Posted on: 2014-02-23 by NightmaresForever

Well... where do I start off? I've had nightmares my whole life there's something like 4-6 nightmares i've had my whole life and they're repetitive. Well I guess I'll start off with the most common one.... I'm in some type of a vehicle sometimes I'm driving but thats very rare and usually the driver ends up going off of a bridge and I get flung out of the car some way or another and if I have the dream 4-6 nights in a row then I can control it and i'll save myself so i don't drown and die. But the nightmares don't end there OH NO. After I save myself I'll quit having that dream for a while and i'll have another nightmare. Maybe if im lucky i wont have a nightmare for 2 or 3 nights but besides that I have a nightmare every night. Here's another dream. (I keep a dream Journal) I was pushing a giant wooden wheel. I had to push the wheel because we were trying to dig deeper. While I was pushing the wheel I slipt and fell. I tried getting back up but there was a lot of pressure pushing down on me. Dirt started to get piled on top of me, I tried screaming for help but nothing came out, Then at the very last second I realized i was dreaming and i pushed myself up and saved myself