Posted on: 2015-03-27 by Guest

I've dreamed about this before. Last night I dreamed about the same subject but it was advanced forward. It played out like a story. I'm going to write both of them in two different sections. First time dreaming: It's a prison on the water. There are giant black air crafts and cameras watching your every move. There are tons and tons of prisoners there; mostly teenagers. I was one of them. We are all divided up and have our own barracks or cells that we share with other prisoners. Mine was over filled. The outside of it was a dull red color. I remember I was going to escape. I told the cell leader I had to go to the bathroom and she gave me permission to go. The bathroom was on the dock in the middle of the prison, but I had no intention of going there anyway. I walked outside hid behind a barrel where the camera and the guard couldn't see me. There was a slight downhill then a concrete wall and a adder that leads into the ocean. That's where I wanted to go. I was sneaking past the barrel and made sure the camera wasn't looking. But I didn't see the other guard and he shouted "PRISONER NATYRAH IS OUT OF HER BARRACKS! CODE 42! CODE 42!" I was dragged to a secluded area and was whipped. But I was terrified and woke up. Second time dreaming: I was in my barracks and we are all sitting on our beds. A new girl comes in and the barrack leader has to get her a name tag with her first and last name on it and a number. Two guys and I volunteered to write it. I made the whole room laugh when I told them, "No let me do it, i'm smarter than both of you." In my dream I couldn't write though so eventually I gave up. But I heard a noise that told me something very important. Good news for all of us. So I went to the bathrooom. I was walking down the hill out of the barracks and the guard came up to me holding his gun. I told him, "Dude chill I'm just going to the bathroom." I walk forward and there's a bridge that connects the barracks to the dock. I'm walking across the bridge and there's two more guards and one says to the other, "Watch her, shes an attempted." I get across and I walk to the bathroom. My friend (I don't know who she is) is standing by there waiting for me. I tell her, "Bro I have some important info." She pushes me into the bathroom and says, "You have to hurry, you know we cant be here." Side note: We cannot be in the bathroom with another person. The bathroom also doesn't have a door just a curtain. I hear footsteps so I block her out of view with my body. I'm at a sink and I'm pretending to wash my hands. There are shadows passing the curtain and then one stops. I'm terrified and I look at her face and she was terrified. I turn around and it was a guard, but luckily it was our friend. A guard on our side. I gave her a handshake, "What up! You scared the hell out of us!" We laughed quietly. Then I said, "Guys I have to tell you something important. I just received info that there has been riots and rebellion in the US, Canada, Russia, and Africa. Do you know what this means? The uprising is happening! And I bet we could use it to our advantage to escape from here. But don't tell anyone. We cant have people getting hope then have it getting them killed." We agreed to not say anything. Outside we hear an announcement come on. I didn't hear anything he said. I asked my friends and they didn't know either so we stepped outside. All the prisoners were walking towards the end of the dock so we did too. Side note: At the end of the dock there's the ocean and about 50 feet in front of that there's a wall of rock that's probably a couple hundred feet high. Then everyone started jogging. I looked back and me and my friends laughed like, "Well if they're jogging we will too. Hahaha!" Then I turned back around and everyone was running. My friend Selena from school was way up there and she turned around, looked at something behind me and started yelling, "ITS A TRAP! EVERYONE ITS A TRAP!" So I start running too. I hear a humming noise. I realize it's an aircraft. I'm running slightly behind the crowd. I ran and ditched to the side into this hallway. I turn around and I see the aircraft zoom past the hallway and I hear screams coming from all my friends and other prisoners. Then I hear a crash and an explosion and more screams. I can guess what happened. Then everything goes black and I have flashes of me falling, then I'm in the water. I survived. Then I woke up in a sweat and my heart racing... I should totally write a book. -Dreamed by me, NaTyrah Massey, 17.