Posted on: 2014-03-03 by Guest

I'm a 20 year old boy. So this is going to be somewhat strange. Its about a dream which I had this morning. I and a boy were standing in a control room. I don't know of what. There were computers and other equipments. Then a girl came in. The boy knew her I guess. They started kissing. Then I don't know what happened and I and the girl were kissing. After that they uploaded the video of our kissing on the internet. The girl came to me and I said since you uploaded the video, I'll kiss you again. We kissed again. It was a French kiss. It was so real that I could still feel her tongue, her lips. Then I woke up. Now you need to believe me I never have touched a girl. Kissing is an impossible thing. I never have ever seen two people kissing live in my life. Neither I had a dream like this before. I searched on the internet and found that this dream shows that I am trying to discover the inner me. Please help me and give a detailed explanation. Like what does it mean that I am repressed or I am trying to find the inner me?