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In my dream I was in a weird dark room. I couldn't see a thing so I felt around for a light switch. When I was felling for one all of a sudden the lights came on. The floor all around me was bloody! And right in front of me was a man with shredded cloths. He STARED at me with creepy eyes. His eye lids were burnt off and didn't have cheeks just had a bunch of blood there. He kept saying "Hehehehehehehheheheh! SMIIIIIILE! Be HAAAAAAAAPYY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Then complete darkness, and I kept hearing the dial up internet sound.(sorry if i gave u nightmares!)

EBsomniator on 2015-04-09 said:
The dream is giving you a warning, but more than that, it's a nightmare that tells you something very important you may not realize. First, you find yourself surrounded by darkness searching for source of light. The room you're in is representative of a situation in your life. A Very dark situation. So dark you can't see a thing – not even a light switch. You're searching for a way to shed some light on this darkness that surrounds you – to find out exactly what you're dealing with. Instead of you finding a way to eliminate the darkness the light just come on. This is very good because it tells you what what follows is a gift. you're being allowed to see something that's been hidden from you up until now. You see a bloody floor and a man standing right in front of you with shredded clothes. This imagery tells you that you're not only surrounded by darkness but that your footing in the room is anchored in death.… Loss of life indicated by all that blood. The man you see is the embodiment of what has happened to you in this darkness. Clothes ripped to shreds speaks of things you're called to walk in being destroyed. Eyes without eyelids,staring creepily shows that you're unable to take your eyes off certain things and able to close your eyes to them as well. The presence of blood around the eyes and on both sides of the face where cheeks are supposed to be represents actions that have eaten away both logic and compassion. It's all connect. What you can't close your eyes to has created this dark place. This embodiment's saying "smile" and "be happy" is dictating to you what you should be feeling in the dark place. While your circumstances are saying the opposite. Then darkness blacks everything out. This indicates you're still in this dark place and hearing the sound of dial Internet is indication of how all this darkness is getting to you, and then it's more than likely giving you a timeframe of when it all began. The timeframe comes from this logic

deathwing60 on 2015-04-10 said:
Wow your good! But, i think the man in my dream was from a video called smile makeup tutorial. Go watch it!

deathwing60 on 2015-04-10 said:
But, i still think your right!

EBsomniator on 2015-04-10 said:
I'll make it a point to take a look at that. Got any more nightmares?

equitisbic on 2015-07-15 said:
Hey, I've started a dream blog. I think it will help you. EBsomniator Dream Blog