Posted on: 2014-07-11 by BritniWhitson

My sweet sweet boy, I dreamt of you last night. My heart aching to make this dream a reality. I've had many pregnancy and birth dreams before, but nothing compares to the one I had about you. I could have stared at your beautiful blond hair and round cheeks forever, but all dreams must come to an end. I hold back years as I write this. I never want to forget this. I gave birth to you in a small birthing pool in the living room, with your father and grandparents there for support. I felt ever push and nudge you gave me as I fought to bring you into this world. I gave one last push....... And my dream has forever changed me. There you laid. So perfect. So peaceful. This is real ...... This can't be a dream. You opened your blues eyes and stared back at me as you began to fuss. I picked you up and held you close. So warm. So small. Then I awoke. My sweet Nathaniel, My you always be alive in my heart.

BritniWhitson on 2014-07-11 said: