Posted on: 2015-03-03 by Guest

I dreamt I was in my childhood bedroom, in the house my dad still lives in, but it was decorated like when I lived there. I had a 3D printer with two extruders (In real life, I work in 3D printing). They both fell off while hot, and started a fire on the rug. I blew on the flames to try to extinguish them but all that did was spread it to the bedspread. I realized I had to get out and call 911, but I was physically stuck to the floor. I couldn't see what was holding me back, but somehow I knew (or was guessing) that the fire and heat was so intense, things were just melting into each other, including my clothes to the floor. Yet I left no pain. I calmly yelled to my mom that there was a fire and to please call 911. I think this is because my mother died a month ago, and I have thought about her being cremated, and the intense heat that is used for that.