Posted on: 2014-12-11 by steampunkmaze

i keep haveing this same wired dream thats starting to scare me, so im at a lake and im hanging off the life gared thing but its in the water and im talking to this dude and he says "i got to go catch the big fish" and im thinking its like a tv show or something so we jump of the life gared thing and starte swimming to the shore, but he all the sudden starts swimming to the side and says again in a wierd voice "catch the big fish" and so im try to get to shore and then this big black fish starts sworming around my hands and wont let me get out, but i finaly get to shore, and my hair starts to turn to sand and my skin turns whight and chips, and so i rub my face and it turns back to normal... an then i wake up O.O and i v had this dream like 4 times now, and so i looked up what a fish in your dreams means and i found - seeing a fish in your dreams can mean Conception, Christianity and Christian beliefs, Slippery or elusive situation, "There are plenty of other fish in the sea", Subconscious mind… OK so then i looked up what black means and i found - seeing the color black in your dreams can mean The unknown, Danger, Mystery, Darkness, Death, Mourning, Rejection, Hate, finding a better understanding of yourself, Lack of love, Lack of support, Potential, Possibilities, Hidden spirituality, Divine qualities… O.O mhm