Posted on: 2014-01-22 by Guest

Last night I was kidnapped by a strange man, and he was obsessed with fairytales. He cut my arms and pulled out long strings of blood, hanging me from a ceiling in a cage in from of a Pinocchio doll. Since I was stuck with nothing to do, I had to look at the doll that was as well in a cage, and I did the same thing for weeks, months, until finally I found away to de-attach my viens and escape from the cage. The Pinocchio doll then came alive, and told me the secret escape that many others have used to get out of the trap. It was a small door located in the bottom of my cage. "You're a human being, not a puppet like me so you shouldn't be treated like one." Pinocchio told me IMD

Sickle$Tiff on 2014-01-24 said:
That's actually quite strange! Are you into horror movies or some sort of "creepy" category? If you are, then that's completely normal, it's your brains way of mixing in the "unusual" love. What I'm saying is usually your brain knows that is a different addiction to have and it puts your body into a creepy position in your dream. Though, if you aren't into that type of stuff I'd say you might need to see a doctor, because I don't think anyone unprofessional can explain something like that. Hope I helped! (: