Posted on: 2015-01-06 by Benthetank

The dream started off with me, from what I remember, being in a library where everyone in there had something that me and my coworker (who works with me at cracker barrel) did not. It was food. I don’t exactly remember what food it was but we wanted it. On the other hand, there was a buffet of frozen food in front of us. Consisting of lobsters, blue crabs, and something else I can’t remember. I remember beginning to walk over to the librarian who was checking out the books. As I was walking over, two women (attractive) from my side view got up and began making conversation with me. I replied, but felt rather dull and unpleasant in the moment. We began walking towards the librarian and we got there. At this point the conversation had almost died out due to my awkwardness but also because my voice felt very low and unmanly. I could literally feel this turning them off. I felt unconfident. Then I remember from that point (maybe becoming impatient with myself) walking back to this little table buffet, grabbing about 4 crabs and running into the building next to me. I then came into a dark room and began eating the crabs. All of the sudden out of nowhere I heard little sirens going off, very mild, but I could hear them coming from the glass door in front of me. Men began to chase me. At this point, I almost felt as if I knew I did something wrong. I began to run. The weird part is that I enjoyed it. It felt as if I was Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity series. I felt like I was capable of getting out of the situation, using the skills I had. (Had no clue what they were). At this point, I only remember little details. I remember running and ending up in a bathroom where there was no doors. Just normal people going through, almost as if I was in an airport. I knew I was avoiding the “police” or “guards” in the building. I could adapt to my surrounding and act like I was a normal person, so when I walked into the bathroom I got nervous that I was passing a security officer (who happened to look like he was Indonesian) he took me as a normal person but did look at me, as if he was checking if I was the suspect. I then proceeded to shove him over and run up these pair of stairs to my left. I then came to a big balcony where there were about 50 people. They all tried to stop me from running. Proceeding to grab me and try and hold me back from escaping. I somehow (easily) got away from them even when I being grabbed by all directions. I then progressed to jump off the balcony and continue running from these “guards”. (This was modern day, so they had guns but they did not shoot at me). I then remember heading up the same batch of stairs coming to the exact balcony again, this time I decided to back down and I do not know why. At this point a celebrity was running after me down the stairs. She then turned the other way to go up and then said (on her hands and knees) “I just want you inside of me”. I then had sex with this woman and woke up from a wet dream. (The celeb was Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead) Ps: I stopped watching that show about 1 and half seasons ago. Seeing her in the dream was one of the most random things I’ve ever encountered in a dream to date. Would lover some feedback on this!!!!!