Posted on: 2015-02-21 by Lyn

It started off so normal, which is weird in itself. My dreams are usually a scattered mess or just straight up disturbing, and i've come to get use to those dreams and find interest in them. But this one i had last night started off with me in my old home (the one i can first remember living in) and now being 18 and have been threw many, many new homes it was kind of odd, since these dreams of me being in a past setting are usually in my second house. I was the same age i am now and it seems me and my entire family on my moms side were moving out, (we all use to live in that house at one point, it was about 15 people.) For almost the entirety of the dream we were just packing things into boxes and bags an proceeding to put them into cars/trucks, with idle conversation in between. Like i said it was normal. Then the fucked up part comes around. I was inside my old closet with the door open, leading into my bathroom, then threw the bathroom door was my room, yet it slightly situated differently, i didn't really notice at the time. I was kneeling down and folding my clothes to put into a bag and then i suddenly heard a scream, a very muttered low pitch brief womens scream. I turned my head to my left and saw a woman in a red garb/robe with arms where her legs should be quickly and violently crawl threw the bathroom and in front of me in the closet. She looked very reminiscent of the Grudge/The ring, yet different. At this point i was standing up with my senses rattled to oblivion. She then proceeded to say ''Who said you could be my neighbor?'' In a very muttered hostile voice like before. All the sudden i had a gun in my hand, i raised it towards the woman/thing, and before i could pull the trigger i woke up. My heart was beating like it was trying to escape my chest. Usually i can decode my dreams and find their meanings, but this one is just odd. According to recollection, i don't think i've ever had a dream like this. They usually start out fucked up from the beginning, and i rarely have normal dreams, and those still don't end up like this. What really got me confused is what she said, i cant for the life of me understand what it means. I never had any quarrel with my neighbors, nor have i ever had ill feeling toward them. I haven't watched a horror movie in months or anything of that nature. I would like to hear your thoughts or reasoning on this, im very curious to know the meaning. i know its hard to decode a mentality that isnt your own but im willing to listen to about anything. Thank you for reading.