Posted on: 2015-01-12 by ercakentucky33

In my Re-occuring Dream IM not running but its someone else and I've never met or seen these people but it feels like its ME running, and Im running In like this grey and white city, tall grey buildings and you can't see any details on the buildings, they're just tall grey boxes, and besides the grey buildings everything else is white. Now this person who feels like me is running down this white path (what would be the road) thats going through the city and theres this Huge grey ball, it looks like steel or medal, and as Im running down this path the ball is rolling down behind me and The person keeps looking back at it and it just a never ending path. When I think about the ball in the dream, it makes me feel terrified because it's like because I can't grasp it like with my bare hands, thats the first thing that pops up in my head and it truly scares me and I don't know why. *****If anyone knows what this means or knows a website that can help, Please comment or Something! Thanks xx