti-Wanda loves (and I mean, loves), Fairly Odd Parents, even though she has no idea what that show even is, knowing her. Really! She just appeared out of Anti-Fairy World, the opposite of Fairy World. I could not see her, but I saw her white anti-fairy outline. That’s when I looked, and I just stared at the outline for about three seconds, and then, I woke up. Anti-Wanda was watching the Fairly Odd Parents? I thought to myself. What a weird Anti-Fairy she is, and always will be, not in a bad way, though.