Posted on: 2014-05-19 by Guest

Just had the craziest dream that I was schizophrenic. It all began falling asleep watching the dark knight, which happens to be my favorite movie. I wake up and begin walking towards the living room when I realize there is something on my back. I look in the mirror in my room and I can't believe that it's another me on my own back. I quickly realize that I'm dreaming but I'm still rather freaking out so I get my roommate and ask him to help pull this thing off of me. He says there's nothing on my back. This is when I start tripping out because now I'm thinking what if this isn't a dream what if I just have schizophrenia. I madly fight this creature to get off me but when I finally get it off it becomes a younger me that starts to just follow me wherever I go. The rest of the dream consists with myself constantly arguing with my younger self to leave me alone. Until I finally wake up and I'm relieved to find it was all just a dream.