Posted on: 2014-01-24 by Guest

A few nights ago I had a dream where I was sleeping in my bed and then I see this guy in a bunny costume walk up to me and put chlorofome in my mouth and I pass out. I wake up(in the dream) in a room with concrete walls and floors. I am laying on this gourney and there's a bunch of weird tools on a table beside me. The bunny guy comes in the room, dragging some cut up, dead people and leaves them on the floor. He gets another body and saws it open, and blood splatters on the walls. Then he walks up to me by my feet. He has a zipper right in front of his *cough* penis. He takes it out and then takes my clothes off. He starts having sex with me in the bunny costume. I found it kind As we proceeded to have sex, he takes off the bunny costume. It turns out to be the guy I'm crushing on. Then we kept doing it and I woke up. Any ideas what this means or was it just a simple dream?