Posted on: 2014-07-31 by dreamervik

Actually was a very long dream, but need to find out the meaning of this exact thing. I'm at a fair/casino/amusement park sort of a place. Theres this big diving board(i guess it was that only). I feel an urge to go on top, so this guy with a weird hat points to a red ladder/mettalic rope sort of a thing. Its very narrow/thin. I start climbing/walking on it. but after some time i feel it is bending because of my weight, and i am still near the ground. I get off the ladder, and start fighting the ladder guy with the weird hat. Then wake up. Anyone.. any explanations?

magichobo666 on 2014-08-02 said:
the ladder can represent your path towards the diving board(your want or goal), the man with the strange hat is either going to stop you or help you climb up the ladder. i suggest if u find someone with a strange hat IRL, talk to them to see if they can help or stay clear.