Posted on: 2015-03-17 by Guest

I dream of my family where i saw that in my society's parking bikes are ride by a invisible ghost. I saw them and called my mom and brother they came and they too saw these action. Suddenly my grandfather thrown into garden wrapped by white cotton cloths and pointed wire which is used as security purposes from thief. My grandfather id injured horribly. We are confused how toh take.him to.the hospital. Then by the help of plywood we pick bit and dragged on plywood.. When we reached hospitak through ambulancr my uncle gone to call the ward boy and doctors.. I picked my grandfather from waist and i was shocked waist breaked away from body and melted like a biscuit in tea. My uncle came and started crying. When i was riding my bike fazer. Its stoped in the mid of the road because of battery problem. I heard a warning from super natural power about to kill me. I saw a hanuman temple where i go sometimes from my childhood.. I had done pooja for hanuman for 5years but because of some problems in my life i stopped doing pooja. When my bike is not working and suddenly i heard one more voice that is from god who is helping me to come in mandir he would save me from ghost.. I gone and i saw one pandit sitten i started asking quetion about my problems who is the ghost who is trying to kill me. But around 6-7girls suddenly came in mandir and started talking with pandit..i didn't got my answer and my mom came and told me to sleep wid her in mandir that would we will b safe. I don't why this type of dream came two times till morning. I want the answer sir. Help me. Your truly. Ramsingh chauhan.