Posted on: 2015-01-01 by Guest

Last night, Long story but it even got more fucked up because it was a dream inside the dream, I even felt it was really hard when coming out the dream... Just weird shit was happening, like me doing weird stuff In my garden, making loads of noise, waking my step mum up so she got annoyed n said go sleep so I went to my room n fell asleep, I then woke up with her coming into my room sitting on the edge of my bed while she was saying how I hope me n her haven't fallen out n how she never means anything bad, then I remember saying like is this a dream? Is this for real? Am I sleeping? Then I started having a panic attack then she goes and turns into some Demon fucking thing n try's eating me then I woke up. It was even more weird because I found it HARD to wake up... If anyone could tell me about this dream or understand this dream, please let me know. IMD