Posted on: 2015-04-05 by irenicpanda

Last night i had a dream where I was by something like a train track and there was a woman there. All i remember is her stabbing me in the chest and dragging the knife upwards toward my collarbone. I know i felt the pain and I thought you were supposed to wake up during these circumstances. I didn't though. I remember wanting the pain to stop until i eventually found myself lying on the ground by the railroad. Then i woke up. I wasn't the least bit scared. Just kinda looking at the knife as it dragged up my chest. Is it weird how i didn't wake up at all?

EBsomniator on 2015-04-06 said:
Was the dream in black and white? Was the woman wearing any memorable colors? Was there anything that stood out about the knife?

mccart on 2015-04-08 said:
Hello friend i want you to know that this dream that you have is a very bad dream and it might lead to another thing in your life. you have to thank thy Lord for revealing it to you so that you can do something to it, i have a friend who is a dream interpreter he is a man of God and he will let you know all you are going to do so for the sake of your life i want you to contact this man now so that he can find a solution fir you and make this never come to pass in your life. Dreams are very powerful please contact the man on his special email you just email him and let him know that you need help have a nice time he help me and also he will help you too