Posted on: 2014-02-09 by racee

Serial killer dreams. I haven't been watching any scary movies or reading any books or even talking about such stuff. So I know it hasn't influenced me that way. But for the past few nights keep having a dream with a serial killer in it. But more like the fictional ones in the cult movie classic type. The weird part of these dreams is people are afraid but not afraid of him. I am the only one who goes out of my way to hide everyone else doesn't try to hide but than at the same time they try and stay out of his way even though he is murdering people. I wake up from this dream than fall back asleep and it continues on. It all seems straight out of a horror flick that's why it's very confusing that I would have this dream. Most of my nightmares and terrors are nothing like this. And I'm also not that afraid after waking up. And usually I'm always scared and can't go back to bed. And even though I was being hunted I felt a sense of calm coming from everyone else in my dream not really caring what was going to happen to them.