Posted on: 2015-04-12 by Kodyjlong

Last night I had this dream again the first time I had it was 2 years ago and I have the dream once every year it first starts with me sleeping but the only weird thing is that their is this ladie with really long messy hair and she has cuts all over her self and she is screeming at me saying stuff like it's all your falt! And ur whole family hates u including me!! she is chained up to my wall and all of a sudden the dream shows a close up of her face and she starts to laugh really hard and she says ur burning in hell boy! With me and all your family! Do u hear me boy! Remember what I'm telling u! And she laughs even harder and she says I'm gonna get u! Just wait! And then the dream is over and I always wake up around 4:00 at night and I wake up screeming shut up or fuck u bitch! Please help me I need to know what this means IMD