Posted on: 2015-01-25 by Guest

oh! sorry my English is bad!! last night a had dream . a sort of love story dream. - One day where at the school(high school, a catholic school) but am college already and we are not in my current school, its so strange .dunno why my college friends and clasm8 are there too. so strange, there some kind of event or program happening in the school. there some visitors too. and then i met a girl for me she is perfect. a forgot the name(DAMN!) and she is taking her study in a particular seminary school . cuz she want to be a nun , she is 19 yrs old . am 19 too. .At first i didnt believe her that she wants to be a nun. so laugh(not so hard though) that i explain to her that she can serve GOD in other ways! . then i can see her into her eyes that there is a doubt . she is not sure about her vocation. then i forgot something in that part of my dream . then afterwards i go close to her.(so close) am trying to kiss her. and uhmm. i kiss her. she let me do that too. then i was like , oh sorry! i shouldnt do that!DAMN! then i run! then she follow me . then i woke up! hmmm i wonder! whos that girl am going to find her.